Random GAPer of the Week: MDB-ness!

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Well it’s been a long time coming but the show is back after a day [or so] hiatus! Our next guest is extremely funny! He’s an extreme gamer who loves to play Barbie games and Army Men: Air Attack! He’s…well, ummm…MDB! Uhh…yeah…whatever…[/sarcasm or lack there of]. He’s this weeks Random GAPer of the Week!


Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song.

We’ll be right back after the break!

Well welcome to the show everybody. We have a hell of an interview today. MDB is in the hizouse rapping up some mad rhymes and helping us get to know him better! After the show be sure to stay tuned for some great “Bonus” Content too! Well MDB…


Tell us, for what reason did you pick the name [MrDaBucket]? I mean MDB..

It’s just my alias/callsign/screenname/gamertag everywhere. Long story…many long stories actually. Not sure which long story to tell, so instead I’ll just fill in the time with this very response.

Hmmm…we did have all the time in the world until you posted that nonsense so….

This is not a question. Please delete it.

EDIT, Scroll Down, Delete. (It sure as hell wasn’t a question.)

Damn right. And Damn right. And…uhhhh…

You sure do like talking about your PSP. Tell us three things you like to do that not many other people do on their PSP. (homebrew? games? etc.)

Listen to podcasts, check the weather (PSPWeather) and play old games via emulators…..3 isn’t enough for me. The PSP does it all.

“The PSP Does it All” eh…Well can it fly to Cancoon, buy you a dinner for two, and then go to New York and kill a made man all while playing a UMD video? I thought so. Only in your imagination can it do that. OR maybe it will soon be able to do that. You’d let us know in the SCER right?

I like reading the SCER. How did that series of stories come to be?

I had an idea for a critical and an informative writeup story about Sony’s actions. I planned it to be me saying the basic facts of an issue, what Sony is doing and then placing my opinion towards the end with the news story and everyone would say their own intelligent answers, which would lead to one-on-one discussions. Meanwhile, if anyone from Sony was to read it or monitor it, they’d see everyone’s opinion. If it’s a more “what-I-think-should-happen” article other, rather than a “this-is-what-is/will-happen(ing)”, then I try to be critical of SCE seeing as I like the brand and find it sad that most people at the GAP seem to just kiss their ass( which in the end won’t improve them as a company which is not a purpose of the GAP). Along the way, I decided that more people would read the SCER if other GAP members than I, wrote for it. So, now I encourage to people to write good stories and to SUBMIT ARTICLES FOR THE SCER! (To tell the truth, I was originally inspired to do it by PSROCKS1 sad excuses for stories that the moderators use to tolerate.)

I’ve been inspired to write better stuff at the GAP for the opposite reasons you did. I like to write in a better fashion because of what everyone else writes, well at least the “better” writers. This is interesting but I really want you to…


Tell us, am I Kaz’s father?

In the words of a great man: “….you are not the father!”

Did those words come from Maury of the Maury Show? TV has gotten really bad now a days but the internet has exploded with many blogs. Your blogs come to mind when I think of this. Such as…

The Haunting. The Adventures of MDB. Kaz’s Quest. They are all great blogs that no one leaves comments on. Why do you believe this is so?

Because some people are stupid. Also, I’m not that popular of a person at the GAP, so I don’t have the ability to post anything and get a lot of people to read it.

Anybody has the ability to do that. Recently I’ve gotten about 3 times the amount of comments I used to in my blogs. All you have to do is be yourself in the GAP. I could care less about any one else. But since you say that some things in the GAP are wrong, tell us…

What don’t you like about the GAP?

The fact that everybody and their mothers (or fathers&wives in Meoman’s case) is in it. I can recall several situations where GAP members know people in the real world and then later find out that they too are also GAP members. It’s not really much of an exclusive club. To build upon the letting-people-in point: I don’t like that a lot of a stupid/ignorant/severely-immature people are let into the GAP.

Hmmm…then maybe I shouldn’t ask this:

Would you ever play Gears of War if it’s sequel came to the PS3?

Maybe…..first I’d need a PS3. Second I’d need to play through all of the first one. (For the microscopic storyline…) I’ve only played a small portion of the game, which wasn’t too great, but not broken. Just felt like I’d played it before. Also, the graphics sort of turned me off from it. Instead of putting lighting into the game, they decided to make everything shiny. Also, the people sorta look like clay. Overall, if the SIXAXIS got vibrations and Gears of War 2 had motion-sensing-chainsaw-action, then I might give it a chance(….after hearing other’s review it). BTW- I do believe Microsoft Games Studios owns the IP. Not too sure….

Well shucks. If SONY doesn’t have Gears of War…

What do you think SONY has in store for us?

An almost unprecedented kick-ass first party game support for both the PSP and PS3, along with growing network functionality and new ways to distribute both first party, third party and maybe user-created content. Only if they play their cards right…..which so far, is a terrible hand of cards. They need to fix the “PS3-not-selling problem” (lower the price) and maybe update the PlayStation Network to par of the demos of it in the past. (With in-game buddylist, in-game XMB, in-game VoIP and customizable PSN themes. I’ve seen it. They just haven’t released it.)

I can’t wait! The world will change with the advent of a PLAYSTATION branded world communications device! YES! But since it will change when everyone, including yourself buys a PS3…

What would you not wish to see change in the world?

Mocha…..I’d never changed mocha. That stuff tastes great.

I never knew you liked Mocha. Maybe if you…

Tell us 11 things about yourself we’ll know more.

I have an IQ of exactly 150, I live in Detroit, I live 1 mile North of Canada, I’ve been gaming practically since I was a baby, I am getting bored of this “11 things” crap, I’m going to stop now and I’m done.

Well thank you for helping us get to know you better.

Remember if you want to be the next guest on Random GAPer of the Week leave a comment stating so!

And now, gamers and gamerettes…your Moment of Zen:


Until next time….




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