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I’m not really into RPG’s. In fact I only bought this game due to the hype. I love puzzle games however. But does a hybrid of the two really merit a good game rating? Find out in my latest review of confusion. Bring it on! It’s Puzzle Quest!

What Others Are Saying… – Editor: Ryan Davis ~~ 8.5 GreatThe Good* RPG context adds depth to familiar puzzle gameplay
* Puzzle gameplay makes traditional RPG structure way more addictive
* Lush soundtrack
* Main quest is ridiculously long.The Bad

* Enemies can be frustrating, even early on
* Pauses briefly at random. – Editor: Demian Linn ~~ 8.5 Good

uzzle Quest, if you haven’t heard, is incredible. Many game designers seem to think that taking an established genre and slapping on some “RPG elements” is a good idea — that’s how Soul Calibur III’s stupid Edge Master mode happened. Well, in this case developer Infinite Interactive tacked on some RPG elements to comfortable, workmanlike Bejeweled, and the result is so much more than just another puzzle game or limp RPG.

In its first few minutes, Puzzle Quest does seem like another exercise in RPG mediocrity. You choose a class, engage in some typical, stilted talking-head conversations, and grab a few quests. Then it’s off to do some slaying, which is where the Bejeweled part kicks in.

Now Here’s What I’m Saying…

It seems that in recent times puzzle games have found a niche on the PSP. Could it be that we just want some good games that don’t cost a lot? Or could it be that these games usually rock our socks off? Whatever the case may be we’ll soon find out if Puzzle Quest really deserves the hype it got.

A Story In A Puzzle Game?!

Puzzle Quest is not just a puzzle game with only on side to it. It has many layers, like an onion. Each layer is different but without the layers assembled together as one the onion would not survive. One of the many layers of Puzzle Quest is its story. The story, like many RPG games is not very “original.” It’s not original in the fact that many of the plots and subplots follow the same lines as a generic RPG. You can save a queen, fight a spider, help your father, and fight an undead. Much of the time you’ll want to skip the story to get to the action. But that would not be a good thing. The story helps you in much of the game. Without the “Quest” part of Puzzle Quest you would not be able to “beat” this game.

Mages, and Warriors, and Elves oh my!

All is not lost. The story may be average but come on, it’s a portable game; do you really want a story? Besides, depending on the character you pick to be your “battler” in the puzzle side of the game your story will change, sort of. There are a few characters to choose from. Each character has their own abilities that make them unique. You will want to choose carefully. Some of the enemies in the game are really tough and without the right character you may be repeating a level over and over.

If you’ve played an RPG before you already know what each character’s special abilities are. They are, again generic. Usually a Warrior is better at attacking, Wizards at spells, and Elves at protecting. Each class of characters has a male and female version.

Besides the characters that you can choose as your avatar there are other characters in the story and in the battles you will have. They range from your father, accomplices, mounts, and bats. Oh, and RATS!

Accomplices are characters you meet along the way that help you after you help them, a lot! If your character is not yet fully developed you can use the accomplice to defeat a foe. Mounts are creatures that you capture and use as vehicles to make your voyage across the game faster. You can also capture enemies.

Capturing enemies leads to the ability to learn new spells. To learn new spells you have to go through a mini game of sorts. This is actually quite fun if you can get the flow of it. It helps to change the game up a bit. It keep sit less repetitive. Each new spell you learn helps you with the next larger boss.

Live In Your World, Play In This Castle


Before you can catch enemies of mounts you have to build your manor or castle, or whatever you want to call it. Doing so requires money or GOLD. To gain gold you play the quests. After you gain money you can build towers, a black smith, stables, a dungeon, and more. Heck you can even pimp your castle!

To access your castle you just travel to any city and select it through a drop down menu. Your accomplices can stay at the manor and your mounts do too. The castle is a vital part of your quest. Without it your journey in Puzzle Quest will be extremely difficult, even an easy. There is no EASY mode in this game, it’s hard no matter what. When the game tells you to do something do it.

Let Me Show You My Jewels

While on your quests in this game you will have to battle. To battle you travel on a 2D, cliche RPG map. You will travel from quest to quest looking for your objective and more quests. Along the way you will encounter enemies. When you so do you will have to battle.

The battles can range from so easy you can play Wii and PSP at the same time without looking to so hard that you’ll need to not look at any game with SIXAXIS controls or you’ll just faint due to the difficulty! And this is in the beginning of the game. You wont even want to know about the rest until later. Encountering enemies or obstacles will take you to the battle board that resembles a bejeweled knock off. Your character is on one side with his levels of mana and a list of his selectable spells and defensive magic. It will also show his amount of GOLD and Experience. The enemies levels are also shown as well as it’s spells and special attacks.

Each spell requires certain mana. To gain the mana you need [red, green, blue, yellow] you just make rows of three or more. When you get enough mana you can then use the spells you have. So can the enemy. To prevent the enemy from using their spells take the mana they need to creating rows of it.

To make things more complicated there are also special jewels. They include SKULLS, GOLD, EXP, and WILD. If you align SKULLS health will be taken away from your enemy. There are two types of SKULLS, single and 5’s. Aligning GOLD and EXP will give you more of those and WILD lets you use it as any color of mana.

Throw More In There

Thought that was complicated? Well there’s even more behind this “simple” puzzler. Depending on the enemy that you encountered your game will change. Some can alter the jewels into what the need and some steal mana. When battling rats they will sometimes steal all the GOLD on screen. Zombies will change single SKULLS into 5’s which, when they are lined up cause more damage. It can be a good thing. The Orcs smash the ground and destroy lots of gems causing chain reactions that give them tons of extra turns and mana.

For each 5+ combo you create you get an extra turn. This can be helpful when your about to die. Even though the enemies have some awesome powers that you wont get until you capture them, you can use their power to your advantage. They can do the same. There is many strategic moves that allows you to win in this game. You need to learn all of them in order to win.

Bejeweled may have been ripped off by this game, but you know what? This game improves and exceeds on what Bejeweled brought us.

Besides the story mode with all that it has, like the mini games and the intense battles, yes INTENSE, there is also a lot more! Included in this disc is Multiplayer [Ad-Hoc], Quickplay , and a demo of CUBE.

The Quickplay is a really great feature! It allows you to play any enemies you have encountered and some you have yet to. IT helps you practice for when you will encounter them. This feature is part of the main game so when playing you can unlock GOLD and EXP. This really helps when you want to build onto your Manor.

Puzzle Questing on the Star Ship Enterprise…

When questing along you can do many things besides battle. You can enter taverns to look for clues, you can conquer or pillage competing castles for money and your kingdom. You can go on side quests to help random people. This game is long and thanks to the many features it has you can go Star Trekking on the Enterprise, or whatever you call your vehicle for hours of great gameplay, although tough.

In Conclusion…

Graphics 8/10

Although the textures and graphics are really polished bugs in the game ruin the experience when you are in a large battle.

Gameplay 10/10

There is no hiding this score. I loved this game for the strategy, the excitement, the intensity, the damn RATS!

Controls 10/10

As good as any good puzzler. They are very intuitive and set up just right for the game. No need to change them but you can’t any ways…

Story 7/10

It’s an okay story, but not that all original. It could have been better.
Multiplayer 8/10

Glitchy at times but its fun, if you’ve got a friend with a PSP AND Puzzle Quest. Damn you D3, why no Internet play?

Features 9/10

MANY! I like them all, especially the demo of CUBE.

Overall Score 52/60

Puzzle Quest gets an amazing 87% because of it’s high levels of awesomeness! Buy this game if you haven’t already! Even if you hate RPG’s you’ll like this puzzler!



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