Random GAP3r of the Week: MonkeyKing

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Hello fellow GAP members and friends alike. This weeks Random GAPer of the week is MonkeyKing. From this point forward we will have a new member interviewed and showcased on an almost weekly basis. It’s random because I choose about 5 members than pick one out of those five. All interviews will be used just not the week you get your email. To be an interview guest PM me in the Forums with your EMAIL.

PART ONE: The Interview

Why Monkeyking?

One of my favorite books as a child was a wonderfully illustrated book about Monkey King from The Journey West fable written in
China. Monkey was a trickster and I enjoyed the story about a “wild child” gaining enlightenment on his own terms.

 What’s the best thing about being a GAP member?

The best parts of GAP are the people. You really do meet some wonderful people on the Gamers Advisory Panel, and they are not hard to find. At my age, where I live, and what I do I think it would be nearly impossible to have friends also into gaming as much as the rest of you, but via the internet we have a well spring of people that are wonderful.




You sure do love the GAP’s 1UP page, what do you like about that?

There are parts of 1Up that are just miles ahead of GAP. For instance the ability to post images, post videos, etc is just such a helpful tool. Like any tool it can be abused, should know I abused the 1UP Gap page with images all the time. GAP could learn a few things from 1UP, and GAP has much to show other sites too. For instance, GAP loads faster, I think attract a hardier more responsible person, and the focus on writing is unique. If GAP and 1Up were brought together, I would weep with joy. The day I fear is when GAP ends…I think it is possible to change GAP so much it is no longer GAP. The change for 1.0 to 2.0 was an abrupt change for many. Connections were lost, some good people could not cope with the changes, and the desperate clinging to each other was palpable like people in the water after the ship sunk. I would like to see some changes in GAP, but even I acknowledged the PRICE for progress might be loved ones at GAP. 

Name your top 4 favorite games, on any system.

That’s a hard question I play, really play about 15 games a year, but I’m pretty choosy about the games I buy so I usually like all of them. Nevertheless, let me give it a shot: Civilization Series (PC), Tomb Raider (PSX), SOCOM 2 (PS2), ICO (PS2), and Gears of War (XB 360). Notice I am a bit too heavy in with game sin the past few years…. I am an old gamer who played nearly everything a bit, but I am not someone who looks to the past with fond memories of Retro games. 

What is SONY’s biggest accomplishment; failure?

You simply cannot gloss over what Sony has accomplished in 10-12 years. Sony within half a generation gained leadership, but it was not hype, lies, or money that got them there: it was ideas. If anyone has read my Pre-History of the PlayStation series (http://gap.us.playstation.com/?q=node/29847) they know that Sony gained their top postion because they changed the way games & systems were sold, marketed, and looked at in Japan, N. America and
Europe. It was not luck, but they had the right ideas and product at the right time. So their accomplishment was innovation of the marketplace something that is hidden and boring to the consumer but vitally important.
So what their failure? I think they failed to notice that Europe and N. America demands for videogaming were out in front of the demands of
Japan. PS3 is the perfect system for
Japan with its incremental steps into online and inter-connectivity, but it is hopelessly backward in terms of what European and N. American gamers expected. This will be hard for a Japanese company but they have to put the needs of western gamers first if they hope to dominate the industry going forward.



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5 Responses to “Random GAP3r of the Week: MonkeyKing”

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Sweetness I like the orgin of the name!

As do I. I tried to find a great picture but alas that was as close as a monkey king I was going to find. Wait until tomorrow for MonkeyKings best posts on the GAP.

That’s a fine picture of you ask me, look a bit sad but I like it all the same…its not easy being king. I really want to thank you for the wonderful GAP profile, and I see you have featured my quirky meta-review of Sid Meier’s Pirates as well. This is a very impressive blog you have created, I will come back often since I now have it bookmarked.

Thanks. I tried to find your best blogs but you had a lot so only the best of the first few pages are shown. This segment not only helps other GAPers learn more about the interviewed members but it also helps me learn more about you guys.

Thanks for being my second victim. Yankeefan02 was the first but his interview was lost in my first websites Crash.

It will be up soon. Thanks for bookmarking.

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