PSPortable Update 1

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Well ever since SONYs Press Conference at this summers Electronic Entertainment Expo people have been crazed on the announcement of the new PSP Slim or as SONY likes to call it, the PSP-2000. Heck I am going insane over the long wait. As a refresher I want to tell you the first announcement’s details. The new PSP Slim will come in three flavors for the North American consumer; more for other regions. For America the PSP will come in Ice Silver, Piano black, and Darth Vader White [oxymoron right?]. It is much lighter and thinner than the original PSP and the design and hardware has changed significantly. The wifi slot has moved as well as the memory stick slot and speakers. We now have the video-out function and the USB charge function. It will still retail for the same price and the first colors will be released in September, although the Darth Vader version will come out in October. Even with all of this great news SONY still had more up there sleeve. For the newest announcements and peripheral pictures that are specifically designed for this new PSP see the jump.

daxterbox1.jpg 778949177_1fb23a2c42.jpg

At this years Game Conference in Germany which took place this week SONY announced many new and exciting programs  and devices coming to the new PSP and other PSPs as well.

First of all PSPfanboy showed off the new peripherals specifically released[soon] for the PSP Slim. They include the AV and Composite cables; the AV being for videos and component for gameplay.

These are the component cables and below are the AV cables.

PSPfanboy also showed off the new headphones and remote which can be viewed below. No prices have been released for any of these products.

Along with the released images above SONY also announced new “Go!” devices and features. Their first “Go!” feature was the PSP Camera known as the Chotto Shot to some. The other devices are the Go!Messenger and Go!Explore. Go!Messenger is a sort of application for use on the PSP that allows users to IM and voice and video chat using VOIP. This service will be downloaded over a system update but will only be available through BT in England. Too bad, this would be a neat feature. Go!Explore uses the GPS add-on that most of you should already know about; now if only they could release it here as will as the Go! Camera.

Another service announced for Europeans is a partnership deal amongst  SONY and Sky which allows users to download “high quality” feature content over wifi or PC. It will also be dubbed with Go! but will never see the light of day here in the US due to it being such a limited service. It runs only in England. Such a shame really…

Finally SONY will be giving more colros to PSP owners in Europe. Among the already announced colors a “Simpson’s” yellow and “Spider Man” red and black will also be released. These colors will be limited just as our Darth Vader edition will be. I wonder if they will be packaged with “The Simpson’s” game and the new “Spider: Friend or Foe” game.


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I wont be trading up to the new one, even though I like the idea of video out. Eh well 🙂 Cool stuff though.

I will be. My PSP is dieing… 😦

Same, my PSP is deteriorating as well.

It seems that my PSP is deteriorating even faster…now that I saw the new PSP on 😛

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