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It’s a whole new episode. Not new as in, “oh wow it’s the next show,” it’s new because of our next guest. It’s a first and hopefully not a last; it’s our first moderator interview. Now he may not like to shout to the world he’s a mod but he sure does like having power over us forum-ites [;)]. Get ready because after the break your ranks might change. Get ready, because It’s CHOCTAW on this update-tastic episode of Random GAPer of the Week!

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The interview is after the break!

UpdatesWell it seems like this week everyone is an update mood. SONY with their 3.71 Firmware for the PSP and of course my website, well weblog.

We have a whole new set up that is a lot brighter. Pictures are easier to see and different posts are now able to be differentiated. Visit today because you never know when you’ll be CONFUSED?…I am.

I feel all weird today. It’s a weird feeling. [0_o] We have royalty in the building today. Some would call him the, “Mod God” while others would call him, well Chuck. As you all know though, he is choctaw2k, one of our pretty cool mods [that have chosen to tell us they are mods]. Today we will be asking him some questions about gaming, gapping, and of course modding. The world will never be the same after this review. So let’s get this show on the road. My first question for you dear sir is…Why choctaw2k? Why choctaw? Why Chuck? Why so many personalities?

Well, let’s see if I can make an uninteresting story even more uninteresting. I was just starting to get into message boards and the whole internet thing back in about 2000 and needed a user name. Being the totally uncreative person I am, I came up with choctaw2k because I am Choctaw indian and created the name in 2000, or 2k, hence, choctaw2k. I’m also found around the internet as weekendwarrior, burnsideskatepark, and I even use a mystery user name too. Why? That’s just life on the internet, I guess.

Ahhh…life on the internet. With the poke and the mon and the ha ha ha. I don’t think I have the creativity to come up with more than one username. What could they be? CONFUS3D? CONFUSEDpaper? The world will never know…ah well.

This reminds me of a funny thing I heard a buddy of mine say to a kid at the skatepark a while back. The kid came up to my buddy and asked what his name was. My buddy said, “My name’s Pat. My friends call me Q. You can call me Pat.” LOL. It was a classic Burnside moment. LOL. OK, where was I?

I don’t know where you were but here we are 😉

Oh glorious moderator, what are the perks of being such?

You guys and thinking that being a moderator at GAP gives us special powers of some sort really cracks me up. All I get is this special little button on the bottom of all story posts that has two little words on it, “Remove Post”. That’s it. Plus, there are quite a few of us so it keeps the whole mod workload pretty low. True, some mods take the position very seriously and go out of their way to make it known, but me, I like to keep it on the down low. I don’t hide it, I just like to keep it hidden except for those special occasions.

Seriously? What do you mean by that? 😉 And, “Remove Post?” That’s it? Really. Too bad you don’t get paid, although that would ruin the community. I can see it now: Mod Wars, Which mod will dominate as the others fall in this epic struggle for man kinds survival! Starring Choctaw2k as Mod God, Elsa43 as The Man Fighter, richburton as MIA, and NIAC as well, old.

Has the GAP lost it’s “exclusivity?”

In one simple word, Kinda. Has the GAP ever truly been exclusive. Well, yeah, I guess at the very beginning. But back then you had no idea anyone else existed in GAP unless you actively went searching people out. Now everyone can see everyone and everything they’ve written, which is great, but it also shows that there are a lot of people in GAP now. I mean, I’m user number 70 and I just pulled up a random new GAP member and they are user number 83,106. That’s a lot of users for an exclusive, members only website. Strangly and/or luckily, of those 80 some odd thousand users though, maybe 100 actually post anything on GAP. Could you imagine if everyone decided they wanted to be an active part of the community. LOL.

I don’t want to imagine a GAP like that. No, nooo, noooooooooo

Name your top 5 favorite things about XBLMarketplace and delve into why.

1.) Demos – I subscribed to OPM for years solely because I would get a PS1 and then PS2 demo disc with each issue. Demos are one of the best sales tools and really help us gamers get a good look at some games we would never think twice about in a gamestore.

