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He’s a soldier with a cause…although all soldiers have a cause- I hope. He likes-nay He LOVES Ice Cream and will take you out with a, “BOOM” head shot. He’s Trooper4Jesus and he’s this weeks Random GAPer of the Week!

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Welcome to the show! Today we got another great interview for you. Here he is… Hello Trooper. Trooper? Oh, Trooper4Jesus…Hmmm…

Why Trooper4Jesus?

Well it is what I do in many senses of the word do. I am a Trooper and I do my work for God. I know this isn’t a real popular topic and scare many off. But I work for God both as a Preacher and as a Police Officer. Let’s just leave it at that!

Well, you have a very practical name. 🙂 Sure the topic of religion may scare others off but that’s usually because of ignorance. I’m glad you’re an officer of the law as well; most of out laws were created from the beliefs of our founders and it’s great that a preacher can help enforce the laws. Maybe your line of work made…

You almost left the GAP, what made you change your mind to stay?

Why did I change my mind and stay with GAP instead of leaving? Well, this isn’t a short answer either. I have a lot of friends here at GAP and they overlook a lot of my short comings. I have a lot of em too. Most of all I actually am not afraid to admit I have been going through counseling…and I learned that I had been letting my happiness be dictated by my circumstances. Well, I don’t do that anymore. It can really drag you down. When you get up in the morning you have a choice of whether or not you want to have a good day or not. If you do…You will (no matter what). And if you don’t you won’t and it is amazing just how bad a day you can have when you think this way. My friends and the counseling kept me there; I love to game, and always the chance of free stuff (just kidding)!

I’m here for the free stuff too! The free friends, the free advice, the free acceptance, the free respect; well almost free respect. I’m glad you stayed because the GAP needs more unique members that don’t repeat themselves a lot in their blogs. Speaking of redundancy…

Why do you think so many people hate the competition so passionately?

People hate the competition because (break) This just in if you don’t like hearing other’s opposing view’s then you also need to keep your opinions to yourself. Sorry there must have been an emergency message People hate the competition (in my opinion) whether is be PS3 vs. 360 or Ford vs. Chevrolet because of a need for acceptance. If you buy something and it becomes the next un-cool thing (and you miss the cool boat), then you are left appearing un-cool when you have the competition that appears to be un-cool. Thus the flame war continues when someone is trying to convince another person that “theirs is cooler than yours!” Nough said!

Well said in my opinion 🙂 Since you gave such a great answer give us another by…

Naming 4 of your favorite fictional books and tell us why.

4 Fictional Books- what are books? I don’t read much fiction…Surprise, Surprise….I’m to uptight, down to earth, and fundamental to read much fiction. But here is a go at it…. Ok I looked at my books and other than children’s books or books I read in school I don’t read fiction. I read self help, spiritual, history, the Bible and the like. However I do remember reading Soilent Green, Fahrenheit 451, The Red Pony, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Band of Brothers (BoB is kind of a history story). All those books were good books, but I just don’t read much fiction. Sorry

No need to be sorry 🙂 I don’t read a lot either but when I do the books are usually really good! Some of my favorites are Cat’s Cradle, East of Eden, OF Mice and Men, and The House of the Scorpion. I’ve read Fahrenheit 451 and I thought it to be a really interesting read. I loved it! Maybe you are sorry about the stores you shop for videogames in so tell us…

What’s the matter with Gamestop/EB Game?

Gamestop and E-B….I don’t think there is anything wrong with them. I am lucky and we don’t have a bunch of fanboys here. Read my blog on The Big Crapper- GRAWF2. However, I’m sure the employees there get tainted by rabid fanboyism that they have to deal with too. If they are dishing it out you can guarantee that they also get it too. The only possible problem I can see is when used games are sold, unless they pay a $5 kickback to the original game programmers and the company, we the gamers are loosing because the publishers are loosing money this way…I’m not sure what the answer is there. However, I don’t shop much at these places because they don’t have much I look for…typically.

Personally I dislike that every time I go into the store they try and sell me the same thing-an XBOX 360; which I already own AND buy game for-from them for that matter. Otherwise I like Gamestop. It’s my favorite store. 🙂 They don’t have much of what you’re looking for? Well then so they know more about you…

Tell us about yourself.

Some of what I wrote has told you a lot about me. First and foremost read my bios. I’m proud to say I’m a Christian; I am a preacher, a police officer, father, and husband. All of which I am not very good at but like The Dude, I abide. I don’t walk the good Christian walk all the time. I succumb to a lot of the same temptations others do. However, I try and trust God to forgive me which is what Christianity is about (forgiveness). I like to ride motorcycles (sportbikes- AKA crotchrockets) and I like to ride pretty fast. I have a cat- Oscar Carmichael Stemple (puss puss) and dog Magie Sue Stemple (Moogidie Moogidie). I love FPS games and am decent at them (sniping is my forte). I like to shoot real guns too, hunt, and fish. But, also consider myself a geek.

Too much info buddy! 😉 You sure do have a busy life, I’d need to sit and relax every now and then with some sweet ice cream, speaking of which…

What’s your favorite ice cream? Why?

Asking what my favorite ice cream is like asking if you can have too much money (well almost the same. If I had to pick one I think it would be Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I like each differently. I’m a big chocoholic, but also like vanilla (French) and others at the right time. I’m a big fan of Baja Blast (MD) slushies too.

Mmmmmmm…I’m craving something now. While I go and get myself quenched tell us…

What do you like about the GAP?

I love GAP for the friends. My dad once told me “when you get older you will only have a few true friends”. I’ve found that to be a very true statement. I have developed a lot of friendships here at GAP and wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world (and I mean that). There is the possibility for free stuff every once in a while and the news that comes from it. I’ve actually learned a lot about myself here at GAP too. I’ve learned that I’m not always right and others’ opinions aren’t always wrong.

Thanks Rob for this opportunity that you have given me (as a friend) to give a little back to GAP. And thanks everyone for reading.

No, thank you Trooper4Jesus. You’ve helped the GAP community Get to know you better. Hope you had a great time 🙂

Well that’s it for now ladies and gentlemen…and now here it is-“Your moment of zen…

Moment of Zen

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Thanks for reading and remember if you want to be the next Random GAPer of the Week leave a comment on this post or on the RANDOM GAPER Directory page.

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Nice Interview you too. Watch out Ice Breaker you have a little competition.


Only one comment. Oh well not everyone can be popular!

Thanks again Rob!

Well know it’s three 😛 My site isn’t that popular however. I’ll post it on GAP this thursday…

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