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Kallamazooo, masks, shimmer-me-timbers, and Borg have nothing on our next guests name. Neither does the name of the city with the longest name! Heck Mary Poppins,”Supercalafrigickecpalidocious” has nothing on his name either because our next guest is ravncat on the season finale of Random GAPer of the Week!

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The interview is after the break!

The Simpsons Movie is out now and has received many wonderful reviews.“Fans of The Simpsons would enjoy, nay: will enjoy this movie…”

CONFUSING Reviews gives it 8 out of 10 0_o!

Coming soon to DVD, Blu-Ray, and UMD for the PSP. Buy it!

It’s time for another glorifying episode of Random GAPer of the Week ladies and gents! And what a great episode it will be. Sure it may be the last episode of the summer season but we’ll be coming back soon. We all need a little R&R. Our guest today hails from the other side of the world. Nope, not Iraq, not Germany, Not Russia, and certainly not North Korea. He’s ravncat and he hails from Japan!

Let’s get this show on the road and ask…

Why ravncat?

Well, Ravncat goes back a long ways, I’d like to tell you a story about a raven and a cat, but, it really had more to do with egyptian mythos, and the idea that I could play off of a gillion concepts, from the aforementioned bird / cat scenario, to a more Ravenous Cat, R and C have absolutely nothing to do with my name, and it sounded good at the time. If you really want a breakdown, there’s a gap blog about our names. I’ll tell you now, the real reason behind all of it, it’s simply fun to say.

Sneaky. You give us a full explanation and yet it ends up being the simplest thing. It is a fun name to say. “Ravncat, raven-cat, RAVNCAT, Raaaavnnnncaaattt! That name has got to be killer with the ladies.

What’s it like not living in the greatest country in the world? 😉

That’s a loaded question. It’s pretty wild. There’s vending machines every thirty feet, need a coke, just walk to the corner, and insert about a dollar. It’s also expensive, as long as you’re buying something that isnt electronic. Electronics here are cheap. Otherwise, most things are still the same, the sky is the sky, people are people, and girls are crazy. I do miss being able to get certain kinds of food, I’d absolutely love it if you guys would send me some Mr. Goodbars, or a real cheeseburger. I get the feeling Mr. goodbar’s would be easier. It’s pretty easy most of the time, as long as you can get behind the idea of a right way and a wrong way, a better or worse way, and start accepting that things are just different. Otherwise, there’s a whole helluva lot here that would just make no sense. I mean seriously, What’s up with driving on the left.

That’s why we all need to live in America. Any part of it will do [except for that other part]. If I could figure out a way to send a cheeseburger through the mail I would. My local Fudruckers makes a killer burger. And what about those signs? “Do Not Shoot self in face.”

What are the top 3 things to download from The PSN?

Your PSN or my PSN? ok, I’m gonna start with mine. If you dont have it,the Motorstorm Demo is easily at the top of the list, Star Strike (they give stuff random names over here all the time) and Raiden, i spent sooo many coins at the arcade at college on this one. Ok, Your PSN, the Gap’s PSN. Super Stardust HD, It’s great fun. Mortal Kombat 2, the online addition, it’s easily enjoyable, even if multiplayer is a little laggy/slow. Castlevania SotN is also an enjoyable challenge, even if you’ve never played the series. I guess those would be my top three.

There are other PSN Stores? Really?…Really!? 0_o. Hmmm I’m living in my own little world. Those are some good choices from the real PSN Store however…

What do you like about being a GAP member?

I like the discussion that crops up, some people really have throught provoking blogs. I also enjoy the beta test opportunities. I think the best thing about being a gap member, is the GAP game nights, it’s great to have an online community of people to play with, Theres something more, familliar about playing with GAP opponents on resistance or other online games, than playing with random people.

Who doesn’t like those GAP nights. The community is great and killing Elsa is fun! ;D

If you had the money would you pay to have all the “E’s” in every book in the world red?

Red, no. Green, yes.


Is pumpkin pie readily available in Germany? What about Antarctica? Nigeria?

Yes, Yes, I dont think so.

Why not in Nigeria? Because they’re allergic to pumpkins! Duh!

Are you a rabid Harry Potter fan?

Harry what? Oh, Potter, no, not really. I’ve seen some of the movies, I remember trying to read the first book and feeling like, it was draining my mind of the ability to read. I’d rather sink my teeth into a good pratchett novel, or classic literature.

[Side Question to audience: What qualifies a book to become “classic?”] I really like the Harry Potter books. The last one was amazing. The movies are okay but not as good as the book. Lord of the Flies anyone?

Where’s the beef! I mean do you like Super Star Dust HD?

Not at McDonalds. SSHD? Yes, I kindof wish I had the patience to get my score up there, but being in the top 2000 is good enough for me…

speaking of which, i’ve got to start again, ive been bumped to 21xx as of the last time I looked, its arguably one of the most played games on my PS3’s HD.

I love SSDHD! It’s the best downloadable game ever. Too bad there are no achievements on the Ps3 yet or I would have a lot! That’s pretty cool that you have that high of a rank.

Thank you taking the time to be on our show today ravncat. We all appreciate it, don’t we?

Before we leave today i’d like to say thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment on them. I really appreciate it. I know this will never get the following that is the BTI Cult but hey two cult members is enough for me! You know who you are.

Our next season will start the week of the FOX TV series Prison Breaks return to television. Until then…“Get to know us better!”

Would you like to be a guest of Random GAPer of the Week? If so send a message to me via email with the subject line: Random GAPer if you please! And be sure to include your GAP name!visionofthesun@yahoo.com


And now your moment of zen:禅の時

Random GAPer of the Week: Get to know us better!


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