CONFUSING Reviews: Warhawk

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CONFUSING Reviews: Warhawk

It’s been over two years since it’s announcement at E3 2005. It was the first game to designed to use the SIXAXIS controller in a way that wasn’t lame. Through tough development problems and two years of waiting this game is finally available. Is it worth all the trouble put into it? Find out in this overly priced review of Warhawk for the Playstation 3 after the break!

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Here’s What Others Are Saying:



1. Interesting balance of power and fun.

2. Variety of gameplay and modes to play.

3. Learning curves is pretty good, but just forget what you know about online shooters.


1. Above I said forget what you know about other shooters…well that is painfully true. You will spend an hour or two breaking bad habits and learning how the game flows.

2. The game unlike most allow a player to collect ALL the weapons so you can face some real unfair fights until you figure out the game.

3. Flying a Warhawk is easy once you learn how, but warhawks pay for their speed and firepower but being fat targets.

Here’s What I’m Saying:

In this generation of game development prices have been a big issue. Not only for the consumer but for the developer as well. With a lack of funds developers have to take drastic measures to get their games out and of course to get them to sell. Incognito had to ax one part of their game to get it right and they decided to keep multiplayer. Did this bold decision help them in the long run? Well you’ll soon find out…

It’s a bird, It’s a plane, no, It’s Beautiful!

Warhawk has got to be the most gorgeous multiplayer game I have ever seen. The scenery is just beautiful. You can actually tell that the developers did not waste any of the two years they had. Each Warhawk has vast amounts of work put into them to make them as authentic as possible. The metal looks like metal! The guns look like guns! When you launch a missile you can see all of the smoke and the air resistance. Every little detail just makes the game that much better.

You can tell the developers tried to make this an authentic game in every respect. From the design of the ships and tools and of course to the music [my passion]. i love the music, it makes me feel as if I’m in a war movie fighting in those battles. It just creates a great atmosphere. I guess they really didn’t need a story to do this.

When your on foot your character does everything you would do. He ducks when there’s an explosion, he strains to climb up a hill, going up steps is actually like going up steps; not like sliding up them in most games. The characters even have vast amounts of detail.

The tanks and Humvee actually maneuver like Humvee [Although I don’t know what they maneuver like]. When you honk your horn it sounds like a horn. Firing a missile in your tank make the vehicle stop or kick back. The detail in this game is just amazing!

While firing turrets to shoot down Warhawks is great, watching them reload is even better. I may sound like an OC when I say things like that but come on, this is just what makes the game a great purchase!

Don’t even get me started on the water and environment’s; oh never mind I already started myself on them…they are great too! The water looks like water. I especially like it when you hover over the surface in a Warhawk and the water ripples and mists! The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t swim in it and there are no boats!

Load times are great! I guess having the game on your HD makes it like that. The only time I even heard some one talk about lag was last night during the game night.

This is one of the best online games ever designed graphically.

Man Versus Warhawk

Sure Warhawk is a gorgeous game but is that just a cover for lackluster controls? HE-ck No! This game has got to have the best controls ever devised for a game on the PS3. Sure it may not have “normal” controls; like controls from Resistance which everyone is used to but it has great controls for the game of its type.

Almost every game to date has had terrible integration of the SIXAXIS controller but this one was designed for it. Flying a Warhawk with the SIXAXIS is like actually flying a plane; in a simulator. The reaction time is great and you don’t have to go insane while using it. In fact in this game you are rewarded when you use the SIXAXIS; doing so gives you more accuracy with your reticule because you free up an Analog stick.

There are draw backs to using SIXAXIS though. When you use it for Warhawk flying you have to use it for EVERYTHING else. When you drive any ground vehicle you have to use it, turrets require it as well. The thing that irks me most about this is that you have to use it to walk as well; which is AGGRAVATING! You move side ways you move the controller sideways, to go forward move it forward, to scratch your but you move it all about [0_o].

Most people will use the analog control scheme because of this and well, that’s why SIXAXIS will never be “fully liked” by everyone. I wish it wasn’t true but it is.

Another thing with the controls is that the aiming is a little hard to get used to when on foot. You can really tell that this game was at first a flying only title. All of the controls are set up for the Warhawk which is a little weird. At least you don’t forget how to use the controls when you get in the Warhawk.

