Early Adopters: Ha Ha!

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Confirmed today by a SONY executive, the PS3 60GB is now officially $500. Starting Monday July 9, 2007 you will be able to buy it in any store for the price of an original 20GB. To top things off the $600 price goes to the 80 GB version coming in August, one month away! No date has been announced for that to be released however. I will be waiting for the 80 GB version. Not only because it comes with 20 more GB but because it comes with a free copy of a HOT game. The game is you ask? It’s Motorstorm! I’ve been waiting for this game since the demo kiosks were released in stores a while back! For the new Limited Edition Box Art of this Bundled PS3 package see the jump!



Thanks to gamespot.com for the picture and kotaku.com for the information! I’m so glad I wasn’t an early adopter. I’m waiting one more month. What’s another month to what has seemed like a lifetime? See you guys with PS3s in August on PSN!


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8 Responses to “Early Adopters: Ha Ha!”

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So you will have a PS3 next month I am guessing? The box art looks really nice! I really don’t store music, videos, and photos on my PS3 so idc about another 20 GB

Well this comes as good news then. Maybe now that it has dropped down in price I may start saving up for a PS3 after I get all of my guitar stuff…I will most likely have one by the end of the year…if not then sometime next year.

See Ya On Live.


Looks like your website is starting to get more viewers Confused…

Always more viewers…less comments. Oh well 🙂


Im kinda upset but not really. If I had waited another month and a half I coulda got this deal BUT I wouldnt have gotten the 100 dollar off deal for the PS2 trade in. So the way I figure I am pretty much even on the trade in.

GAP: I hope your right about a 360 HALO 3 pack in. That’d be cool. i’d buy it even though I have a 360….if it was worth it.

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