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For over a year PS3 owners have been waiting for the game that justifies a purchase of their favorite console.  Would there ever be anything worthwhile? Sure there was Resistance, Motorstorm, and Heavenly Sword but they were just games to help us move forward, forward unto the date in which we see the best there is.

 Here comes E3 2007, SONY along with Naughty Dog show off their next big game. It’s not Sly Cooper but it is something just as big. People anticipate it’s release because it is really beautiful and just looks like a really fun game. UNCHARTED: Drakes Fortune is finally out but before I review it I want to give a preview of the demo SCEA released on the PLAYSTATION Store. 

After the 1200+ gigabytes download from the PLAYSTATION Store you are just sitting there, anticipating the end of the long install. It’s complete and you go to the XMB icon, you want to play the game but you see the wallpaper change and a intense “Jumanji” tune starts to play. You think to yourself, “Man this is going to be an awesome game!”


The demo begins with a clip of Drake and his helper flying in a plane to the mysterious island where Drake’s Fortune resides. After about 1 minute or so the plane is shot at and Drake has to bail. This opening sequence is not only beautiful but it is also engrossing,  funn, and also makes you relate with the main character right off the bat.  Drake pulls his parachute cord and lands in a tree. After you struggle to get down the real fun beings.


The beauty of the game puts the gamer in awe. You forget your playing a game until you come up to the shooting part. Climbing up walls, flying like an acrobat across cliffs, and walking in water to get wet all make you realize that the developers have spent TONS of time making this an awesome game.


Every little move Drake makes pops out at you because his movements are like yours,  very clumsy. This makes him seem like a real hero, rather than a super hero. Shooting in gun fights is very close to shooting in Gears of War. You want to use cover a lot; in fact only use cover or you will die. Grenade throwing is fun but aiming the grenades is hard to get used to due to the SIXAXIS controls.  SIXAXIS controls are seldom used but when they are you forget how to use them.  Aiming with a gun is also very hard because, just like in real life, aiming is hard if you don’t use a gun everyday.


After shooting all you can, you run out of bullets. In order to take down an enemy you will need to bring out your fists! The combat system is really fun. In fact, you can kill everyone this way because it’s a lot easier to do than shoot. There are combos and regular hits. The camera changes when you are fighting and so does the speed of it. Again, the game encompasses you with all of it’s effects and graphical abilities.


Should you want an action and adventure oriented game this holiday season this is one you should try. Download the demo toady off of the PLAYSTATION Store. Stay tuned for the review.


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I really want the game but I have to save up for food and a router.
Damn that demo was amazing!

Same here…I have to save up for school related items, such as crappy books my public library doesn’t have, nor my school. UNCHARTED will have to wait until I get a better job…

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