The Adventures of MrDaBucket and Kaz Volumes 5-8

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Here it is again. Click on the jump for the full thing.

Part Five: The Wayback Machine 

It wasn’t always so bad between Kaz and MDB that MrDaBucket would have to send Kaz to be protected by the ISA before he sold him to Mr.MAD(or killed Kaz himself).
They were actually great friends.
But things started going downhill in 1999 when the PS2 was the talk to the town.

It was something along the lines of this:

Elsa: I’m not too sure about the PS2…I mean, what if DVD fails?

MDB: Just stop bitching about this and buy it or don’t buy it.

Elsa: *takes out MODSTICK* Did you just use the b-word?

MDB: Buy?

Elsa: >:o

MDB: Oh….”bitch”.

Elsa: *starts swinging the MODSTICK at MDB* ARG!

Mike: *laughs out loud*

Annette: *buys a PS2*

Scout: *is not in this story*

MGSTheSorrow: Cool! I’m in the story! Uh…who’s Scout?

Dagger: My sister.

MGSTheSorrow: Ohhh…

Scout: *still isn’t in the story*

Buttercup14: Is tonight “GAP Girl’s Night” for SOCOM 2?

MDB: No…..has anyone seen Rapt00r?

Anyone: Nope.

MDB: Damn. I’m looking for him. He stole my MrDaSword!

Buttercup14: Heheh….I bet he’s a good looking guy.

MDB: *pulls out MrDaShotgun* o_O

Buttercup14: *begins backing away* Uh…..GO WHITE SOX!! WOOOHOOO!!! *starts sprinting away*

MDB: *fires MrDaShotgun at “Buttercup”* Damn! I MISSED!

No you didn’t…

MDB: Nah…I just did. This sucks…

No. I didn’t. Or you didn’t. Or “we” didn’t? Wii didn’t?

Mike: Eh?

Elsa: Yeah…what’s going on?

Annette: Stephen is wasting blogspace by not putting enough of me here.

Shutup! Anyways….I’m the story-teller here. So I say what allegedly happened. *clears throat* Anyways, “Buttercup14” was hit.

Buttercup14: *on the ground bleeding* Owww….you got me.

MDB: *approaches the body* O_O Rapt00r?

Rapt00r: Yes….it was me. I stole the MrDaSword, killed the REAL Buttercup14 and was going to get away with it to, if it weren’t for you and your 2nd amendment right to use firearms.

MDB: …..but why?

Rapt00r: Because, I’m not just a side-kick! I’m better than all of you! HAHAHAHAHA! *swings MrDaSword at MDB*

At that point, everybody went into slowmotion for no real reason.

Kaz: *jumping at Rapt00r* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Kaz: *uses his body as a human shield to block Rapt00r’s attack* AHH!

And normal speeded events continued.

MDB: KAZ! Are you okay? *takes MrDaSword out of Kaz’s wound* Kaz? Are you going to make it?

Kaz: Yeah…everyone knows all Sony employees recover flesh even faster then Wolverine from X-Men does, due to the CELL and RSX implants in our brains…..and our ties, of course.

And as said, Kaz nearly instantly recovered.

Rapt00r: *begins crawling away*

MDB: Tim……you’re now banished from GAPland. If I see you here again…I’ll kill you…or just force you to marry Jenna.

Dagger: I would never marry him!

Maverick, My Dog: *banishes Rapt00r*

MDB: *turns around* Lailoken! Drop the recipie!

Lailoken: Damn! You caught me again! *drops the legendary poutine recipie*

MDB: That’s the 8th time today! That’s it. *to Maverick* Banish him too.

Annette: Silly Lailo, Poutine is for civilized Cancucks!

Maverick, My Dog: *banishes Mr.Lailoken*

MDB: Anyways, thank you Kaz! Let’s be best friends forever!

Kaz: Okay [MrDaBucket].

Meanwhile…..years later…..around, today-ish times, actually. At the entrance to the Sony Metreon.

