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Well here’s part two, the part in which I show off Sollabes Profile, Best Blogs, and Signature!

Here we go!


Member for 3 years 29 weeks.

Name: Cody
Birthdate: 1986 June 23
Age: 20
Status: Married
Current Games: Sly 3 Honor Among Theives, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, Unreal Championship, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay
Systems: PS2, PSP, XBox
PSN Username: Sollabe
XBox Live Username: Sollabe

I am a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I love gaming, its been my hobby since I was 5 and got my NES with Super Mario. I love technology on a whole. I am a Tactical Networking Specialist, and very interested in the evolution of technology as it applies to buisness and gaming. Hit me up sometime if your around on Yahoo at lcpl_crossman. Also check out my Myspace Page.

Best Blogs

Guitar Hero is the sssshhhhiiiizzzzniiiiitttttttt

Sollabe on Tue, 2006-11-07 22:42


So I picked up my GHII preorder from Best Buy. First off, I really like how the Guitar looks in Red. Very nice. I booted the disk and started off immediatly. I liked the new options they have, such as Practice Mode. That was sorely needed in the first one. I started a career off on medium deficulty, and just as I noticed in the demo, this game is immediatly harder then GH was. The song mix is really good, and something I didnt know about was the encore. That is freakin awesome, and the songs are just perfect (you dont pick the song and it is not on your list till after you play it.) I wont spoil the surprise for you though. I got through the 4th concert before I quite and I have finally experienced my dream of “playing” Sweet Child O’Mine, even if it was in a game. I liked the new animations and locations. Everything is much crisper and its not as repetitive. As I play more I will comment more about it.

As for life, I am doing well. I have some decent furniture in my place as well as getting an awesome deal on a 30 inch widscreen phillips hdtv. They dont make it anymore and Walmart had it on display but didnt sell it anymore. So I was like why is it on the shelf then, can I buy the floor model. Needless to say I had to get a manager but I eventually got my way and took it home. It looks good, but I do find it a bit annoying the way it stretches somee shows out on cable. But all my games look good, although I have noticed that some of the words when I play games are fuzzy. Any suggestions???

Me and my wife are doing quite well, and just hit our 1 month married mark. We have the Marine Corps Ball this weekend so maybe I will put some more pics up next week (and if my external harddrive would cooperate I would have posted more weddding pics already.) Ok thats it from here. Talk to you all soon



Trying to keep in touch…

Sollabe on Fri, 2006-09-22 23:12


So it has been quite a while since I wrote a blog. I was sad to see that it took almost 3 weeks to get a comment after I posted the last one. But oh well to that… so I am going to ramble over some stuff here.

My wedding is in 2 weeks. It will be awesome. If anyone wants the webcam info let me know. I will either email you all or post it on here. I cant wait. Debra will be so beautiful… I cant wait to see her that day.

I been thinking about how I will set up our place after I move out of the barracks. It will be like 2 months before she is actually out. I think I want to wire a simple little surrond sound system for the living room, before the furniture is actually in there (that way I can make all the wiring along the walls hidden). Any thoughts?

I havent gotten to much gameplay time in as of lately. A few games of Madden 06 is about it. I have been awfully busy. Amazingly my laptop will be getting some game attention Monday since I have to stand duty up at my squadrons building. I guess maybe that Quake 4 from Iraq will get a little attention.

I picked up the Ultimate Matrix set the other day at the PX for 19.99 I remember when that came out it was like over 100.00! Pretty sweet. I hadnt watched the first one in quite a while. That was really the best one. The fight at the end it tottally awesome too.

So thats it for me. I am still trying to think of something I could write that is possible for me to post to front page but I am not getting any creative spark. I just havent had anytime to sit in think and I dont think I will be getting anymore. Keep in touch guys.



In the words of George Carlin: “THIS IS A LIST OF PEOPLE WHO ARE PI**ING ME OFF!”

Sollabe on Tue, 2006-01-17 17:26


Ok so I hate naming names and having to talk ****. But I am so tired of stupid crap going on in this site. So I figure I can bi*** about it all I want in my blog. So here are three people that ticked me off today.For useless threads posted on the front page:
Thel2ing and BIGStreeTDAWG
Thank you for posting garbage that I have to read when I am actually looking for an actual topic to give an opinion on. Its this kind of garbage that is gonna tick Sony off and just stop this whole thingFor Useless Comments:
Yay your advertising your link. Put it as your signature and actual formulate an opinion to whatever the topic is.My point is, it seems like only half the people on here really want to do and appreciate the purpose of this site. Im so sick and tired of hearing I want this and want that. Be happy with what Sony gives you. They didnt have to invite you on to this thing.

Now that I have that off my chest….
Today has been a pretty good day. I weighed in for offical weigh in and my hard work has finally paid off. Im at 175 lbs, 6 lbs under weight. Finally. Took long enough. I watched Larry the Cable Guy today, and have been going over options about what I want to do after getting married. And I slept good! No booms! Yay. Well thats it from the sandbox. Laters….

Well those are some of the best blogs. Some of them I wasn’t around for but they still are good. To check out his latest blogs and to see his profile click here.

Sollabes GAP Profile and Blog

Signature as of March 2007

Become Confused!
Check me out on Yahoo @ lcpl_crossman
Or on MySpace
USMC OIF 04-06 Veteran


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