What the Phuck?

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I’m a gonna post anew feature blog called “What the Fuck?” Yes, I can cuss on my own blog. If you don’t like it get the F**K out of my store. Hmmm…never mind. I’ll only use the curse word in the title. I’m sure you’ve already seen the bad word on other sites so you’re no longer innocent. Well, back to the feature blog. Any weird, retarded, or simple dumbfounded articles or news I find I’ll post in this feature each week.


More after the break.

Microsoft Sues Immersion?

Tomb Raider in Episodic Distribution?

Blockbuster Backs Blu-ray?

This is a deal?

What isn’t FOX doing?

This game is great! WTF!

Damn Microsoft. Well, I have a 360 at least 😛


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4 Responses to “What the Phuck?”

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Shadowrun for 360 was sent to die…(it’s not even really a Shadowrun game….maybe Halo meets Counterstrike)…hence when the Halo 3 Beta ended, ads popped up for it.

They need to get rid of the supply…..

Also, it’s kinda sad that Microsoft is taking over the sales for the DLC. Because, as always with XBLM, they’ll rape the consumers for what it’s worth, despite the third of 360s that have non definite harddrive.
But according to a Rockstar-guy-talking-to-Shane-of-EGM, different content will be downloadable for PS3 and the 360 content may already be on the disc.
So either way, I see nothing good coming out of this. It’s not going to sell that well anywhere compared to the past GTA games. Take-Two wants 20 mil sold by the end of 2008, which WON’T happen.

1UP Yours? I listened to that too…There’s not even 20 Million Next Gen consoles out there yet…

Just about 20 million…

Anyways, when San Andreas was released for PS2, the PlayStation 2 had already sold about 100 million. Within that sales period, San Annie pushed about 12 million copies on the PS2 (with 20 million for PS2 as of today).
The Xbox 360 alone has about 10 million sold, so by simple math having 1.2 million sell is a good thing.

Overall, it wasn’t worth Microsoft’s money to pay IN-ADVANCE for a projected content pack.

Not worth it at all…because I will NOT pay for it…

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