Almost everything controls the same making it easy to jump from one vehicle then on to foot and them into a Warhawk then back into a vehicle. As stated by a fellow comrade below:

    Here is the beauty of the game. You can collect a sick menagerie of weapons on foot or in the sky, but the balance of the game is set so that foot soldiers can take out aircraft easily. Aircraft can take out tanks and heavy weapons emplacements easily. And, of course, tanks or emplacements can take out foot soldiers easily. That is the balance part, now the cool part is a smart player will jump from, foot to vehicles, and back to foot again in the space of 90 seconds. If I see too many warhawks in the sky maybe, I go on foot. If I see many foot soldiers, I might jump in a tank or jeep. If I see many land vehicles on the roads, I will jump in a warhawk. The balance of the game is not set man vs. man, tank vs. tank, or warhawk vs. warhawk. The game is set so that your worst enemy is the guy fighting “differently” then you. A good player will read the battlefield and make choices, a good player will always look to get “the drop on” the poor sap looking the other way. The KEY to the game is shoot first! And anyone can do that!

Strategy is key to using the available items in Warhawk along with knowing how to use the controls to your advantage. Set them up by taking your time to test out the different configurations. It will help in the long run.

Is that a crack addiction or are you just happy to see me?

Warhawk is fun! There’s just no denying that. From the out right extreme Dogfights you can have to the in-your-face man to man battles you will want to have. Each and every game you play you become more addicted. Sometimes I can play for hours without noticing. The different modes of the game are what really help.

There are a multitude of modes. You get Death Matches, Dogfights, CTF, and ZONE matches. All are different in their own way. Each map is designed with each mode in mind. No team gets an unfair advantage when playing any type of game in Warhawk. This makes for a fun experience. Death matches are like any game where all you do is go around and shoot each other. Some times your on your own and sometimes your with a team. Dogfights are great. This is where you can use SIXAXIS only controls because all you’ll be using is the Warhawks. They get really intense. But they can get really boring with only a few players in the room. 20 + players is a must for Dogfights.

CTF is like uh, well CTF except that its really hard to Capture the flag when you have 10 Warhawks and a tank following you [it’s fun though]. ZONE is an up and coming type of game mode that I’m not used to yet. It’s called “annex” in Gears of War and well I just don’t like it. The different modes are all fun in their own way and this helps to keep the game from being bland.

In Warhawk you only get 5 maps but what the developers did to make it seem like more was make several variations on each one. The different variations can be used with all modes and it really does make the player think while playing. All they do is cut off a portion of the map and make it smaller for more “in-your-face” action. The smaller the map the more intense!

May Day! May Day! Eucadia! We have a Problem!

All games have their flaws and because Warhawk is the first of its kind on the PS3 there are many noticeable problems that gamers have to deal with. ONe big problem is the fact that it’s really hard to read the text for non-HD TV owners; there’s quite a few of us out there. This makes us gamers without the fancy do-hicky thing a me jiggers you call HD TV’s have to go sleuthing to find a game. It is also hard to read the text that tells us who killed who and who has who’s flag. [Who.] This is only a minor complaint but this type of problem is what made me hate playing Dead Rising on the XBOX 360.

Another problem for most is the ability to find ranked games that are not full. The only way to host a ranked game is to make your server a dedicated one; Gears of War does not make you do this. Lots of people like to play ranked games and I’m one of them. A simple patch would do. Or SCEA could even host more Ranked games on their dedicated servers.

One last problem would be the ability to talk. I hate pressing a button to talk! I don’t care if a baby in some ones living room is crying! I know how it is. I’d rather have an open mic then have to press a button to talk. When I have to press the button to talk I get mixed up [I am the CONFUSED gam3r] and end up forgetting what I was doing. Some times I’m talking to myself for minutes until I realize I have to repeat myself again because I forgot to push the button. Please fix this.


    Controls 8/10

    Design 9/10Gameplay 8/10

    Setting 8/10

    Price N/A

    Other [Includes Menus etc.] 6/10

Overall 39/50

Warhawk and Incognito you get an 78% for being a great game that is easy to pick up and play with great SIXAXIS integration to boot! The design, setting, and of course game play are amazing and you deserve this grade for just doing what you wanted to. The problems I pointed out were not what caused your score to be what it was but some other things were. Please release a sequel, with single player 🙂

CONFUSING Reviews: All the reviews without the confusion!


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I have the game. I can’t get enough of it. But the hardest part of the game is not tring to get pissed off when sombody kills you.

Ahhh…isn’t that the same with every game? I really love, especially after the two updates they gave us.

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