CONFUSING Reviews: Microsofts XBOX 360 – How the Console Crumble’s

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CONFUSING Reviews: Microsoft’s XBOX 360 – How the Console Crumbles

We’ve all asked our selves, “What Game system is right for me” every time a new one comes out but this generation it is a whole different story. This time you might be asking your self, “What games do I enjoy most,” “Which system has a better online component,” and of course, “How much money do I feel like spending today?” All of these questions are very hard to answer to some degree but hopefully this little piece I wrote up will help you decide, “What is right for me?”

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Is Green really better…
XBOX 360 Accessories
Price. It’s the deciding factor in a lot of things. Console makers have to decide how and when they will get a profit. Should they charge $1000 to get a profit right off the back or should they cut the price nearly in half and wait for profit? Well Microsoft and the XBOX 360 division decided to go for the later and in doing so had to figure out how to get their money. Well they figured out a way: TONS of Accessories! Each has it’s own it’s own good and bad side and of course use.Various Controllers

Nintendo would like you to merge with the gameplay. SONY would like you to sit comfortably on your axis but Microsoft would like you to be free. Free of wires! The various controllers Microsoft puts out have all been designed for the most part with out wires. But you’ll have to pay, oh you will pay. The package Microsoft is pushing to the casual gamer, the “TARD” pack comes with a wired controller. It put bluntly, “sucks.” The “PRO” package comes with a wireless controller but it uses “AA” batteries which, “sucks.” Being tied down with a wire and a power hungry controller is no fun. If Microsoft wanted to be truly “NEXT GEN” they should have supplied wireless controllers to all that were chargeable. If you really want a chargeable wireless controller you have to go out and buy one for $40 and a charger for the battery it comes with, which is $20. You could buy just a battery with charger [$20] but you’re going to want two anyways. Unless NEXT GEN is a internet social world with only multiplayer across the web.

The best controller is the wireless one but you’re going to want that chargeable battery because all the controllers eat those batteries up. Third party sucks.

Vision Camera

Since one of the bigger features of the XBOX 360 is its online capabilities Microsoft allows video chat. But how are you going to do that since the console doesn’t let you use USB web cams? You have to buy a Microsoft Branded camera. This little device known as the Vision, costs $50. It’s a very neat device. It can perform in video chat, picture taking, and face replicating. And just like the Eyetoy from PLAYSTATION it can sense hand gestures, although not very well. It wants to be so many things but doesn’t succeed very well at any. It does come with video and picture editing software and looks very nice. This is one of Microsoft’s better accessories but isn’t well known. So far only a handful of Arcade games use it for in game chat, Rainbow Six Vegas uses it for face mapping, and RayMan Raving Rabbids uses it for hand gestures; in a funny way [milking a cow].


The XBOX 360 itself plays DVDs, CDs, and videos from your PC, and music from your iPod, but all of those are last gen. We want new great “NEXT GEN” abilities. Well the XBOX 360 itself can only play last gen formats. But not to worry, there’s an add-on. The HD-DVD player from Microsoft costs $200 and comes with the HD-DVD version of King Kong. This device is almost as good as the PS3’s BluRay player but it is an add-on. No one likes those and it will not catch on. Just look at the SEGA CD or the Genesis’ many add-ons. All you have to do to use it is update your 360 with software included and attach via USB cable. What’s neat about it is that you can play discs on your 360, exit the game then pick to play a HD-DVD without getting up. The HD-DVD software update adds a little menu button on the Dashboard to allow you to select HD-DVD. If only there was no FORMAT WAR, this thing would have caught on. If you’re a Movie Buff and have a HD TV buy this. If not, never mind.


In this day and age we all like to make everything our own. From car colors and designs to the style of our hair; it’s all ours! For those of you that are really into doing that the XBOX 360 is for you! Through the simple push of a button you can change the way the front of your 360 looks. Microsoft and third party developers have released multiple designs of FACEPLATES. You can choose from HALO, Viva Pinata, red, gold, blue, Hello Kitty and of course if you’re an artist, your own designs.

