PSEye Chronicles: Episode 2

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Tuesday of last week marked the beginning of Thanksgiving Break. That day Sony Updated the PLAYSTATION Store with a couple of really neat games exclusive to the PS3. They were Aquatopia and Operation: Creature Feature.


One neat thing about the first of the two is that it can be played on the PSP via Remote Play. Sure if your not in your room the game is useless because you need to move in front of the camera to “play” but then again its not.

You can check the camera to make sure it is working right, when doing so you can see what your PSEye sees. FREE SECURITY CAMERA! Or just a way to see who is in your room when you are not there…almost like the Eye Toy game with the same feature. I know I’ll never use this “feature” but some of you Obsessive Compulsive people out there might like it.

The “game” really isn’t very engaging but it does have it’s perks. [Cats love fish]

The other game, Operation: Creature Feature is really fun! Just to play the game you have to move and actually devise a strategy. This may be the best PSN Downloadable game yet. The music, graphics, and gameplay all work with each other to make an enjoyable experience. In my first try I beat the default Second Place record. Just like a majority of Eye Toy games, the menus can only be used by waving and flailing your hands like a maniac.

I really hope SONY releases a lot more of these very fun games. I know there are a couple of other titles yet to be released here and I also know some Third Party developers are utilizing the peripheral into their games [Burnout Paradise?].

Hopefully this is not another Eye Toy and is actually a part of the next gen experience. I know this camera has already paid for itself with all of the fun it has caused.


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2 Responses to “PSEye Chronicles: Episode 2”

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Creature Feature was too CONFUSING for me but I do enjoy the interactive screensaver that is Aquatopia. =)

Okay it wasn’t confusing to flail about but I think I will leave this one for my sons to enjoy. I will use the Eye for The Eye of Judgment.

It would be a great game for your sons. Do they like it? I liked it for a while but then got bored of it, just like a lot of the other PSN Titles.

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