Random GAPer of the Week: Sollabe – The interview!

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Welcome to this weeks edition of Random GAPer of the Week! It’s been two weeks so I thought I’d post this on Yankee Reviews Day as well. Fridays, I love them and you should too! This week’s featured member is Sollabe. You all know and love him but here’s more about him you may not have known.Sollabe!

1) Why Sollabe?

My English teacher in high school was messing with me one time (he was also my neighbor) and called me “Sollabe the Wallabe” (I think that’s how you spell Wallabe) which was a play on words of my last name Solley. It just stuck with me and Sollabe became my nickname. It’s also unique on the internet, so none of butts better take it on the PSN!

2) What inspired you, or not, to join the armed forces?

It was a coin actually…..lol….seriously. I got a flyer and it said send it back for more info and they would send a coin, and I collected coins. I got my coin and then a recruiter called me. I really debated for like 4 months before I finally decided that I wanted to do it 1) For the hands on experience working with networks and computers and 2) for college money. I don’t regret it at all but it’s not the place for me. I’ a big boy and they don’t really like that. So in 09 I will probably move over to a government contract job and try and finish my 20 years.

3) What’s being a gamer mean to you?

A gamer doesn’t have to play games all the time or even have it as a main hobby. A gamer is someone who enjoys the entertainment of the media. For me it’s a relaxing hobby that keeps me from spending tons of money all the time, because games last me a while on my busy schedule. It’s nice to just sit in the house in boxers with a Jack & Coke and play a little bit of video games.

4) Name 4 of your favorite games of all time and why.

    • Everyone’s favorite I think – FFVII.

      It brought me into playing RPGs for the first time (and honestly I only play FF and only because I like the stories, I hate random battles). It was the first game that ever had an emotional impact on me. Aerith’s death made me cry and I’m not embarrassed to say it.

        • Super Mario Bros.

          It was the first game I ever really played at home, and I would play it to death. Still a fun game to this day

            • Beyond good and evil

              I thought this was a very underrated and entertaining game that deserves a sequel especially with how open the ending was.

                • HALO

                  This was by far the best shooter I had played in a while, not because it really did anything new, but it was so solid and just felt right. It had an awesome story and it was the first time I had experienced multiplayer on separate consoles.

                  5) What has impacted you most in the gaming world?

                  I think the most impact has been this new generation of parents who don’t control what their kids watch and do, thus affecting the future of gaming itself. There are a lot of politicians out there that have gaming on their black lists and basically trying to control what is going to be released and that pisses me off.

                  6) What does being a GAP member mean, in your opinion?

                  The GAP is an amazing place. We have chimed in on a lot of things that newer members I don’t think realize. We helped in the overall design of the PSP (even though in the end they didn’t listen to all our suggestions.) We choose the box art for Rise to Honor. How many people can say they have done things like that? We are privileged and there s always that 10 % that wreak it for everyone else. It’s like that anywhere. I didn’t sign up originally thinking I was going to get free stuff, I was excited that I was picked. I still don’t know why I was picked originally when GAP first debuted but I am still happy to this day about it. We have a voice, that’s more then a lot of people can say they do for the industry.

                  7) Describe an image that tells people who have never seen a picture of you what you are like.

                  I’m just a generally happy, chubby guy. I’m laid back, not necessarily great at the particular game or activity but I always have fun with it and I try to keep others entertained. I like to do voices and imitations and make people laugh. I’m proud… extremely proud of what I have done and what I am going to do. I do not hide that fact. Not many people can say they went to Iraq and did what I am doing, whether they agree with the war or not.

                  8) What do you like about the next generation?

                  I think that game play itself is going to become more of a main point then graphics, just because of how good they are. I am interested to see how this no vibration thing is going to turn out, as well as motion control. I honestly think that it’s anyone’s game at this point just because of the vast differences in console configurations.



                  Thanks Sollabe for that great interview. I learned a lot. If you’d like to know more please ask away or if you would like to be a featured member leave a comment or email me at confusedgam3r@yahoo.com

                  If you are a GAP Member please visit the link below to read Ice Breakers “Breaking the Ice” – The Interview Show with an Edge for Sollabe’s Interview.

                  “Breaking The Ice”–The Interview Show With An Edge Guest: Sollabe…Stand Up Straight And No Slouching

                  Tomorrow I will post Sollabe’s feature on his blogs and profile.


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