Yankeefan02 Reviews Resistance: Fall of Man!

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Insomniac’s PS3 release game was the best release game out for the PS3.   There are a couple of game modes that you are available to do.  The game modes are for single player campaign, for multiplayer you can do a cooperative story mode and death match and online. In single player, you play a guy named Nathan Hale who is a member of the American Army.   The Chimera attacks Russia and spreads throughout towns of Russia and Nathan Hale and plenty of troops plan to bring them down.   Throughout the campaign, you will find new guns in intel and discover new chimera that can do anything from shooting through walls or jumping on you wish uses sixaxis.  


What you need to do if a alien jumps on you is wiggle your controller left to right which will give them a melee attack to the face.There really is no difference in cooperative mode except that the second player plays with another member of the army and is put into split screen.   In multiplayer death match, you simply pick a side,choosing from Chimera or American Army and you just see who can get the most kills in either a point system or timed rounds.   Then comes the online feature of the game.   In online you can do anything from making a clan, staging a match or a “party”, or to make it easier just join a random game by pressing X on Ranked Matches.   Depending on how you do online, you can raise ranks in the army.   When you play team based games, you are either the Chimera or a member of the American Army.

Every aspect of this shooter for Playstation is fun and can be very challenging if you pick a hard difficulty level on single player mode.   I think this is the best Playstation 3 release game that came out.   I would really recommend you to buy this game or rent it,even if this isn’t your kind of game. 

 The Good- graphics, easy controls, fun missions, is a pretty long game

The Bad- Aliens can be a bit stupid, can get very frusterating after a series of tries on a mission 

Learning Curve-   A little less than a half hour

Yankeefan02s’ Rating: 9.1 out of 10


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