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“Let’s pump it up to 11!”

That’s right readers. Lets. Well last night at the Microsoft E3 press Conference there were many happenings.You may have thought that after a price drop announced by SONY that Microsoft would have 1UP them but, no that didn’t happen. There were some good and bad things. OF the many things announced, the new controller is what needs to get out now! There it is:

More info after the jump!

Big Highlights, plus impressions:

  • Reggie Bush was on stage playing some Madden 08 when he said: “You Microsoft Guys Like To Cheat.” This was a hilarious quote. I think it was funny but no one else even knew he said it. It doesn’t mean anything really, but it was funny because of all the fanboys.
  • Rock Band is a timed exclusive for the 360. Looks awesome but will it be too expensive? It has the ability to set up online bands so maybe you don’t need to buy all the accessories.

What, no tattoos? Rock Band looks like it will have potential, but not with that vocalists.

  • XBLArcade titles: HEXIC 2, SONIC , Feeding Frenzy 2, Marathon. All of these look to be really exciting! I’m waiting for the two sequels and Marathon. Sonic is available now and, well sucks.
  • Disney is going to start brining tons of titles from their studios including Brining Down the House, Tarzan, and more! All will be in HD which is pretty cool. I like the animated films best.
  • Canada and Europe will be getting the ability to download XBLM video. Great for them because it is a good service.

Gears of War PC looks awesome. It has level editing, more levels, and more achievements!

  • HOLY CRAP: MASS EFFECT November. PGR4 September. Viva Pinata and Gears of War on PC.

  • RESIDENT EVIL 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not this year. July 26: Full Trailer of Game on XBLM. I can’t wait. RE4 was awesome, just think of it! See the sidebar video player for the trailer.

  • Assassins Creed: PLAYABLE! Everything is interactive. Futuristic HUD. Looked like crap. Not buying it now…

I hated the bucket part and the enemy attack part.

  • HALO 3: Movie Trailer SUCKED! No one cared about HALO SKU. HALO3 Showing SUCKED! HA! Microsoft Punked us. At the last minute the showed the REAL HALO 3 trailer which was EXTREME-ly a waste of time. See the side bar video player for trailer.

The HALO XBOX was a stupid idea, or at least I hope it “was.” It costs more, I think and is a waste of money to create or buy.


All in all this conference was boring and a waste of time. I liked the trailers but it was actually a let down. Assassins Creed was overly hyped into Warp 11. Halo 3 still looks like it did in the beta. Rock Band is too expensive and EA games will still suck. SONYs showing was still full of great announcements and i’ll post up that blog after I watch the conference. Thank you.

For more videos from E3 see the sidebar video player which is updated everyday! Screen shots will be added to the side bar picture gallery as well.


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4 Responses to “RE: 3 – Microsoft’s Press Event”

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I agree, Microsoft could have done much better at their conference.

The Halo 3 Xbox is really stupid and they didn’t have many big announcements. I liked Sony’s a lot more.

SONY’s was really great! I really want a DARTH PSP!!!!

The stole that SceneIt controller from Sony’s Buzz! controller!!!!
The buzzer looks exactly the same….

Yup, that’s why I laughed at it when I saw it. And they say all sony does is copy…

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