CONFUSING REVIEWS: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops – CONFUSING Review

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Here’s What others are saying:Excellent, thought-provoking story capably reveals much more about Snake; complex, open-ended game play has been updated to best suit a portable game; fully featured multiplayer options include game sharing, online play, and more; excellent presentation, including superb graphics, sound, music, and speech; high replay value. 9.0:SUPERBFinally a true Metal Gear Solid game for the PSP. This game is by far the best game on the PSP thus far, in terms of game play, graphics and value. The game play is just like in previous MGS games, you control snake and can move around and do everything you want to achieve your goal. The stealth in this game is amazing and very well done. The AI is smart, so the game is hard. Also the new feature recruiting soldiers is very addictive! the online play is great as well, the replay value is through the roof. You will not find a better game on the PSP this is a console-quality game, and on top of that it’s MGS! I HIGHLY recommend buying it Customer Review 5 out of 5

Now Here’s What I’m Saying:We all know the gaming clichés. Jump onto this box here, get from point A to B there, shoot bad guy after bad guy, and rescue the damsel in distress but this game strays far, FAR from the pack.+++Telling a Story+++From the creators of the AC!D series and the console versions of Metal Gear Solid comes one of the, if not the best PSP games of the year. In fact this game is better than almost every other highly rated game the PSP has ever received.

The story continues several years after the events of Virtuous Mission in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater with Snake locked up in prison on a peninsula in South America. After he escapes from the cell he rescues Roy Campbell; the two then team up to save the world from destruction; cliché, I know.

At first you will notice something completely different from the console versions; the cut scenes are entirely made up of comic book style pictures. It’s completely AWESOME. The art style is really great; it’s of the same artist of Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel 1 and 2[COMING SOON].

Codec conversations are still carried out in the same fashion but during these there is no voice acting. There is voice acting during the cut scenes though, from the same crew of Snake Eater.

CLICK: CODEC Conversations

+++Recruiting A Soldier+++

The main part of the game is the best part. In order to pass the game you will need to assemble a group of mercenaries if you will. They will in turn do everything from produce weapons, ammo, detectors, to develop rations, spy on local areas in your map, produce medicine, and capture soldiers.

Recruiting a soldier is very easy and kind of fun; it’s a sort of mini game. First you knock out an enemy; which can include Lt., Majors, Grunts, Technicians, Medics, and Boss’. Then you carry the KOed soldier to your truck or you can assign another soldier of yours to carry him to the truck. After capturing the enemy you interrogate them in your prison until they switch sides; no torture involved.

After they switch sides you can assign them to develop the aforementioned items, form teams to perform missions, and spy on local areas. Recruiting soldiers is very important because they give you an upper hand, give you Intel, and find weapons, other prisoners, and such.

CLICK:Menu ScreenShot

Another way of recruiting soldiers is through TRADING, WiFi Signals, and PASSWORDS; you can also use the GPS Add on for the PSP.

CLICK:Using WiFi HotSpots To Recruit Soldiers.

Recruited characters can also be used online; even the Boss’. Boss’ can also be used during single player mode, they have special abilities and make playing off and online fun and fresh.

Be sure to note all the different abilities of your soldiers. Knowing this can truly help you put some strategy in to your game.

CLICK: Recruiting A Soldier

+++Get Outta My World, Live In Your Own+++
First Mode

Just like in any game you have your basic online modes. They include DEATHMATCH, TEAM DEATHMATCH, CAPTURE, SNEAKING, and that’s it. The online is not varied as much as console online games but for a portable it’s a lot to mess around with. If you played Subsistence online then you already know what to expect but if you haven’t here’s what you need to know:

1) Its fun.
2) There’s hardly any lag.
3) You can require a Buddy List and Ban List.
4) In certain modes you may lose your characters when they die.
5) You can surrender before you die so you don’t lose your character.
6) Chat is limited but works out okay.
7) Creating games can be a challenge depending on your Router.
8) You can play ranked games.

Second Mode

In MGS: PO there are two modes of online play. The first is above but the second shall be explained now. CYBERSURVIVAL is the name of the second mode and it is confusing, at first. What you do is select a team from your choices of recruited soldiers and place them in a game in which their rankings in the game decide their fate. In this mode you don’t really play but you can win, win characters. You can also lose characters if you lose. That’s pretty much all I have to say on that mode.

+++I’m Like A Puppet+++

If you’ve ever played a MGS game you know what I’m going to say. The controls are not spectacular but they make due. You have a choice of set controls but none of them succeed in all parts. The default set works best.

CLICK:Try Using The Controls To Do This

The only problem is that the camera is controlled by the directional pad and movement with the nub. Weapon selection is controlled through the CIRCLE button. You hold it then select a weapon with the D-Pad. Actions are controlled with the TRIANGLE Button and firing with the SQUARE Button. X controls the crawling and jumping.

CLICK: Weapon Selection

+++Other Modes You May Not Have Known OF+++

Did I say this was the best PSP Game of the Year? I thought so. This game not only has stellar PS2-esque graphics, quick load times, easy menus, fun mini games, and awesome game play, it also has many features that take full advantage of the PSP, PLAYSTATION Portable System.

CLICK:Trailor, pretty much shows all modes.

It has GAMESHARING to send a multiplayer demo to your friends. This is a neat feature as well. With this demo your friends can play a game with you from the main menu. It’s called FREE Vs. From the main menu you can select this and play Ad-Hoc multiplayer. The mode is exactly like the online multiplayer.

ConclusionIf there was ever a game to buy a PSP for it would have to be this one. The best selling game in Japan and quite possibly the US and PAL regions is really that great. With great online, ad-hoc, gameplay, graphics, story, and just plain old development whose to argue with the above facts. This game is the best game I’ve ever played on the PSP and the best “Tactical Espionage Shooter” as well; even though it’s the only one.CLICK:Great GraphicsThis game warrants it self a sequel.

Graphics 9/10
Gameplay 10/10
Controls 8/10
Story 10/10
Multiplayer 9/10
Features 10/10

You’ve scored your self a 93 % Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops and a place in my HALL OF INCRIDIBLY GREAT GAMES. Congratulations.

Now all of you get out there and BUY THIS GAME.


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10 Responses to “CONFUSING REVIEWS: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops”

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This is one of the few games that have come out on PSP that I am like yes I need to buy that. I need to pick this up and I also need to get GTA LBS.

Both are great games. VCS is not as good as LCS though so don’t get that one unless you already did.

We have an online night for MGS PO but its on SATURDAYS, one is on THURSDAY though but no one ever joinjs that one.

Wow, I was googling for a MGSPO render, and I came upon your site!

I was wondering if i could have some advise on the defeating gene. ive been on it for a while now and i really dont know what to do. Could you please send me a few tips on how to defeat gene?

Gene? Well that’s easy. 🙂 Use lots and lots of STUN shots on him. When ever he goes int o slow motion shot him a lot. LOTS Give him everything you have. When he goes out of it run! Hide in the cubby holes in the corners. Then wait for slo mo again, take him out after repeating for a while. It’s really hard and will take a while.


I really don’t know. I have yet to play the game in extreme mode.

still can’t get roy Campbell i’ve been lokking on the internet 4 about 2.5 hours now……..can anyone help?…….

I’m not sure how to get him, maybe just subdue him but don’t kill him?

to get roy it’s a hack, u dont have to have custom firmware but i had it , however i deleted my memory lol

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