Yankeefan02 Critiques: Underrated PS3 Titles

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This story is to show you some of the underrated games coming to the PS3. For every game listed here there will be a link and a description of the game. At the end I will leave my response as to what game that I am looking forward to most. The games will be separated into the genre they are in.


First Person ShootersTurning Point: Fall of Liberty– This game was mentioned in I think Spivey’s blog and I don’t think it has been receiving a lot of recognition, here is the description:

Description Fall of Liberty is a game that is taken place in an alternate universe where Winston Churchill dies in NYC long before he rises to power. The Nazi’s then take over Europe and the game begins. This means that Pearl Harbor and D-Day may never happen therefore leading to a whole new WWII. As for multiplayer content, there will be two types of games for online, deathmatch and team deathmatch. Depending on how the games sells the developers say they will add on to the online feature of the game. The game will allow you to use a lot more hand to hand combat, such as throwing someone off a building or sliding someone across a table. You will play as Dan Carson, a construction worker that turns into a US resistance fighter. The link that I will be giving you will be a Q and A between Gamepot and the Producer.


Dark Sector– A game I have never heard of until I came up with the idea for this story. Here is the description:

Description– Dark Sector is a Scientific Fiction first person shooter where you play as Hayden Tenno. Hayden Tenno is a CIA operative who had his arm mutated as he explored Lasria. That mutated arm comes in handy because a bladed weapon pops out and helps fight the enemies. This game plays a lot like Resident Evil or Gears of War. The enemies are like army men with an occasional mutany like zombie. This game will not be coming out until Q1 2008. The link is a Hands-on of a demo.


There are two more games left for First Person Shooter…

Haze This game, in my opinion, is going to be really good. This is on my most wanted list and I can’t wait until it comes out. Here is the description:

Description Haze is a FPS that will take place over three days in the year 2048. At that time the government outsourced their military to major corporations. Your goal is to take down the group of rebels. The rebels call themselves “The Promise Hand”. You are given the most high tech weapons and gear to help you defeat the rebels. There will be no loading screens and you will be put into a lot of new environments in those 3 days that this game takes place in. The story is kind of a secret, but we were told that there is some sort of edge to it. This game will have multiplayer, not sure if there is gonna be a Co-op mode, but online should be good. This is really one of my most anticipated games.


Rocketman: Axis of Evil This game is another Sci-Fi shooter that I never heard of until I did my research. Here is the description:

Description This game is a downloadable shooter that supports co-op mode for up to four players on or offline. There is an option for this that allows you to create your own hero to play with during the game. You can be a male or female; and you can be a human Mercurian and Venusian. This game is coming to the Playstation Store sometime this summer and will be available on XBOX as well. They didn’t reveal much on the storyline, but this game looks like a very good downloadable game.


That is all for FPS, but we still have RPG’s, and Action left.

RPGsThere will be two RPG games….

The Last Remnant– a game made by Square Enix, I am not so much into RPGs so never heard of this game so thought I should include it….

Description You play as a boy named Rush Sykes. Rush may be a reluctant hero from the footage shown. The graphics are good and camera angles are supposedly phenomenal. Not much about the story-line has been released, but this game should make for a great RPG that will come to both Playstation and Xbox.


This is the last RPG:

Elveon A game showed at E3 ‘ 06 that will be coming out in Q3 2007. Here is the description:

Description – Elveon is about an elvish hero in the land of Naon. There wasn’t that much news on the storyline, but they did show the combat system. You start off the game by picking the combat style. You can focus all your skills on one single weapon or spread out your skills on different weapons. There are four weapons, a dagger, two swords, bows and spears. You can bring different weapons to battle; you can bring up to three to battle. The fighting is somewhat realistic as you get tired after you are fighting for awhile. The AI fights similar to you as they to become tired after fighting for awhile. There will be small one-on-one fights and some group battles. That is the best parts of the combat system, in my opinion. Check out the link for more.


That is all for RPGs, sorry I couldn’t find a lot of games.

ActionUnfortunately all the action games are underrated so there will be only one action game for this section of my Underrated games list.

Tom Clancy’s: EndWar I never heard of this game before, but after reading the previews for it, I am really excited to see what it will look like and how successful it will be.

Description – EndWar is about World War III. World War III is going to have more enhanced weapons and technology. It will offer some pretty innovative gameplay as players around the world participate in one huge online virtual war. This game is set in the 2020, against a reenergized Russia and Europe (We are the US). America makes World War III possible by reducing the chances of nuclear warfare. Everything goes crazy and war is declared. Here is where you and everyone else comes in. You play this game like a 3D war game. There can be up to 12 players to battle (six on each side). This game is supposed to be the best strategy game for the consoles and will be have a Release Date announced in 2007.


That is all for underrated action games…


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Dark Sector was the first game of this generation ever shown, back in late 2003 and at E3 2004…….the guy didn’t have those powers.

I remember it being on PSMs monthly DVd, not OPMs. I was amazed at it, but now…eh..

Thanks man for putting it on your website. If you want, there is still that MLB 07 the show review in my GAP profile if you need something to post.

I just updated this.

I added folklore and Army of Two

Rocketman eh? So this is a free download on the playstation 3 network i guess?

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