An incentive for buying them is sometimes you get extra items. The HALO faceplate came with a DASHBOARD theme exclusive to owners of that faceplate.

If you really don’t like the faceplate themes then don’t buy one, their $20.


It’s the next gen of video gaming. There are tons of games. Games on disc, games from the internet, and add ons to games. Where would you put all of this stuff? sure the disc games can go on disc but what about the down loadable stuff? Well if you bought the “TARD” pack you’re going to have to buy some form of memory.

Microsoft has many iterations available. First off there is the Memory card. It comes in 64 MB and 512 MB. both suck. you’ll have o delete and re download all the time if you’re into those Arcade games and free demos. The 20GB HDD is the way to go. It has enough room for TV shows, games, DLC, and HD movies from XBOX Live. IT only cost’s $100. While the cards cost around $50. And memory cards are last gen, use the HDD. There’s even a 120GB HDD but really, who needs that much room? Really. If you already have the 20GB don’t even worry about the 120GB, or at least that’s what Microsoft said.


As gaming on the internet becomes more advanced and friendly we as a gaming people need to advance. Microsoft has available a wireless internet connection device for $100 and a voice headset for $20. Both are really great device. There is also a wireless headset that sucks. It muffles ones voice and sometimes disconnects. I really don’t like it. This generation we are supposed to be wireless yet the wireless devices we use just plain don’t work.

So in turn, if you bought a 360 you’re going to need some of these accessories. Some are bad and some are good. Never buy Third Party accessories and make sure you buy the Value packs. The controller sometimes is sold with a play and charge kit, the Vision camera sometimes has free games and XBOX Live subscriptions too. Always go for the good deal.
In Conclusion…
Well it’s been a long tough road. Fire’s have broken out, trust has been lost, and some friends have been made. All in all I have liked a majority of the comments I have received on this series review. This review has no come to a close. I’m about to give my SCORE with an explanation for each category.
XBOX 360 Dashboard 7/10The XBOX 360 Dashboard helps you out by having almost everything visible. Some of the recent updates fixed some problems but everything is usually hard to navigate due to freeze ups and lack of continuation of layout.XBOX Live 9/10

XBOX Live is phenomenal. It’s a great place to have fun. There is stuff for everyone and almost all 360 games use XBOX Live in some way or form. Multiplayer is virtually lag free and making friends is easy. It’s fun to jump into games with friends from different games. It’s fun to chat and send messages with pictures and more. What’s not fun is the price.

XBOX 360 Accessories 8/10

for the most part the XBOX 360 has some great accessories. The controller is award winning for a reason and most are functional. The only problem I have with them is their price and the fact that you are sometimes “forced” to buy others to use them.

XBOX 360 Achievements and Notifications 8/10

I love Achievements. I hate pop-ups that tell you a friend logged in over and over and over again. I also hate it when the notifications freeze your console. I love achievements.

XBOX 360 Capabilities 7/10

It’s like a PC. It plays almost all formats and has an add-on for another. It gets hot and can’t cool itself off sometimes though. You’re only as strong as your weakest link. It plays almost everything the PS3 can and more. It can “talk” with Windows Media Center and it has the ability to rip music. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that if you want all the capabilities of the 360 you have to spend more than the price of the console.

Overall Score 39/50

Microsoft, you have done well with your XBOX 360. I wish this was your first entry into the console race. It has received a 79% for being a console that has potential but was over shadowed by your greed and some minor problems. These minor problems sometimes ruined the experience but the parts that I enjoyed made it good. Let there be light, GREEN light; OR red…


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since getting an xbox elite i would say if you already own a 360 then not much difference. if you like watching hd movies, the extra disk space is worth while

Not playing the others but owning an XBOX 360, I havenothing but utter contempt for this console. I would liek to take a rake to the face of the design team.

The controllers due nothing but gnaw battery life down. 40hrs of game play? not quite try a 1/3 of that if you are lucky. The sytem has redlighted itself 2X in under a year of ownership. The filters are so cheap, that any scrathes on the surface of teh dis render the game unplayable. I give it a 25/100.

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