Yankeefan02 Reviews Fight Night Round 3 [PS3]

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This week Yankeefan02 has sent us a little something; he sent us a review. Let’s read on.


EA Sports’ famous boxing series is now on the next-gen console called the Playstation 3. Fight Night Round Three gives you different game modes- Career mode, Get in the ring, and ESPN Classic.

In Career mode, you make a boxer and start him from the amatuer boxing matches and lead him through a career and try to make him the best. Through the way you will get a rival, sign contracts and play some of the greatest boxers. You can also workout with him or just auto through it. You will then get money for each fight won and will be able to purchase new things at the Fight Store. You can also rebuild boxing legends and try to make them better then they were before. In get in the ring mode you live the thrill through the fighter’s eyes from the moment you hit the ring till you get KO’d. The experience changes due to your health and your opponent’s health. You can lose your hearing, get a ringing noise in your ear, even see things blurry, and even know when your eye is swelling. Then there is the ESPN Classic where you basically just pick great matchups in boxing history and relive them with your own flair. Once you retire in career mode you can play with your rival. Then there is the play now mode where you do the same thing in every sports game, pick your player and just box.

All these features were very enjoyable playing and I prefer this to be a very good game and if you are a boxing fan or even a sports fan rent this game or buy it. It is worth it, although the fans look terrible, the game itself isn’t.


**** out of *****

Gamespot’s Rating 8.2
The Good Good career mode, the faces of each boxer look like themselves in real life, great graphics when it comes to when the guy gets punched and when he gets knocked down.

The Bad the fans didn’t get spent enough time on, the showboating once the guy gets knocked down is obnoxious, and the nick names for your career mode are pretty bad.

Learning Curve Little more then a half hour.
Difficulty Medium


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Those are the best bad points you could find?
It must be good.
GameInformer gave it 9 out of 10.

MDB, it is a good game.

Confused, want me to do a MLB 07 the show for PSP review for this upcoming friday?

Is that a yes or a no?

Sure…I was going to email you the answer but I forgot 😀

LOL, dont worry about it

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