SCRE3neD: Wipeout: Pulse

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It seems that SONY’s little system that could is finally getting the attention it deserves. A great new design along with TONS of new fans around the world is just some of what it has received. Some great things the system is getting this year can be none other than lots of great, fantastic games. Let me just name a “few:” Wipeout Pulse, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow, Dracula X Chronicles, Star Wars: Renegade Squadron, HOT PXL, and MUCH MORE. This edition of screened features one of those great games.

Wipeout Pulse will feature custom soundtracks, a “snap shot” system to take in game pictures, TONS of tracks with lots of new ones, eight different vehicle classes, and a unique soundtrack if you don’t have mp3’s. Wipeout has always had awesome visuals and a futuristic taste in music and this one seems to be following its predecessors. Wipeout: Pure was one of the PSPs biggest launch titles two years ago and this game is going to be even better. Man, it sure is “Year of the Gamer!”

See some great screen shots provided by PSP Fanboy after the break as well as some new Wallpapers for your PSP! Be sure to use these wallpapers with your Wipeout: Pulse XMB Theme available on this website!




















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6 Responses to “SCRE3neD: Wipeout: Pulse”

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Nice! The PSP graphics are looking F**KIN awesome as of late. Cant wait for the Chains of Olympus demo to get here in the mail.

This Holiday the games are looking even better. Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is great and I’ll be putting up some posts for that soon.

I also can’t wait for that demo as well as everybody else who signed up for it. No one has received it yet…

DAMN! Nice new teams!
These look really F-Zero inspired tracks. They’re combining the best of everything it looks like.
Also, Wipeout HD for PSN will contain 2 remakes of Wipeout: Pulse and 6 from Wipeout: Pure. From then on it’ll be DLC.

Also, Pulse is already getting an assload of DLC. Check the website out….they’re spots for 4 download packs already!

Wipeout HD will be good as long as it’s not $40 or higher. Pulse is going to be great no matter the price.

It’ll be 20 bucks hopefully…..all you’re buying is the engine to run downloadable tracks which are ported from the PSP. Not many modes, so far. The DLC will be the main parts.

hopefully. DLC makes me wary though. I hope it’s like the PSP iterations, well how the DLC was free and there was lots of it.

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