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Welcome again to part two of Monkey Kings randomnessity. Here is some of his best blogs and his profile on the GAP:


Member for 3 years 13 weeks.

Bio:I am the head of the Reference Department at my local library, but don’t let the fact I am a librarian scare you. Librarians may “seem” exotic, cool, and stunningly attractive; but we’re just normal folks that jump into our pants two legs at time.


Just what PSP Needs…fast, fun, interesting and only a PSP can do it.Sid Meier’s Pirates! Live the Life Hands-on
Avast, matey! We sail the open seas to loot and pillage in the upcoming PSP release of Firaxis’ classic adventure game.
by Chris RoperJanuary 8, 2007 – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Sid Meier’s Pirates! is one of the greatest games ever made, and now it’s headed to the PSP. Just as is the case with Civilization or many of the other titles that Sid Meier has been behind, the game constantly causes you to capture “just one more ship” or find “just one more treasure”. It’s incredibly addictive, and it’s open and create-your-own-storyline type of gameplay is still refreshing in this day and age.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! Live the Life is something of a mix between the recent PC update of Pirates! and the accompanying Xbox port. The map size is somewhere in-between, offering plenty of space for exploration while still keeping the world tight enough for quick travel between areas. It also incorporates the Xbox title’s overarching storyline helper – you’re still attempting to accomplish the same thing in every version (find your family and such), but the quest meter helps you figure out your next main goal should you choose to stay on the main path.

While some of the game’s aspects are taken from the Xbox release, developer Full Fat has brought back a number of the features from the PC game that were lost in the Xbox port, such as treasure hunting. Rather than having your crew automatically find treasure when you hit land if you have the correct map, you’ll have to actually explore the land and use your map to find the buried treasure. But in addition, Full Fat has actually expanded on even the PC game in this aspect and added traps and other harmful things to impede your way.

Booby traps lay across the land, and moving across one will cause you to lose one of the men you took to shore. While they’re not exactly hidden and are easily noticeable, there may be times when you want to do this as you may have quicker (and perhaps even safer) route to the treasure by sacrificing one of your men. Wildcats scour the land, much like a guard would in an old-school stealth sequence (timed path and all), and should your party be caught by one it’ll rip one of your men to shreds.

Sneaking into town is back, though it’s a tad different than the PC release. While in said version you were given total control of your character, in the PSP release you move on predefined (though unmarked) squares. This means that you can’t hide right behind a corner as you’ll either be just down the street or right in the middle of it. It works, but it’s a bit strange given the action-centric audience on the PSP.

continue reading the rest here…

New Levels of Game *****dom

“…Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox 360 sci-fi shooter Crackdown will include Halo 3 Beta Keys, for players to enter the Halo 3 multiplayer beta test program this spring.

First of all we all need to admit the game looks like ass. Then we all need to breath out slowly and admit the very idea behind the game is asinine as well. Only then can be be truthful and say whomever buys the game will be doing so to get the keys even thought they don’t want to admit it.

This sort of thing just ticks me off. Why? Well you know what Bungie could just give those “keys” away for free without making people buy what looks to be the most ‘silly/garbage/urban-busllshit’ game ever created…they could just give its away. Instead, folks WILL now play $60 for those Halo 3 keys because we are all lemmings. You will not like Crackdown, so stop with those comments right now. NOTICE: If the only way your can respond to this blog is to say Crackdown is good you already too stupid to reply, so just stop those pudgy little figurers and take them off the keyboards.


You can’t take Monkey-King out of the GAP – it’s like taking pee out of a pool!”Thats Monkey-King in a snapshot. Here’s the link to his profile if you want to be his buddy on the GAP.


See part one here


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You know what… its not Bungie causing the crap with Halo though (or at least thats my impression from the podcast interviews and articles) Microsoft is going out of their way to charge people for everything just like the Vista Beta……

Microsoft is being real “dumbasses.”

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