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Lumines 2

Here’s what others are saying: New soundtrack still has lots of great quirky tunes, but new licensed tracks make it more accessible to the masses; presentation has been improved; new tutorial mode will help beginners “get” the game. Having music videos playing in the background doesn’t work well; game play, while still great, hasn’t changed at 8.4:GREAT It’s like the first but with Fergie and Gwen shaking their ripe bananas in the background! There’s nothing to review. It’s like the first game but with videos in the background of the Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani shaking their stuff, distracting you from the real job at hand, clearing blocks. Clearing blocks? Seriously? If Fergie or Gwen Stefani are shaking their bananas on my PSP do I care about clearing blocks? No. I want to see the whole video not the Lumines version where a whole screen of blocks are overcrowding the screen. I want my bananas without blocks, please! Other than that this game is Lumines on Red bull. It’s amped. It’s supercharged, it’s fresh, it’s new. It’s hip. It’s an acceptable and enjoyable version in the series. User Review 8.2:GREAT

Now here’s what I’m saying:

Is it really the same old routine when it comes to sequels? No innovation, no changes, just a new skin. Is it really like that with every game? Well it might be with other games but not with Lumines 2.


The first game was great. It was addictive, colorful, musical, and just a plain original puzzle game. Some called it “Tetris on crack”, others called it the PSP cult classic. I called it my baby.

PICTURE What you do is create combos, combos of four similar colored squares or more in square or rectangular form. After you create those squares a line sweeping across the screen deletes the combos to clear the screen. Sometimes you get a special block that has a shape in it, making a combo with that shape in it will delete similar colored blocks that are touching for extra points. In the back you have an animated background with its own music. The music is affected by the moving of blocks and by the amount of blocks in your combo. If you get a big enough combo you also affect the skin itself.

PICTURE You have to see it to understand how it works. I would say the learning curve is about 10 to 15 minutes. If you liked Tetris you will LOVE this game. This game couldn’t be simpler than Tetris. The default controls are great but you can change it to different setups. Any button you want to use you can use. The only difference in this game from the first is the load times, sometimes they can be a tad longer than the first.

Its Art You Can Play Outside and Anywhere Tetris is so last computer generation. Lumines is now! The box says, “Puzzle Fusion,” and here are some reasons on why this is true. There’s not just one skin like in Tetris. It has more than 100! Each skin has its own music, its own animated blocks, and its own world of fun. From dancing beans and South Americans and cellular blood cells to Lego blocks and evil gypsies there’s more than enough skins to keep you happy.


There is a lot of work going into these skins this time around and it shows. I love a lot of the redone skins from the first game. One of the remade classic skins is “Urbanization.” At first the skin had an image of a free way overpass and some great music, the blocks were bland. Now the skin has animated blocks that look like construction vehicles some how. Updating the old skins is sort of like a nostalgic edition. This game feels more like a first version than a sequel and should have been. There are multiple ways in which to unlock more skins. You can do the Challenge Mode, VS Computer mode, Time Attack, and Single Skin Mode. Challenge Mode consists of three different modes. The game says the modes are difficulties but I would say each one is as easy as the other. Each mode has a different style of music; sort of like a theme and has its own skins. What you do in Challenge mode is keep on puzzling until you “TOP OUT.” The more skins you get through the more you open. Depending on your score at a certain time you will transfer to another skin seamlessly.

VS. Computer is just like the title suggests. You play against the computer is a death match. The more combos you produce the more of the puzzle area you get. The more you have the less chance you have of “TOPPING OUT.” Some of the bosses are really hard but this is the most fun. PICTURE

Time Attack mode is, again like the title suggests. You try to make as much combos as you can in a given amount of time. This mode is really hard depending on the time limit you choose.

Single Skin Mode lets you pick the skins you want to play after unlocking them, put them in a playlist and puzzle! This is a major update from the first version which only let you play one skin, not multiple.

This game is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

One of the best skins is not really a skin parse but a music video. That’s right, I said music video. This time around the developers added music videos in the background to be more hip. I think they should have put these in the first one. The music videos make for a challenging puzzle game. It’s really fun. Some of the music videos include songs from Gwen Stefani [Hollaback Girl], Fat Boy Slim, and Genki Rockets [Heavenly Star]. HOLLABACK GIRL LUMINES VIDEO


The only problem with the music videos is that when you change from one skin to the next you get a sort of loading screen in which all you can see is black while puzzling. This is a big change from the first game. I love the music that they choose because it goes well with making combos. I believe after unlocking most if not all the skins in the game that there are 12 music videos in all. My favorite of the bunch is “Bottle Rocket.” Fuse YOUR Music with the Puzzle

Aside from the above mentioned features of Lumines 2 there are TONS more packed into that little disc you call the UMD!

Here’s a list with descriptions of the rest of the stuff:

Music Sequencer

This mode is probably the second best of the extra features. This mode lets you sequence up to four different songs to loop in the background of a skin. You can change percussion, rhythm, tempo, style, and much, much more. Unfortunately this mode doe not let you choose or make your own skin, nor does it animate each block to go with the music. If it did I would have been more excited by it.

Every Extend Extra Trial The title explains it all. The trial lets you play the other game released this year by the creator of Lumines and Lumines 2. In the trial you have a tutorial; which you will really need. The level the trial lets us play is really hard and would really end up making you not want to purchase it [stay tuned for a review of this game]. The game, when selected in the Lumines 2 menu loads up from a different track on the UMD. The music for the level you can play is really trippy as well as the skin. This game is only $20.00 at Gamestop and EB Games.


Replay Mode

After completing a level of Time Attack you can save your play time to see what you did right or wrong, I think this is best for YOUTUBE videos. This mode is really just useless.


This mode is not really needed if you already played the first game but if you’re a n00b to Lumines it is very use full. The tutorial takes you on a video that tells you how to make combos, use the special blocks, and clear levels.

Data Exchange I really don’t know what this is. The book says it is for exchanging SKIN PLAYLISTS and Sequenced music with friends. If you have a slow friend maybe this can be used to give him all the skins you’ve unlocked.


Share a demo of Lumines 2 with friends. What more to say. Cheap friends can get a demo of a really inexpensive game.


This mode is exactly like the VS.Computer mode I explained earlier but with better or, depending on your friends mental abilities lower AI. The lag in the multiplayer is hardly noticeable.


Conclusion I believe my review has shown what I think of the game pretty well. From great modes in single player to other features that take advantage of the fabulous hardware; the PLAYSTATION Portable, Lumines 2 one ups the original. If this were the first version of the game it would have had a lot more sells. If you like puzzle games and if you liked the original Lumines I advise you to buy this game. And at $30.00 dollars it’s more of a steal than a purchase.


If the PSP had more sequels like this it would have more sells itself. Lumines 2, however only appeals to a certain crowd of puzzle loving PSP owners and not much else.

Lumines 2 gets a 91% for being totally better than the sequel.


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Is there a way you can enjoy Lumines Plus WITHOUT Gwen Stefani and especially WITHOUT that slut Fergie?????

I’m loving the first to bits here…I’m also enjoying Gunpey. I do intend to get Lumines Plus and Every Extend Extra soon enough.

Hmmm…I’m not sure. I have yet to play Lumines Plus. I’m believe it is just updated version to the original with some new skins and thats it. Not like Lumines 2 at all.

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