Kaz: MrDaBucket? You followed me here?

MDB: I was already going to this PS3 launch party anyways….and it’s just so happens I knew you were heading to the Metreon to betray me again by apoligizing to Ken Kuturagi.

Kaz: Ken’s not in charge here, anymore. A Sith lord has taken control of him. This Sith lord is the one commanding the giant-enemy-crab armies to find me. It’s all here in this pamphlet! *takes a pamphlet out of his pocket*

MDB: I see…that doesn’t change anything! (…….though it does explain how you suddenly know everything that’s happening, for once.)

Kaz: I cannot let you enter this party.

MDB: Well you’ll have no choice but to let me in.

Kaz: Fine then….but please….do not harm Ken.

MDB: o_O Okay…I’ll take my rage out on Phil then.

Kaz: Darth Harrison is very powerful. Beware.

MDB: Thanks….Kaz. *enters the Sony Metreon*

Kaz: *sigh* When will God ever give me a break?

Part Six: The PS3 Premier Party

It was all going better for MDB. He had finally got into the party. You see, he tried to win the actual contest by writing this story(up until this point into the story) and sending it in. So how did he get in? The doorguards were too busy playing MotorStorm when he arrived onto the scene.
He made his way to a really big 1080p Grand Bravia Sony HDTV. In front of this TV was a nice gaming couch(OGC brand), 4 controllers and a PLAYSTATION 3 console. It was perfect. This spot was hence forth named: “The Resistance Orgy”.
The party was perfect….too perfect.
[insert “Dun duhn duh” noise here]

You see, on a hidden balcony above the party, was Darth Harrison and Ken Kuturagi.

Phil: It has begun. Calgary has been destroyed, the intelligent GAP members have all been slain and Kaz is in the palm of our hands.

Ken: What should we do now, Master?

Phil: We wait. Hmm….check up on the party. I sense a DISTURBANCE.

Meanwhile….at the MotorStorm game.


Doorguard 1: You cheated!

DISTURBANCE: I don’t need to cheat, to kick your ass!

Doorguard 2: Come on, let’s leave and go do our job for once. *gets up and leaves*

Doorguard 1: *following the 2nd doorgaurd* Hmmm…I sure hope nobody entered in here while we were slacking off.

Meanwhile….the Resistance Orgy. MDB was kicking everyone’s ass.

MDB: This now bores me. *takes out PSP and replays the Killzone: Liberation demo while walking away*

And then he ran into an old hero of his.

Ken: Mr…DaBucket?

MDB: *puts away PSP* Ken Kuturagi.

Ken: So we finally have ourselves a formal meaning. *draws lightsaber*

MDB: Please don’t turn this into a lightsaber dual. I just wish to meet with your master.

Ken: He’s busy right now. But when he’s finished, Kaz will be turned to the darkside just as I.

MDB: Oh crap….. *takes out SOCOM .45mm Suppresed Pistol*

Ken: Bringing a gun into a laser sword fight?

MDB: Just get out of my way….don’t make me kill you.

Ken: Somebody’s mad.

MDB: And to think I once though you were cool…..*aims at Kuturagi’s head*

Ken: You don’t have the guts to kill me.

MDB: I do….I just don’t have the time! *fires 2 bullets, one in each of Ken’s kneecaps and sprints past him*

Ken: WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?! *uses “the force” to remove the bullets, recovers almost instantly and chases after MDB*

Meanwhile…in the ruins of Calgary.

April: It has to be here! The map said it was!

Jenna: What if this gigantic pile of rubble, is the anime shop?

Then, a small tremor, quaked through the ground as the anime shop rised out of the rubble as if nothing ever happened to it. Inside, all of the ISA troops, the EB survivors and Annette were drinking Pepsi(Holiday Spice flavor).

Annette: A toast…to all of those who died in the chinese restaruant nextdoor!

And then the chugging contest ensued, naming Annette the winner dispite the fact that Joelg finished .00023 seconds before she did.

