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The PSP…a great system. I mean it’s so great that our next guest on Random GAPer of the Week uses his everyday! His name was chosen because of it and well he’s actually quite fond of it. He’s 1_blue_pixel and his our next totally awesome Random GAPer of the Week!

Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song

Interview after the break!

Well hello again everyone. We have a real treat for you this week. I tried to be really random today with the guest. Many of you may not know him well so this might be good.

One blue pixel? Why not Two?

My PSP has one stuck blue pixel, near the bottom right corner. The first PSP I bought actually had 3 dead black pixels, but after a few days I took it back & exchanged it for this one, which turned out to have 1 blue pixel. I didn’t want to keep returning PSPs, who knows what the next one would be like, so I cut my losses & held onto it.

Well my PSP has quite a few dead pixels but I lived with it. I’ve had it since day one. If I would have chosen my name based off of the pixels I have that are dead it would have been very long. I bet you wouldn’t use your PSP on…

…a ride that rumbles way too much or a ride that glides through the air on an axis? Choose one you would ride.

Ride that rumbles way too much! There’s freedom in not being tied to an axis. And really, the ride should be about FEELING as much as SEEING.

Hmmm…that was a random answer but I think you choose the AXIS one. I hope you did because that was the PS3. The other was the 360. The 360 ride would have been green and so is Mountain dew…

Is Mountain Dew really the gamers drink?

Well, not THIS gamer’s drink. I don’t really drink pop unless I’m having a burger or something. While gaming I drink water or tea. Sometimes juice! But not “[fruit] drink” or “[fruit] beverage”, ’cause that ain’t REAL juice, know what I’m sayin’? If they can’t legally call it “juice”, that’s telling you something.

Damn Corporations and their fake “juice” drinks. At least the GAP isn’t a corporation.

What do you like about the GAP?

I haven’t been a member all that long. But I like that there’s a nice place for games discussion & to share news about systems & whatnot related to games.

Well so do I. I like talking about many game related things such as the…

PSP! PSP! What are your 5 favorite PSP games?

Geez, it’s tough to pick just 5. Usually it’s whatever I’m playing at the time. But if I had to pick 5….

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception – I loooooove this game. I’ve never played an Ace Combat game before this, but this is one terrific fighter combat game. It feels like a console experience to me, not really watered down for the PSP. It was the first game where I had to play it everywhere, on the bus or out. I’d never really played games on my PSP out in public like that before. Like I HAD TO BE PLAYING IT, couldn’t get enough of it.

Chili Con Carnage – Fun fun fun. Not a deep game,don’t expect Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. In fact I’m glad I played Syphon Filter after Chili. This is an over-the-top, goofy fast action ride. At first I was taken a bit aback by the lack of a real “free look”, there is one (hold down O button use analogue nub to look) but it’s bad. The strafing comes from jumping and making things go bullet time, you can twist around & shoot stuff up that way. If shooting up badguys while cartwheeling off of a wall sounds like your idea of a good time, this is the game for you.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror – Wow, this is nice. Talk about not watered down for the PSP! This may sound dumb, but the hook for me with this game is being able to snap to walls & crates, and peek out from behind them, shooting. But what I love is that it doesn’t completely fail you for messing up the stealth aspects, if you do, it alerts more enemies, but it’s still very managable. This game is as close to a killer app for the PSP as I’ve come across. I don’t know why Sony didn’t hype it more, or even offer it as a bundle with the system.

Lumines – At Comic-Con (see next question) I met this couple, and the girl was playing Lumines. I asked, “what’re you playing?” I’d heard of Lumines but didn’t know much about it. I bought a used copy for cheap off of eBay, and soon became hooked. It’s a simple concept, but engrossing. A lot of people write off Lumines as just another Tetris clone. It’s hard to describe why it’s more than that, but it is.

As a bonus, another good puzzler is Gunpey. I got that for really cheap, and it’s REALLY good. I don’t know why it gets such low reviews. If you can get it for really cheap, go for it.

Loco Roco – This game really impressed me. Really, it’s a platformer that owes it’s origins to Super Mario as all platformers do, but it’s such a unique spin on the genre. And it’s so cheery; the vision with all the characters & look, is just amazing when you thing about it.

Shoot, I didn’t even mention how awesome Ridge Racer & Wipeout: Pure are!

You and me have a great many things in common. I’d say a plethora of things. LocoRoco is awesome, Wipeout PUre as well. I loved Syphon Filter, and Lumines is the Shiznet. Speaking of shiznet in the literal context…

Who. Who. Who let the dogs out?

