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Halo 3 is a game where you shoot Brutes and fly vehicle-Oh wait; wrong review. This is Crackdown; this is a game where you do a whole lot more than shoot the bad guys.


You first start off as a character that you choose. You have a choice of 5 to six characters. These characters look pretty cool. The choices range from, slender and muscular to male or female. You first notice the neat art style the game has when you are choosing your characters. IT sort of reminds me of a comic book on crack. The style is cell shaded and looks really cool on a nice T.V.

After choosing your character you have a choice of three modes to play in; single player, two player co-op, and two player LIVE co-op. The Live co-op allows you to choose who you want to play with. You can even invite your friends to join in on the fun. The only downside is that it only lets you play with one other person.

The world is very big. The world is so big that the story is really just a distraction. Trying to find your way around is very hard and to top it off the battles you have with the AI enemies are random and can sometimes be bothersome when you are trying to find the next mission. When you are in battle there are multitudes of enemies. LOTS! At first it is overwhelming but once you up your abilities you can fly right through levels. Most of the time, when being attacked you can just run right past the enemies. The bosses are easier than normal as well. To beat them all you have to do is get a shot gun and some explosives, and ta-da; you’ve won.

Jumping is really fun. The best way to travel in this city is by jumping from building to building. It is one of the many things you have to level up in the game in order to beat the bosses. Once you get your Agility [jumping] leveled up you can jump far and high. It becomes a new way to travel since stealing cars is out of the question. You can also level up your FIRING, EXPLOSIVES, DRIVING, DEFENSE and ARMOR abilities. The way you level up is by just doing what you would normally do. To level up your shooting, use your guns, your defense, punch people and so on.

Driving is out of the question because the vehicle controls are just awkward. It is easier to walk then to drive. It’s just a shame that this is true because there are many racing levels; when trying to do these you can get frustrated. I know I got frustrated. The controls are awkward because the cars go way to fast and the steer ability is just impossible. The vehicle controls are better in GTA, on the PSP!

It may seem like there are a lot of bad things about this game but there are many good things as well. There are many so I will just list them:

  • Design
  • Jumping
  • Variety of Weapons
  • Variety of Cars
  • Many enemies
  • Big world
  • Draw distance
  • Sniping from miles away
  • Easy of use [sometimes]
  • Different characters
  • Good online
  • Co-op
  • Co-op online
  • Ability to throw and use many things as weapons and shields respectively
  • Side missions
  • Theme, premise of story
  • And much, much more.

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4 Responses to “CONFUSING REVIEWS: Crackdown Demo”

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I hear the story is a bit lacking though, and the boss battles are pretty repetative…

Yeah, I’ve heard that too. This is really the only reason why I’m holding off on getting it until I find a cheaper, used copy.

Hey sup, I saw this from the G.A.P.!

-Crackdown Demo-

At first I didn’t really like it. The more you get used to it the better it becomes though. The graphics were most definitely a change from what I’ve seen before though. Anyway like you(Confused) mentioned above I really did enjoy the jumping ability. I got to level 4 and man do you fly. I haven’t had the chance to explore a good bit of it yet, but thanks for the review! Hope to see ya on G.A.P.

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