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In what seems to be a series falling in a downward spiral we get what we have all been waiting for; a movie of epic proportions. Or do we? Matt Groening and fellow artists and writers have been showing off their child through funny clips and a giant ad campaign to get people to see their movie. Did it really need all of that? Did we need Burger Kings the King telling us to go see it? Well we’ll see in this review of “what I’ve been waiting for,” The Simpson’s Movie.

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It all started 20 or so years ago. It was the 1980s. American sitcoms were just beginning to fail. They were starting to suck. People just didn’t want to watch TV anymore. But along came an artist with a sense of humor and well, a not so keen sense of artistry. Who was he? He was the creator of the all time longest running family sitcom in US History. Heck in the history of TV! This sitcom was entitled the Simpson’s and this review is about their movie. Today I review the funniest compiling of the Simpson’s ever.

Fall of the Series

No Spider Pig! No! “You’ll kill us!”

Many people have come to believe that the Simpson Series is on a downfall. Perhaps it is. Maybe it’s not. Some critics assumed that this movie would be the downfall of the “once great” Simpson’s TV show. The jokes were no longer funny. They were no longer funny because they had been used so many times before. A Hammer in Homers Foot, a Rhino splitting Homers ass, Marge getting pissed off, Lisa being smart, and of course Bart actually being voiced by a woman. After 20 or so years many people were getting tired of the series. I for one was not. I love the simpson’s and their antics. They are very hilarious. Everyday more people are turned onto the simpson’s due to their “recycled” jokes. If you hadn’t heard the joke before it was funny. The show is great. 21 minutes a day full of hilariousnicity; what could be better?

21 Minutes Times 4!?

Hammer Meet Nail as Homer doesn’t do what you think he does.

When I first heard the news of a Simpson movie I was shocked and awed at the same time. One side of me was telling myself, “Really? A Simpson’s Movie. It’ll probably be a drawn out[no pun intended] episode of the simpsons or at the most four episodes put together,” while the other side of me was saying, “Mmmmmmmm…donuts.” In reality neither side of me was correct. The Simpson’s Movie was not a longer episode, and it was not donuts; it was a movie of “epic proportions!” The Simpson’s Movie is one of he best movies released this summer.

It all starts of with the city doing something stupid as usual. And guess who comes to try to stop it? Yes, Lisa. The city is in dire trouble; they are polluting their land and air and Lisa tries to stop them. All the while Homer is trying to be a better dad to Bart. He “hangs” with him while both dare eachother to do things. What ends up happening is Bart gets in trouble as usual. And Homer is not the good dad. Flanders is. Homer Gets a pig and hilarity ensues. Yes, hilarity. The pig is the cause of te cause of everything.

Throughout the run of the movie you have many of the Simpson city characters running amuck doing what they do best. Grandpa is his senile self, Chief Wiggum is his retarded self, Arnold Schwartzenhausen is the dumb president, you have an evil corporation guy trying to destroy the city, Marge leaves Homer, Flanders is his good ol self, Krusty is Krusty, and Milhouse is uhhh….a dork.

This movie has everything! Homer has a wake up call in a schamens hut, there is gay police officers, a secret sinking hole, dangerous mobs, peniseseseseseseseseses’s, secret messages, a spider pig, Harry Potter, and toxic squirrels! If anything this is the summer movie to end all summer movies. It combined the best of the best and the funniest of the funny. It was a fan film that fans of The Simpsons would enjoy, nay: will enjoy. This movie was great!

Spoilers or not…

Homer Potter dies at the end of the movie while trying to cross Springfield gorge again. 😉 Believe me or not 😛

“Run…run…run…jump…jump…jump…land…land…rest…rest…rest…” were the lines of Homer as he guided his dog sleigh. Very Funny.

The Simpson’s Movie gets an 8.9 for being on the top of my must see movies for the summer season. If you are a Simpson’s fan and you have yet to see this movie shame on you!


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The series is the longest running television series in the history of TV. Im sure you are bound to run out of ideas after, what is it?, 14 years?

I’m surprised they have yet to do so.

We can leave comments? I guess this is what I get for spending so much time studying, gaming and with my GF.

Good to see your score for the movie, I was going to watch it opening weekend but my GF wants us to see it with her friend that is coming over on the 28th (originally the 22nd) so I’ve had to wait and wonder if it is going to be worth the money.

Yup, comments are leavable…is that a word?

The movie is great! If your a simpson fan its fantastic!

Hope you like it.

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