B.) Arcade – I have about 6 arcade games that I own and quite a few demos on my HDD. Some are pretty fun, but most just remind me that I’m not a classic gamer. One of the coolest things about the XBL Arcade though, is I can download every game in the arcade and play the first couple levels for free. If I like the game I just push a button in the games menu and it’s fully unlocked with no re-download needed. If I don’t, I can just leave it to play the demo over again and again or just delete it. Most of them are so small in size that it take a very short amount of time to re-download if you want to play it again. It’s a great service.

Tre.) Gamerpics and Themes – I like to search for all the free gamerpics I can find. Most are crap, but there are some decent ones out there. I won’t buy any though.

Shi.) That’s it. I don’t use the marketplace for anything else.

Well I like demos [who doesn’t], arcade games [they’re fun sometimes], and FREE gamerpics and themes. The movies are a little too expensive unless they’re free as well.

MAC or PC?

I have a MAC so does that mean that’s what I have to pick? LOL. We’re planning on getting a pretty decent laptop for our family too, so we’ll be a MAC and PC family. Personally though, I have to go with PC only because that’s what I’m most familiar with. I don’t game on computers so that’s irrelevant to me.

Macs look nice but PC is awesome!

Finish the phrase: “Give us the chance to….”

..rebuild her. We have the technology.” Uh, yeah, I suck at this.

…not have read that line.

How was your “Red Ring” experience? Hassle? Customer service?

My “Red Ring” experience sucked. It was a month to the day of sheer horror as I had to find things to keep me entertained. I had to play with my kids, interact with my wife, and even go outside from time to time. It was a horrible experience that I wouldn’t wish on the worst of my enemies.

Dealing with the CS rep and getting the Xbox 360 coffin shipped to me was actually pretty painless and easy. Once I said 3 red blinking lights nothing else was said other than verifying my address and contact number. I have a refurbished unit back with a new fan and disc drive and am pretty happy with it. Although I flinch uncontrollably whenever there is any sort of hiccup in a game or use of the 360. I have a horrible, horrible feeling that I may be doing this once more before all is said and done. I hope not, but my new (old) 360 is still more than year old, so we’ll see.

I hope I never get a RRoD. My 360 experience has been way better than my PS3 experience. I can’t wait until this Holiday to be proved wrong.

Change one word from any question above and answer it.

“Name your top 5 favorite things about XBLive and delve into why.”

1) Friends list – Always there and super easy to access. If I want to join or invite to a game it’s as easy as pushing a button or two.

2) Online Games – I know the PS3 has online games, but XBL just seems to be such a smooth, easy transition into nearly every online game I have, plus it’s one gamertag to rule them all.

3) Achievements – Love them or hate them, they are one of the most ingenious additions to gaming since the duel analog stick.

4) Cross-gaming chat – I like that I can be playing Forza, a buddy playing R6V, and we can be talking to each other while still playing seperate games. Then with a few button pushes (and a switching of discs for one of the users) they can easily join each others game.

5) The Blades – Yes, I even like the blade system that XBL uses. So sue me.

Took the easy way out of that question? I have to agree with you though.

What do you do when you see the words, “PS3” and “PWNS?”

What do I do? Huh? I guess when I see PS3 it read PlayStation 3 in my mind. But when I see the word PWNS my mind sees “Illiterate.” Maybe that’s just me though. What I find really amusing is when I hear people actually saw the word “pwn” outloud while gaming, as in, “You’ve been ‘Pwned’ dude.” Whatever, to each his pwn I guess.

Me no get you.

What would you say is the best thing to do when participating in the GAP? What helped you most?

The single most important thing to do at the GAP is to be active. Write a blog from time to time. Comment in every blog you read, even if it’s just to say, “Nice blog”.

Did you guys out there read that? Read it again:

The single most important thing to do at the GAP is to be active. Write a blog from time to time. Comment in every blog you read, even if it’s just to say, “Nice blog”.

So that’s it. That’s all I have. Thanks CONFUSEDgam3r for having me as a random gapper.

No, thank you choctaw2k 🙂

No moment of zen today but if you ever want to be on this show leave a comment saying so.

Random GAPer of the Week: Get to know us better!


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Is that shot in your banner from Jedi Knight Dark Forces II or some mod on that game?

It’s from Star Wars: Battlefront – Renegade Squadron for PSP.

Nice interview again………also, I love the SWBF: RS banner.

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