Annette: YAY! I win! And you know what that means?

Panther: Not this again….

Annette: That’s right Panther! You’re all my slaves for the day! Isn’t that fantastic! Now clean the store why I go see where Dave has run off to. Joel?

Joelg: Yes?

Annette: You shall answer the phone in case anyone calls…..which in the current state of the world, will only be MrDaBucket.

Joelg: *sigh* Ok….

Annette: *walks outside the store, only to find the other 2 GAP Trinity members frozen with wide eyes and dropped jaws* Get in the Trinity Mobile! We’re going on a road trip!

This road trip will posted later and randomly in a future volume of this story.

Now….on that very hidden balcony overlooking the PS3 party at the Metreon.
Some music from FF8(whenever you see a sorceress) begins playing.

Kaz: I’m sorry. It wasn’t my fault. But the GAP is once again back in it’s place and the evil vibrations are now removed from the standard PlayStation controller. In a way, I sorta helped you.

Phil: Yes….

Kaz: So, I apoligize and I pledge my alligience to you….Darth Harrison.

MDB: *walks onto the balcony* Kaz! You traitor!

Phil: …the hell? Hahaha…if it isn’t the infamous MrDaBucket.

MDB: If it isn’t Phillip H.

Kaz: MrDaBucket…..leave now.

MDB: Sorry, Kaz. I have to eliminate this Sith Lord and take vengence for the lives lost, goldfish electricuted and gaming expiriences lessened…even if it means taking you out with him.

Phil: You fool. You don’t have the power to defeat me. I have wiped out all intelligent GAP’ers and now you shall die too, thus completing my master plan.

MDB: I’ve taken care of Ken.

Phil: Impossible!

MDB: Yes…and now it’s your turn! *draws lightsaber* Move out of the way, Kaz.

Kaz: MrDa-

MDB: -Move or die.

Kaz: *takes one step back*

Phil: *fires lightning at Kaz, using the force*

This knocked out Kaz, but gave a clear path for MrDaBucket to destroy the Sith.

MDB: *crushes the lightsaber as he makes a fist* Let’s go, baldy.

Phil: Now that was just uncalled for!!! DIE! *fires lightning at MDB*

MDB: *quickly dodges the attack* N00b….

Phil: *fires lighting at MDB*

Little did Phil know, that MDB’s ghetto instincts made him steal the SIXAXIS controller that had 4-dimensional powers in it’s sensors.

MDB: *blocks the lighting with the controller* Ha!

The lightning attack could not be stopped by Phil himself. The electricity had been linked into the 4-D sensors.

Phil: What the hell is going on?

I just explained that, you dumbass.

MDB: *lifts the controler, lifting Phil into the air* Six degress of freedom, mother ******! *flicks the controller, tossing Phil off of the balcony in a simmilar fasion to the way Darth Sidious fell into the vent shaft when Darth Vader threw him into in.*

Ken: *walks onto the balacony only to see his master flying off the balcony while being self-electricuted and landing into a be “PS Logo” shaped punchbowl below* NOOOO!

MDB: So the rumors were true….you Sony employees are genetically modified to instantly rebuild flesh.

Kaz: *wakes up* Huh? What happened?

Ken: Kaz? I think you should leave. Your little friend just publically humiliated, if not severely injured our master.

Kaz: Is this true, MDB?

MDB: o_o Were you not paying attention to what I said before “your master” knocked you out?

Kaz: Well…uh-

MDB: -You know what? **** this ****. You guys are all douchebags. I’m going home, buying a PS3 and enjoying my life.

Ken: Wait! You can’t ignore us! You’re helpless against the power of the PlayStation brand!

