RE: 3 – Early Adopters: Ha Ha Again!

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Well this e3 has been awesome. I’ll post my SONY impressions after I update the Microsoft impressions blog. But for now, PSP! SONY has just unveiled a new “slimmer” PSP. It uses less power, reads discs, better, charges via USB, weighs less, is thinner,  and comes in THREE NEW COLORS! There is a Ice Silver Edition. It comes with DAXTER, Family Guy[tv show], and a 1 GB memory stick.


More after the break.

They also are going to release a Ceramic White Darth Vader Edition. Included is the new exclusive title: Star Wars Rogue Squadron.


And last but not least there is going to be a regular pack with a new silver black color different from the original black color. It will be a core pack.


All editions will be $200 with the core pack being $170 and the first will be released in September, the second in October, and the last available as the first. One of the biggest things about the redesign is the ability to stream video out of your PSP! Movies will play in full resolution off of UMD, games will have black borders due to being built for PSP, and older PSPs will not be able to use features in the firmware on the new lite PSP. I’m going to buy a Darth Vader edition!


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8 Responses to “RE: 3 – Early Adopters: Ha Ha Again!”

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LOL! Since I am not a big fan of star wars, I will probably get the Silver one once my PSP dies, (which I am hoping it dies when these come out so I can get one)

My PSP has been going slower and all that stuff, so I can’t wait until the silver one comes out so I can buy it : ]

My PSP is two and a half years old. I’ve dropped it many times and it takes forever to load some games. I want a new one. Luckily I have my own hard earned money to buy one! 😛

I am still a bit on the fence with this. I don’t think this PSP “hardware refresh” screwed over early adopters (sounds like you’re one yourself) because there was always homebrew for them, so being early in that case was very advantageous. Even if some weren’t into HB, that’s a pretty good lifespan of regular use, and the new PSP features aren’t a huge step over the old PSP, like the DS Lite was over the DS.

You might want to ammend that pricing, I don’t think *ALL* editions are $200.00, just the entertainment packs; the Star Wars one & Daxter one. There’s still a core pack that is supposed to be priced as the regular PSP – $170.00.

I am such a PSP nut that I’m leaning towards getting the PSP Slim, if I do, I’m pretty sure I will hold out until the Star Wars one comes out. I love SW Battlefront, Darth Vader & PSP, what a combo!


I’ve noticed you’re crazy about SW: Rogue Squadron. At e3 it looked a lot better; better then before. I knew I got something wrong on there. I also want to add that games will have black borders when on TV screens, newer firmwares for this new PSP will not work on the older PSP, or at least not all of the features ever.

I can’t wait that long for a Darth Vader PSP!!!!!!!!!!! Well my new PS3, well almost new will have to do. I’m going to get one on Friday next week! One more week!!!!!!!

Ha I go the daxter one and its so freakin awsome!!!
I am a psp nut like some other people I always get a new
one every year and no its not because I have money.
Its because I bought my PSP at Best Buy and there if you didnt know
you can buy a 2 year warranty with the purchase of your PSP which is
about $40 or $50 i cant remember. And if there is something wrong with it
they will give you a new one free no charges whatsoever and if there is a new
PSP out you can get that one.

The silver psp is so freakin awsome yes its thinner, and more prettier, and also lighter it doesn’t weigh as much as the regular black one 😀

RE: Best Buy…If I would have known that I would have done that. I’m glad you like the silver one. I’m waiting out to see if they release another bundle…say a Wipeout or God of War one…that would be sweet.

[…] recently the PSP went through a design change that added more features. The design change involved the weight, thickness, and abilities [hardware […]

[…] recently the PSP went through a design change that added more features. The design change involved the weight, thickness, and abilities [hardware […]

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