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With the conclusion of both College basketball seasons (men and women) I felt that it would be the perfect time to write a review on a game that I bought 4 weeks ago, College Hoops 2k7.

For those who never read my reviews before I usually include:-Game modes
-What other reviewers thought.
-Online Play
-Learning Curve

So let’s get started with this review!

What other reviewers thought about College Hoops 2k7:Gamespot

Overall 8.0

Gameplay 8

Graphics 7

Sound 8

Value 7

Tilt 9

Quick Summary

College Hoops 2K7 is a great pick for anyone still in the market for a college basketball game this late in the season.

Now here is my reviewGame Modes

When you first start up the game you will be greeted by a screen that says press start button. After that you will be asked for you to enter your favorite college team along with if you want numbers or Random Generate names. After that a screen will come up with a desk shaking due to a chant going on in the crowd. After that you have to hit your right analog stick and a menu will come up. Now you hit game modes and are greeted with 4 game modes. Here is the first one:

Legacy Mode

Overall and Coaching

College Hoops 2k7 is known most for this feature. This game mode allows you to do two things, do a open legacy or a career legacy. A open legacy is basically a regular franchise where you stay with one team. But the most exciting part is the career legacy. Career Legacy allows you to create a coach and coach a college team. You control every aspect of a coaching job including recruiting, lineups, team meetings, practices, etc. You start off with a lower class division one team and can progress your way up to better teams depending on the way you have been doing with those lower class teams. When it is time for a game you can coach it from the sidelines and watch how your team is doing, or you can play the game and coach it when ever you choose too.


When you recruit at a lower class team you will find it very difficult to recruit a good high school player. You will find that you will ask a Five Star player, but will be rejected due to him going to Duke or a team that is better then yours. Players will be rated in stars up to five. When coaching at a lower class college you will find yourself only able to get 1-3 star players that you will see aren’t that good when you scout them. When you click on a players name you will be able to request a game tape, offer a scholarship, visit the player, and call the player. You will get an email saying whether he rejected it or accepted it and you can always get rid of the scholarship offer if you decided not to pick him.


Another game mode is a regular tournament. You choose the teams you want in the tournament and the game setting for the tournament and then you just play. The tournaments go by a bracket. This section is short since there is not much to explain.

Rivalry Mode

Another game mode is Rivalry mode. What you do in rivalry mode is simply pick a team and do a basic exhibition. The only difference is that you play the rival of the team you picked. For instance, if you were Duke you would play North Carolina or vice versa. Games become very intense and the fans are very loud and say plenty of chants to make you get the excitement of a real rivalry game.


The last game mode is practice mode. What you do in practice mode is polish up your skills. You can practice free throws, shooting, and dribbling or just play with a team. You will find this a great way to improve your skills and become better at online play.

ExtrasThere are two basic extras. College Hoops Tonight and Chant Creator.

College Hoops Tonight

College Hoops Tonight is a built in show that shows you what is going on during your Legacy Mode. Whether it is upsets for that week, where a five star recruit went, player of the week, game of the week, or just a regular highlight of a game for that week. This was a great add-on for the game. The only bad thing about this is that the guy doesn’t look like he is saying the words he is saying. He lips just move up and down not matching the word he is saying. That can be improved in a future game.

Chant Creator

Chant Creator is another good extra. What you do is take words, letters, numbers, and beats given by the game and make a chant for any team of your selection. I really don’t find this feature big use for me since I can’t choose what I want the game to say, but it is a great thing to do in your free time when you are bored and have nothing to do.

Online PlayNow I am just going to explain what you can find in the online mode.

Quick Play

Easiest way to find an opponent. You just click on a button and it selects a player for you. You can also give an idea to the PS3 for someone you want. Most games are ranked.


You go in Lobby depending on your skill level (beginner,all-star,street) You can also go to a lobby depending on the game type. You can then find someone you would like to play and send them a request for a game.


You can join a league and play other people in your league. You will get to see an overview of what your league will be like along with who is in it. You can also make a league if you would like to and make people join it. A league can either be private or public.

Overall RatingsOverall 8.5

Gameplay 7

Graphics 8

Sound 9

Learning Curve Around an hour

This game can be improved big time. The gameplay is kind of sketchy and players miss to many layups. The learning curve can be very difficult if you have been playing a basketball game before this since you are used to the other controls.

Overall 8.5

There is my story. Another review will be coming up soon for MLB 07 The Show and then R6V after that one.


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I should have another review posted on the GAP in like 1-2 weeks for MLB 07 the show.

Wow, I love the redesign!! It is crisp and really easy to read. Still would like you to add pics to the PSP demos. I enjoyed the demo of this game and the idea of motion control for moves, but I could not get shooting down for nothing.

Yeah, I like the redesign too. The other design was to hard to find things.

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