MDB: True…which is why you’re going to have to be removed from my path. *takes out his PSP and presses Start, only top have a stun dart fire out of the UMD drive*

Ken: *is hit by the dart* Ow! Daaamm…you….mmm..mrdabucket!…..Da…*falls unconscious on the balcony floor*

MDB: Let’s go, Kaz…. *walks over to Kaz*

Kaz: *gets off the ground* Uh, MrDaBucket? Are we still frien- *is punched by MDB in the stomach and is then knocked out*

MDB: *sigh* When will they learn? *begins to drag Kaz out of the party*

Outside of the Metreon…MDB: *leaves Kaz at the entrance* Son of an itch! *heads to “that unnamed coffee shop for a nice hot VentiCafeMocha and to call Yukino before going home to Detroit*

Part Seven: Christmas In Siberia (Edited Version)

We join the GAP S.Q.U.A.D. in a deadly chat…..or just a clip of text from the dealy chat.

MDB says (9:17 PM):
Dagger_32 says (9:18 PM):
Yukino says (9:18 PM):
those people arent important
Dagger_32 says (9:18 PM):
Who’s that?
Kaz says (9:19pm):
What’s going on?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And it was all a dream. Kaz awoken from his “zoo-like” nightmare only to find himself convered in snow and his blue #43 tie missing.( This same every color of tie gave the Sony employees their ability to almost instantly reform body tissue and flesh.)
It was all over.
Everything had just passed on as if here wasn’t there. ]
As is he was….dead.
People were living there lives, it was as if he were temporarily removed from the world.
He gasped for air only to find the grey late-fall frost enter his lungs.
It was as much of a tingle as it was a cold sting.
It felt good to be alive, but everything was out of place.
Asleep in front of the Metreon for days or weeks.
He had no choice to move on with what may of been his life.
He was very cold, damp, aching and tired.
He reached into his pocket to gather warmth for his freezing hands only to reach in and find a plastic bag in his right pocket and a 1997 Sony WalkMan casette tape player.
And inside the bag like a tape that was grey as the sky was and it was labeled in bold marker ink that read: KAZ.

Kaz: This can’t be happening to me…. *takes the tape out of the plastic bag and places it in the WalkMan* Here it goes. *presses Play*

Voice on Tape: Kaz…..this is your wake-up call…..heheh…I want to play a game.

Kaz: NOOO!! It’s the Jigsaw killer!

Voice on Tape: Just kidding, *****! Haha! Gotcha! I’m just ****ing with ya!

Kaz: ….huh?

Familliar Voice on Tape: I bet you just pissed your pants! HAHAHAHA…soo funny. The look on your face must be priceless!

Kaz: Wait a second….I know who this is! It’s MrDa-

MDB on Tape: -Yep…it’s me. MrDaBucket!

Kaz: What happened to me? All I remeber is the party and Phil and…it’s all a big blur and didn’t you-

MDB on Tape: -hold on for a sec. Are you talking to a tape? Wow….you’re are crazy…

Kaz: You’re the one who’s crazy!

MDB on Tape: And starting an arguement with a tiny piece of plastic is completely normal.

Kaz: Well, what am I supposed to do? I have no idea what’s going on!

MDB on Tape: Well, to sum it up for you. The PS3 launch was a sucess, though we really need more units. The rumors of your plans to buy every copy of “Ridge Racer 7” at launch didn’t come true seeing as you been just lying there on the ground for about a month or so. (Instead the GameInformer staff bought all but 2 which went to me and Annette.)
Anyways, your life may continue here, Kaz.
You’re wanted at the SCEJ HQ for an explanation of the event that took place in Canada and the PS3 Premier Party fiasco.

Kaz: Ok….. *sigh*

MDB on Tape: You shouldn’t be the one sighing. I had to clean it up. Your job just involves telling on those who were in charge.
Relax and just hope they don’t kill you.
Also, don’t come looking for me in Detroit. I’m not there.
In fact, I’m recording this inside of a Burger King in Calgary while enjoying poutine and I’m about to leave.
Anyways, I have a very long journey ahead of me so, peace out!

Kaz: I guess that’s all…

MDB on Tape: Oh yeah…by the way, I included the original “Ridge Racer” theme song on side B of this tape. Enjoy!

