Random GAPer of the Week: Oom-9333 and the “stuff of champs!”

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It’s been a little too long but were back with another fabulous interview! This weeks interview-ee is especially special. Some funny things about our guest: You probably know him, he likes some parts of the alphabet, and most of all he wants to work for SONY [who doesn’t?]. Some special things about this interview: It’s happening RIGHT NOW! Join us after the break because on one, two, three seconds you’ll be tardy for your next class! It’s Random GAPer of the Week and School’s In after the break…


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The interview is after the break!

It’s finally out; Warhawk that is! And we’ve got plenty of reasons to celebrate. Want to join in on the fun? Play with fellow GAP members all weekend long:

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Did I ever tell you the one about the burglar? I didn’t? Okay well we are running a little late but what the heck…

“One night a man was breaking into a house. It was pretty late and no one was home; he was sure of it. While ransacking the house the burglar hears some one say, ‘I see you and Jesus sees you too.’ He was scared stiff. Looking this way and that; couldn’t see anyone.

He kept on looking through the house, now in the kitchen. He hears it again. ‘I see you and Jesus sees you too.’ He was starting to get angry. He yelled out, ‘Who’s there,’ when all of a sudden he sees a medium sized green parrot. He laughs to himself and says to the parrot, ‘You scared me little fella. What’s your name?’ The parrot said, ‘Catson.’ He said, ‘Why that’s a stupid name for a parrot.’ The parrot said, ‘Ya, i know and so is Jesus for the Pit Bull behind you.'”

I know, it wasn’t funny but hey, what are you going to do? This weeks guest is as you know from the opener, Oom. He’s been waiting very patiently to be on my show and today I’m giving him the chance. So Oom…

Why Oom-9333? Is this your Borg designation?

If you saw my blog that asked gap members there top five games,

You’ll see That Star Wars galactic battleground is number 2 on my list. If you Play

The campaign as droids, you’ll find that oom9 was the name of the Commander Of the droid army. If you noticed, I added 3333 at the end because I Played Runescape, and oom9 was unavailable, and it suggested a couple names And one Was oom9333, so I took that one. A little bit of history of my name lol. UMM and what’s a Borg lol?

You don’t know what a borg is? You’ve got a lot to learn ensign…,

Is Mountain Dew the Spartan Drink?

HAHA! I hate that stuff root beer is the stuff of champs. You’re obviously not a Spartan if you drink that so called soda lol.

It seems that anyone that I ask about Mountain Dew gives me the, “I hate it answer…”

How do you like being a GAP Member?

I love being a gap member! every day I log in I feel as if I am the highest rank of non-paid sony employees. I truly wish I was able to work for sony because I favor there system over others. If you’re reading this sony, consider hiring me someday lol! BTW, sometimes I feel as if I am the child of gap, because a lot of moderators and what not, are adults. I’m sure I’m not the only 14 year old here, I just feel like it lol.

The child of GAP?! Astards what did you do to his poor little brain? WHY! Won’t somebody think of the children!

How long have you been a Playstation Fan? What games have you owned?

To tell the truth, I kind of hated the Playstation 1. I’m not sure why but I’m guessing I liked Nintendo better at the time because all my favorite games were on it. But I have been a Playstation fan since the ps2 came out. Something about it made me really want it. From then on, I always wanted a ps2, and got one. As for what games I’ve owned, a lot. I’ll name a couple of series because i have had alot of games. All SOCOM games, All ratchet and clank games, battlefront 1and2, most mario games, and about 50 games from an Atari that we got from a garage sale for $10. Pong actually is the first game I played.

That’s quite a history of Playstation. Most people were PS fans when they bought a PS2, why do you think it did so well?

List your top 9 upcoming PS3 and PSN games.

SOCOM confrontation, warhawk, unreal tournament, and ratchet and clank future: tools of destruction, and if another resistance: fall of man comes out, that. I’m not sure what else is coming out, so im sorry. I really should know lol.

Whoah! You really are excited for the future of the PS3. I would be too if I had spent that much money on a console [BTW, I did…].

What do you think about multiplayer only games? Would you buy one?

When i first heard about only multiplayer games, i was thinking that is insane. I still do lol! But i do plan on buying socom: confrontation for ps3.

This question is a little late but hey I guess you agree with them. You bought Warhawk…

How many Gapolgorps does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Umm if a gapolgorp is Mike, 2billion! LOL I’m just kidding. I’m just still not sure what a gapolgorp is lol.

Neither am I…Is it a type of fish? It sounds like a type of fish.

The internet. It’s a vast system of codes flying around the earth through fiber optic wires, satellites, phone lines, and more. What are your favorite letters of the alphabet?

It sure is. I’m still confused with htmls and how to make them lol. My favorite letters of the alphabet? DAVID lol. I also like x and z for some reason. Maybe because they aren’t used much.

The triple X… 😛

Well that’s it! Thanks for being a part of the show and thank you audience for reading.

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And now your Moment of Zen…


Random GAPer of the Week: Get to know us better!


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