Random GAPer of the Week: Bernmav – The Interview

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Without him you would probably be lost. Not lost as in, not able to find where you are but lost as in you wont know everything that just happened in a given week in the video game world. He’s a gamer at heart but a RSS feed junky on the outside. He’s BernMav!

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Here’s the interview:

Why Bernmav?

I chose BernMav because my name is Bernie and I am really into the University of Nebraska-Omaha (UNO) Mavericks’ college hockey program. This is their only Division 1 program and they play in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA)

Well, that’s a pretty interesting name. I would have never thought of you choosing your name that way. I always thought you choose it through your first and last name. LOL

What console gave you a “wakeup call” telling you that videogames would never be like the NES again?

Why? I’d have to say the original Playstation. For me, it all came down to a price cut- Playstation or Nintendo 64. Sony happened to do theirs first. Plus my first games for the system included Tomb Raider, Top Gun, Jet Moto 2, and Twisted Metal. You never saw those type of games on the NES, especially with those newer graphics.

I’d have to disagree. The console that woke me up was the Playstation 2. The PSOne was not that advanced, even thought I grew up on it…i loved those games however.

Name your top four favorite TV shows and why?

24, just because of all the action. Heroes, because I grew up on comic book superheroes. But because I had class on Monday nights the last three years, I am so far behind on both those shows. Another of my favorites is Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E. I guess it’s because it’s a real-life show about a bounty hunter. It’s got action and drama. Finally, I’d have to say Deal or No Deal. Finally a game show that takes absolutely no skill. It’s all just pure luck.

I have yet to get into Heroes, it looks cool. 24 was a show I used to like until I missed two episodes. If you miss too many you lose out on everything…I liked how SOUTH PARK made fun of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Deal or No Deal is not my type of game show.

Organized Chaos? Why did you start that great blog?

I went with “Organized Chaos” because I wanted something catchy and funny. In my previous job, I was the department administrative assistant, but I told everyone that I’d get business cards printed up with “Manager of Organized Chaos”. When I started to regularly blog on the GAP, I just ran with it and it’s just stuck.

I really like your blog. When is another one going to come? Too busy with your 360 😉

Fill us in on your deepest video game secrets.

I love Hexic HD on Xbox Live Arcade. I can’t help it. I’m addicted. And I’m obsessed in getting my last two achievements (eventually). I grew up on Tetris on the NES and would stay up all night just trying to better my previous score.

I liked HEXIC HD too when I first got my 360 but once I downloaded Geometry Wars I could never go back.

What do the words, “Gamer Advisory Panel” mean to you?

To me, it means that my input on what I play, how I play and when I play will actually have some impact, albeit minuscule and unrecognized, in the future of gaming. Also, it means that suggestions can be offered and taken from the community, especially the ones you’ve developed that rapport with on your buddy lists.


Describe yourself without actually describing yourself.

I am like a brother to everyone. Or at least I try to be.


Secret Spanish Island or Earth in the near future with a big ring around it?

I’d have to say Secret Spanish Island. It just sounds exotic.

If you understood the theme of this question I was trying to ask: If you liked UNCHARTED for the Ps3, which is coming soon or HALO 3 for 360, which is also coming soon…I guess you choose right; for all those fanboys out there…

Thanks Bernmav for your time and I hope you had a great experience!

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3 Responses to “Random GAPer of the Week: Bernmav – The Interview”

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I’ll give Random GAP’er of the week. Also, nice interview bernmav!

You know the email.

The name does make sense…..chaos, but it’s organized.

Thanks guys. It was certainly a pleasure being chosen as a Random GAPer of the week.

And MDB is right- all these feeds that I’ve got on my Google Homepage is chaos to go through for blogworthy stuff. But I do try to organize it as best as I can when I post.

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