Ok, this is a bit scary, so bear with me. Last summer, I was at Comic-Con 2006. For those who don’t know, Comic-Con is the world’s largest comics convention, held every year at San Diego. There are tons of booths there. One guy had a booth who wrote a comic, he said he was the guy who wrote that song. I’m standing in front of the “Who Let the Dogs Out” guy! As we were shaking hands, I said, [after hearing he created that song] “You did? Hmmmm…. I’m not sure I want to be shaking hands with you… in fact, I maybe wanna *KILL YOU* a little!” He laughed & said he understood.

Some more trivia about that Comic-Con: I’m a huge comic fan, but I really wanted to see the “PSP University” panel that Sony put on. Unfortunately, it was on at the same time as an Activision Marvel Ultimate Alliance panel with STAN LEE! A toss-up between finding out what was upcoming for the PSP (camera, GPS) or the co-creator of the Marvel Universe… the 2 panels were in rooms beside each other, so I ended up going to the Stan Lee/Activision one, and left to the PSP one right near the end. I missed out on all the news (there wasn’t really any) but I did get a free 32MB memory stick loaded with some content. Of course I had my PSP with me so I popped it in there. On the stick was the (at that time only) Loco Roco demo, some gameplay videos of ATV Offroad Fury Pro, and a few other songs in ATRAC format. Maybe some wallpapers too. Enh, it was free.

Whoah. That would have been weird to meet the writer of the Dog song. He was probably beaten with a stick when he was a kid. ComicCon? I’ve never been but it sure does sound like fun. May be when I’m older I will go. When I’m older maybe I will go to the Playstation Boards as well.

What do you think is the difference between the GAP and the playstation.com forums?

I haven’t really read much of the non-PSP Playstation forums, I used to hang out a lot at the PSP ones. While you might get more immediate answers from the PSP forums than from G.A.P., the people at G.A.P. are generally more knowledgable & helpful than the regular forums. I’m still feeling my way around here.

I usually go to the PSP boards as well for the demos. They are usually the first ones to find them. Then I put them in my directory here. I’m sure the GAP members will appreciate that comment. Maybe you can help your self out by telling them more about you.

Why are you the one blue pixel?

The name “1 blue pixel” seems actually well-suited to me. The “blue” represents my mood; I’m kind of dour, and grumpy a lot. I will probably be ranting more in my blog. But I also really love good, fun games. I don’t mind if they’re hard as long as they’re not cheap about it. So there will be raves to balance it out, maybe.

Non-gaming, I like to draw, I create my own comics, I liked to write but mostly draw comics. I haven’t done that for awhile though. A lot of stuff was getting in the way, and I only had time to play games occasionally. So I have to get back into drawing sometime, hopefully soon.

I play guitar, I was in a band with some friends, but we haven’t played together for a long time.

My all-time fave bands are Pink Floyd, and Nirvana. Right now my fave whole album might be Alexisonfire, “Crisis”, and various songs like a couple off the latest Linkin Park album: “Shadow of the Day” & “What I’ve Done”… it sucks that radio stations only play
“What I’ve Done” since the 2 songs bleed seamlessly into each other. Also, “Smile” by Lily Allen. And “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace.

I live on the west coast of Canada.

[I] have been a console gamer since 2004-05, when I got an Xbox. Star Wars Battlefront was the game that got me to buy a console.

Got a PSP in May 2006, I didn’t know much about the PSP until I was researching mp3 players, ’cause that’s what I needed. So my PSP was primarily for an mp3
player, but it’s become so much more. I am in love with it! There, I said it. *sigh* It’s not perfect by any means, but I’ve used it almost every day since getting it. I’m Gollum & the PSP is my preciousssssssssssssss. It’s kinda freaky.

🙂 I, well I’m stunned. So far in the history of this interview blog I’ve never received a response like that one. I’m sure now that we know more about you you will feel more welcome because people will like to know you better by reading your blogs and commenting. Hope you had fun

And now ladies and gentlemen your moment of zen…

ZEN, Moment of

Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song

If you would like to be a guest of the Random GAPer of the Week Show send a self addresses stamp to…

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Good stuff..

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Very Very good stuff.

No, you just ruined it… 😦

What’s scary is that I actually look like that picture!


Oh, and I also shove my PSP in the face of everyone I meet just like that picture, too.

“Saaa-mellllll it!!!”

“Smellllllllll iiiittttt….. liiiiiick iiittttt!!!!”

“LOOOVE IT!!!!!”

But that part isn’t scary.


I like ruining things…

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