Kaz: Oh boy! *turns the tape over to side B*

Tape: ……..

Kaz: Wha?

Voice on Tape: Ha! Gotcha again! Damn…I’m good at this. And you will believe anything! Sooooo funny.

Kaz: God dammit!

MDB on Tape: Don’t you yell at me!

Kaz: Grr….

MDB on Tape: You know what? I’ll give you the music. Just hold on.

Kaz: Finally….

Tape: ……….fooled ya! HAHAHA! *tape ends*

Meanwhile… Alaska.

MDB: Are you sure this is going to work, Snake?

Snake: I’m possitive, kid! This snowmobile has saved my life many times!

MDB: Okay…..I hope this works.

Snake: It will. Trust me….it will.

MDB: *turns on snowmobile* Oh! I almost forgot to tell you something!

Snake: And what might that be?

MDB: Tell Otacon that Jenna says “Hi!”….

Snake: o_o

MDB: Yeah…..

Snake: …..does she know that he’s not intrested in her?

MDB: Yeah…but you know what they say! “Once an Iowan, always stupid.”

Snake: Yeah…ok. I will.

MDB: Ok…..peace out, Snake! *drives away across the tundra*

Snake: *via Codec* Otacon. Do you read me?

Otacon: Loud and clear, Snake. What’s up?

Snake: Jenna says “Hi!”

Otacon: Oh….eeww…..

Snake: Yeah…..

Otacon: Does she realize that I’m not intrested in her?

Snake: No….but you know what they say. “Once in….Iowa. Always….barefoot, dumb as a rock and into celo music.”

Otacon: Yeah….I’m not too hungry anymore so I’m going to cancel on lunch today.

Snake: Yeah….I suddenly just lost my appetite thinking about Iowans…

Meanwhile….in Calgary. The working force is working harder than normal Canadians do….which isn’t saying much.

Panther: Did you know that Annette stole parts from “Figaro Castle” in Final Fantasy VI to modify the store?

Joelg: Oohhh……so that explains why the store just popped out of the ground againa s if nothing ever happened. Amazing. Now, I know everything.

Panther: Well…uh…I KNOW MORE!

Joelg: 1. You cannot know more than “everything”.
2. All the information you know is useless.
3. I know everything and I know that I know more than you do.
So there!

Panther:….uh…….*starts crying* I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING USEFUL! I’M A FAILURE! *begins to walk away*

Thrall: *aproaches Panther* Want to hear a riddle?

Panther: *sobs* NO! I’D JUST FAIL AT THAT BECAUSE I’M USELESS! *storms out of the store crying*

Thrall: *to Joelg* What just happened?

Joelg: Nothing…just the usual. Me knowing everything.

And then…the phone began to ring.

Joelg: *picks up phone* Good afternoon, Yukino’s legit labor center. How may I help you?

????: Yeah…I was wondering if my friend Mona was there?

Joelg: Uh…what’s her name?

????: Her last name is Lott and her first name is Mona.

Joelg: *outloud* Is there a Mona Lott here? Nope? *on the phone* Sorry..your friend isn’t….hello? Are you there? Damn! Hung up on me again!

Mike: LOL!

Thrall: Was that not the 8th time today?

Joelg-Wan: 7th time. That buisness with the Telus people calling doesn’t count.

Meanwhile… Japanland, Kaz has finally hitched a ride.

Kaz: Thanks for the ride, ladies! 😀

April: No problem! Thanks for giving us the residential locations of top Sony and Square-Enix execs!

Jenna: …..grr…..I NEED EFEFTWELEVE!!!

Annette: Not this again. *stops the car in front of a subway station* Kaz….get out.

Kaz: Yes, mam! *runs out of the car and into the subway station*

Annette: Now, Jenna? What were you saying?

Jenna: ATHONODOPNFPINDIID!!!! ARRRG! I NEED FINAL FANTASY TWELVE! *begans foaming at the mouth*

Annette: *bitchslaps Jenna* Snap out of it!

