Most Wanted Games: Microsoft

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Well I made a list of them for SONY’s PLAYSTATION so I thought I’d make one for Microsoft. Their conference was sort of bland but the games highlighted during the conference were worth noting. Most notably was Rock Band and of course HALO 3. But there were others that have made a special spot in my list of games for the inevitable HOLIDAY WARS 07. Most third party games are better on the 360 and that is usually true. SONY does have the best First Party Developing studios unlike Microsoft which just has exclusive Third Party titles and some great First Party titles. One of the most wanted games on my list has a pretty cool feature, online Guitar Multiplayer over XBOX Live! It’s Guitar Hero 3!

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Well, here’s the list for XBOX 360 games. I don’t have a top of the line computer so I can forget the awesome Gears of War PC. It only uses XP however, so that will be good for non Vista owning PC users oh and Mac users.

XBOX 360 

  • HALO 3
  • Guitar Hero 3
  • Mass Effect
  • Assassins Creed [maybe]
  • Halo Wars
  • Bioshock
  • Call of Duty 4
  • All of the new XBLA titles shown:
    • Feeding Frenzy 2
    • Hexic HD 2
    • Marathon

Can’t wait for this great winter season. I hope I have enough money to buy all of these games! Oh, and for those of you wondering about the game that defined all sand box games: I’m deciding if it will be better on the 360 or on the PS3. I am also asking whether friends are getting it on 360 or PS3. That’ll be the big decider. Plus I’ve always liked it on the PLAYSTATION console. The Microsoft versions were a little better but that doesn’t matter now, the PS3 hardware is better…or so I thought.


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2 Responses to “Most Wanted Games: Microsoft”

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Call of Duty 4 looks quite amazing. It should be pretty interesting to see how the series makes the jump from World War II to modern combat, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be spectacular.

All of the other games you’ve listed look very good as well. I’m still anticipating Too Human as well, whenever it finally gets released.

From what I’ve seen as well COD 4 is going to be sweet. But which console to get it on…

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