Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer NOW HERE!

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The internet crashes for 1 minute!!!!111!111111111

The new GTA IV Trailer was released today in an uproar of refreshing and downed websites. People are crying everywhere. Kotakuites, Gamespotters, Joystiqoruooos, and many more. It was not worth it. Once a youtube version becomes available I’ll post it here for your viewing pleasure and then you’ll see why.

The characters were cool, the cars, buildings, bridges, and more were cool but will it be new or just the same old same old with a face cover? We’ll find out in October!

Tell me what you liked or disliked about it.

See the trailer after the break!


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5 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer NOW HERE!”

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It looks to be a way better version of liberty city. it has a statue of liberty, food stands, active streets. Actually, I like it a lot more now that I’ve seen it without the buffer. See it in HD at!!!

Good commercial….not much for anyone to judge the game but it showed enough to get people excited.
The graphics hopefully will improve and they’ll have planes and shit….

Burger Shots, Getalife Co., Cluckin’Bell and Sprunk return…

I love Clukin Bell. and Yes, Getalife was awesome!

Sprunk? I though that was from Futurama, no wait, yeah I remember that from San Andreas…

Wow, that is a good reason to invest in an XBOX. No? Tony Hawks and GTA always deliver the goods.

Well…GTA’s always deliver but I don’t know about Tony Hawks. The 360 is good but it’s also on PS3. I have a 360 however…

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