Jenna: *adds Annette to THE LIST….but spells her name R-a-p-t-0-0-r by accident* JERK….

Meanwhile….below the Trinity….on the subway train.

Kaz: o_o

Dave: o_o

Kaz: o_O

Dave: Shhh….

Kaz: o_o

And the train took off…

Meanwhile….in Siberia, was MrDaBucket. He had made his way from Alaska throuhg the Fox Islands and even to Shadow Moses island where he took pictures and fangasmed at every familliar sight from the original Metal Gear Solid.
Now, he was in the middle of Siberia.
Stranded in a desert of ice.

MDB: Do you know where Kazahkstan is?

Russian dude: In Soviet Russia, real gets Yukino!

MDB: God ****ing dammit! *sigh* This is just great…hopefully I don’t freeze to death.

Russian dude: In Soviet Russia, later reading is tagged for you!

MDB: Worst. Christmas. Ever.

Part Eight:  Metal Gear Stupid

At this point, the adventures I speak of, draw to an end.
But there are still more tales untold.
You see, after the GEC attacks on the ISA forces throughout Canada, MDB went out to find the laboratories in Kazahkstan where the crabs of the world were being tunred into giant-enemy-crabs that can be fipped on their back to reveal their weak spot….(their stomachs)….

MDB: *via Codec* Salem! Do you read me?

Salem: Loud and clear. And I see you’ve made your way into Kazahkstani airspace with the WH-2 jet you stole.

MDB: Yeah….. *clears throat* Approaching enemy designated landing terriotory at 4 kilometers away.

Salem: Good…fly casual. By the way, are you sure that these are the correct labs?

MDB: Postive. Kazahkstan.

Mike: LOL!

Salem: What the hell? Mike?

Mike: Houw are ya?

Salem: Get off of our frequency!

Mike: Fine then…. *leaves Codec convo*

MDB: 2 kilometers.

Mike: Prepare to land.

The jet begins flying full speed towards “that chemical plant from Syphon Filter 3” as MDB starts pressing random buttons and as he slowly pulls a lever.

MDB: A kilomteter left! ….I’m closing in!

Salem: MDB! You turned off your force-feedback! Are you okay?

MDB: It’s not in this model of jet……. 😦

Salem: Oh……well, you turned off the motion-sensing!

MDB: I’ve mastered the sticks of analog….I’ll be okay.

Salem: Ok, MDB! Land!…and may Yukino have mercy on your soul.

MrDaBucket starts performing a high-speed barrel roll as the jet fires towards the facility.

MDB: *ejects the pilots seat and begins the skydive downwards to the facility*

The jet then auot-lands itself in a proper manner.

Meanwhile….yep you guessed in! In Calgary, we find our slave-workers closing the anime shop for the night.

Joelg: Okay, are we ready to go to our living quaters now from our 3 hours of sleep before we start working again?

Mike: *scratches head* I dunnou…. *stares at the palm of his hand* Houly [delete]! I am losing my hair!

Joelg: Ok…let’s go to sleep.

And then the infamous phone began to ring.

Mike: *runs to his living quarters, which, by the way, is the secret crawlspace under the counter*

Joelg: *sigh* Not this again… *picks up the phone* Hello?


Joelg: ….. *sigh* Alright, who is this?

????: It’s-a me! Mario!

Joelg: WHAT THE ****?!

Mario: I was-a calling to see-a if-a Annette was-a there.

Joelg: She isn’t…..she’s off on some roadtrip trying to find somebody. Want me to take a message?

Mario: Yes, tell-a her that “It’s Peanut Butter Jel”-

Joelg: -*hangs up*

We return to MDB, who is currently sneaking around the chemical research labs from “Syphon Filter 3”.

MDB: …. *looks around corner while aiming his silenced pistol down the very hallway that he was now looking at* Hmm……

He then ran down the hallway until he reached one big-ass window. When he stared out the window, he could only say 2 words.

