Random GAPer of the Week: Ice Breaker!

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Cue “Final Smith Fight” from The Matrix Revolution! Fish are flying and pigs are falling with dogs from thunderclouds! HECK, dogs are taking care of kittens! “The interviewer is the interviewee” in this weeks edition of “Random GAPer of the Week!” It’s Ice Breaker [and Meyer Fire]; oh snap hell just froze over!

The show begins after the break!



Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song*
*coming soon.

Well gamers and gamerettes; oh and fanboys and girls we have a big show today! Oracles have been predicting this day would come. My cat even knew because it was bitting the crap out of my hand today and killing bugs! It’s afirst and maybe a second. Today our special guest will hopefully find out if the grass is much greener on the other side. If you didn’t already know our guest is Ice Breaker with his side kick Meyer Fire.


Why Ice Breaker? You like Breaking Ice? Seems kind of dangerous?

Well it was a nickname that I got back in like 6th grade would be my best bet. My friend and I were playing some street ball outside and we decided to give ourselves nicknames. So I thought that Ice Breaker would be a cool name and it has stuck ever since.

Sure it may be dangerous…but only if you are dealing with Fire.

Fire: Did I just hear someone say my name? We all know you got your name when you accidentally dropped an iceburg and broke your foot.

And let me guess…you got your name when someone lit your pants on fire and was saying “My eye or”.

Fire: *silence*

Hmmm…so you broke ice on your foot and got involved in a civil suit with Al Gore? Very interesting. And in prison they started to give you the nick mane Ice Breaker because you broke some ice? Let’s not talk about that. Let’s ask…

…about your favorite color, green or blue? Oh heck, let me just ask it plain and simple: What’s better in your opinion, the 360 or PS3?

Well before I answer this I better look around just to make sure no fanboys will come and attack me *checks to make sure coast is clear*. At this point and time I would have to go with the 360. With a little over a year under their belt there are more games coming out and the games are looking better and better each release. And gotta love pistol whipping you on Gears…LOL

Well Gears is fun but as the fanboys would say, it is coming out on PC and is no longer “Exclusive to the 360.” In line with recent news however the PS3 is looking mighty fine. $600 for Motorstorm and 20 extra GB? I like that. Maybe the PS3 will be your alternate as…

Is Meyer Fire your alter ego? Are you compensating for something with him?

What you don’t believe he’s real? LOL. You hear that…they are doubting your existence.

Fire: Don’t worry…they will all see *evil laugh*

Sure he may be made up, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t real. He is my alter ego of sorts and is also like me in many ways. In everyone there is a bit of Meyer Fire lurking inside of them. Something inside you that is wacky, crazy, adventurous, and daring. That something is a part of every person out there.

Well I’d have to agree. Everyone has a creeping Darkness inside of them-

Embrace the Darkness!

And harness every bit of it Jackie boy. In fact I have almost beaten that game a second time…working on achievements.

Not you too!? Those danged Achievement Wh**es. All they care about is the achievements. What about the singers? What about there achievements in musical sound and beauty? Huh! Well…

What are your favorite musical groups?

*thinks* Wow there are so many to choose from…but I would have to say my all time favorites are Linkin Park and Bon Jovi. I have liked them the longest and am a die hard fan of both.

I have a few musical groups as well. The Backstreet Boys, NsYNC, Britne-oh wait; wrong list. That was my sisters…On to another topic shall we?

Favorite 360 games? Name 6.

1- The Darkness
2- Gears of War
3- Guitar Hero II
4- Prey
5- Crackdown
6- Call of Duty 2

In order: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No. I’d agree with all of them except for that one. I like The Overlord more.

What’s wrong with the GAP? Right?

Lately there really isn’t much interesting to read on there anymore. But I think as the newer members get more used to it we should be seeing some really good stuff out there. But right now it’s like a desert wasteland…lol. I have some big stuff planned to help bring it back to life and so are other members out there which is helping it more everyday.

But the Ps3 had a price drop dammit!!!!!

Tell us about yourself? [i.e.What do you like to do everyday besides game? How many bones have you broken?]

Well I am named Marcus and I am almost 17. Going to be a senior in High School and I am single…so that means…Ladies? LOL. I am a lead singer in my band Planet Caravan which I practice with weekly. I work about 4-5 days out of the week switching off between the pizza place and the racetrack. When I get home from working I like to relax and turn on the ye-olde 360 or PS2.

I am a huge movie buff and want to go into a career with movies once I get out of High School. And I have broken no bones…so far.

Fire: I am…*get’s interrupted*

Stop there…

Marcus? Hmmm…Gears of War? No wonder you like that game. Compensating again? I’m a working class hero myself. All others are to be afraid of us. PS3 GOT A PRICE DR-ooppps got some spam in there. Movies are cool and you are a great writer so maybe that would work out for you. You want a broken bone?

What do you like about XBOX Live?

I love the ease of use and all of the content on the Marketplace. It’s nice to go there and download videos for games, or want to watch a movie and don’t want to go to the video store. The Arcade games are a blast to play and are all unique.

I like XBOX Live too! What a coincidence! Oh I’m going to rob monkey-King for not showing up on Friday so…

Snow Cone? There are lots of flavors that shall last us all year.

*looks quizzically and grabs snow cone* If it’s lemon you’re eating it…LOL

Well a snow cone wouldn’t be bad right now because we just made it through our biggest show of the season! Thanks for being a great guest. You too Fire. And thanks to you all for being awesome members of the audience! And now your moment of zen:

Here it is I guess.

This has been a presentation of awesomeness. Until next time…

Random GAPer of the Week End Theme Song*
*coming soon.

Would you like to be a guest on this great series? If so send a message to confusedgam3r@yahoo.com today!

All GAPers are eligible, just tell me your GAP name and your on the coming soon list!

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