MDB: Metal Gear! *via Codec* Salem? Are you there?

Salem: (We’re sorry. This codec line has been disconnected until the plot that surrounds your mission reveals that either Darth Vader is looks father, Rapt00r is still alive or that Master Miller was really Liquid Snake.)

MDB: Damn!

Then, the Metal Gear was activated in an instant and a voice rang through it’s suspicously existing speakers.

Voice: Hello, brother!

MDB: *breaks the window and jumps into the room on the other side* What up?

Voice: Wait a second! You’re not Solid Snake!

MDB: No…I have his Codec number if you want?

Voice: Thanks! Just let me get a pen and paper…..ok. What is it, now?

MDB: 144.69!

Voice: Thanks! Anything I can help you with?

MDB: Yeah….in fact, there is. Do you know where they’re making the crabs into giant-enemy-crabs?

Voice: Ya know, I once met a man who had the powers to do that. He went by the name of “Kutaragi”. He resides in Japan.

MDB: Ken! Uh…I mean, thanks!

Voice: No problem! Anything else I can help you with?

MDB: Do you know where I can get a ride out of this hellhole?

Voice: There are some dragons in the lab that are being genetically modified to be controlled with tilt-sensing devices.

MDB: Intresting…I’ll take one! And before I go, may I know your name?

Voice: No.

MDB: That’s cool! See ya, Liquid! *waves and leaves*

Voice: Bye! I mean, uh….my name isn’t Liquid! ….Damn!

And then Solid Snake walked up to the broken window and hops into the room with the Metal Gear in it.

Liquid: There you are, brother!

Snake: o_o *slowly walks up to the Metal Gear and unplugs it* o_o *begins to walk away*

Liquid: Oh ****! This thing doesn’t have any batteries! It was running off of the ****ing AC cord! *presses the Eject button* SNAAAAKKEE!

Snake: Heheh….shouldn’t gotten and electrical cockpit opening device in that thing….also you should of had Joelg-Wan design it. *leaves the same way he came in*

Liquid: LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Outside the facility, a dragon blows it’s way through the roof while being steered by MDB holding a PS3 controller.

MDB: Next stop……Japanland!

To be continued….

Next Time:

Extra Content:

Jenna: Are we there yet?

April: No….

Jenna: *adds April to THE LIST*

Annette: This isn’t Hideo Kojima’s house! This is a subway station.

April: That’s because you’ve been reading a subway map with marker writing on it.

Annette: If Kaz gave me the map….then the locations of industry icons must be with him still.

Then 4 people walked out of the subway station.

Kaz: You again?

Dave: *notices that the GAP Trinity is just 2 meters away from him*……….*sprints in the direction his eyes can find*

Kaz: …the hell?

Biggs: Oh crap….this isn’t Narshe!

Wedge: Let’s go ask that lovely young lady in the car for directions. *walks over to Jenna* Hello!

Jenna: Hola.

Wedge: speak Spanish…ok….uh…*very slowly* Do….you…know…how to get to..Narshe? The coal…mining town?

Jenna: Grrr….

A voice then yelled from the sky, “FINISH HIM!”

Jenna: *rips Wedge’s head off with his spinal cord dragging out of his body* Oops! I just killed a Final Fantasy character…again!

Annette: What other ones did you kill?

Jenna: Err….uh….*coughcoughTiduscoughcough*

April: I cheat in SOCOM.

Annette: What?

April: Nothing….


Biggs ran about 15 feet away from the GAP Trinity Mobile until a loud sound that sounded like a record being scrathed came from the sky and a “royal rainbow” came down from the clouds which then sucked up Biggs.

Annette: It’s the King of All Cosmos! He can help us find game industry icon’s homes and Dave!

King of All Cosmos: [insert record scratching noise here]

Annette: HAHAHA! That’s soooo funny!

And then Kaz slowly snuck away, seeing as the SCEJ HQ was just across the street.

Hope you like this months edition…


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