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Well it seems that all of the other sited are doing the “Top Whatever of the past year” lists. I thought I’d do my own. This was the year to begin all years. The month’s following January until Summer and the months after July up until this date have seen the release of some of the best games ever. They were released on pretty much all the consoles or just on one. No matter the case Christmas is here and you want to know, “which one should I get for my spoiled rotten brat?” Well you’ve come to the right place because for four weeks straight I am going to post four special blogs telling you what was good and what was really good.

XBOX 360, PSP, PS3, and of course Movies! Get ready for the “Top Ten [Insert title here] Products” lists of 2007. Up to bat is the 360 and on deck is PSP.

The Console

The XBOX 360 is one of three major video game consoles but you already knew that if your reading this blog. What you get is what you pay for with this console. A robust games library comprised of many exclusives and “top” selling games come with the box. Titles like “Gears of War” “Viva Pinata” “Lost Planet” “HALO 3” and “Dead Rising” are just a few of the MANY great titles that come to mind. All of these games come with some form of online connectivity to the awe inspiring XBOX Live, a community of gamers for online mulitplayer. They also have built in “Achievements” that allow for competition among friends to see who has gotten farthest [For an overview of the many features the XBOX 360 and XBOX Live come with see our Review].

Life with the XBOX 360 varies depending on which set up you choose. There are many types to choose from. Taking joystiq’s chart into account you can choose the one that best suits you. Briefly the “Elite” is for hardcore movie enthusiasts as it comes with a larger hard drive for HD movie downloads and a HDMI port for connection to HDTV’s. The “Pro” version is for the hardcore gamer, it is packaged with a standard 20GB HDD [great for game saves, add ons, and demos], a HDMI port [depending on model and date of manufacturing], a wireless controller, headset, and accessories for online game play. The “Arcade” version is for the casual player. It comes with 5 XBLA games which are small yet fun titles for any one to play, a wireless controller, and a memory card for saves. There is no HDD or HD cables for Higher Definition. For the HALO enthusiasts there is a special “Pro” edition designed around a halo theme. It DOES NOT come with HALO 3 but it does come with some extras.

The decision rests with you but the “Pro” is the best choice. [Note: None of the above have HD-DVD capabilities, add-on player required]

The Products [Advertisers Did Not Send me Money]

Next up is the Top Ten Products of the year. You can’t use these without the console, so in reality this is a “Top 11” list but hey, who cares?

Number 10 : Aegis Wing

While this may have been a small release compared to the overly hyped games that came out this year it was not a small game in any way. This game, one in which you side scroll through areas of a war wrenched planet shooting enemy aliens with up to four players, is one of the best XBLA titles ever. Alone, it is nearly impossible to beat but with a friend, or two, or three the game is totally fun. It plays like Geometry Wars yet it has it’s own style and flavor. This unique action shooter gives players a free treasure they can cherish for a long time, just make sure the recipient has XBL.

Number 9: Overlord

One of the underrated games of 2007, this action RTS puts you in the role of a “evil [depending what side your on]” Lord who is guided by his minions on a rampage of utter destruction. Send your minions to do your bidding as you ransack villages, topple kingdoms, discover new and exciting people and kill them. If you have even the lowest bit of humor you will find this funny. The game has lots of strategy and LOTS of scavenging. Try the demo on XBL if you don’t think you will like it, but believe me when I say this, “You Will LOVE it!”

Number 8: John Woo Presents: Stranglehold

Have you ever had the urge to run into a bar, guns blazin and shoot the crap out of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you see in slow motion all while trying to dodge missiles and bullets your self? If so this game is for you. Based on the hit action movie “Hardboiled” this game acts as a sequel and sure as “heck” shows it. The game may have a few hiccups but all of the action put on the screen makes u for it. All of the special moves Inspector Tequila performs in the movie can be attempted in this game. From rolling down stairs on a shopping cart to walking up the railings of staircases backwards inside buildings while shooting your foes, you can do it in this game. Action is Strangleholds First, Middle, and Last name.

Number 7: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Are you ready to ROCK?! If not this game is not for you. Music fans sure will love it though. The premise is simple: play a guitar simulator with a real guitar. The games soundtrack includes everybody’s favorites. Bands include Guns N Roses, KISS, Metallica and songs include The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Cult of Personality, Sabotage, and Bulls on Parade. The fun doesn’t stop there as the atmosphere is “rocky,” the game play is addicting, the sound is great, and the effects are phenomenal. You can also download more songs and even play exclusive songs made by Slash and others. The Devil may not steal your soul but this game sure will.

Number 6: HALO 3 Legendary Edition

I’m not just talking about the game here. This special edition is made for and by HALO fans. IT comes with many goodies including a cat sized helmet inspired by Master Chiefs armor. It goes nice with your special edition HALO 3 XBOX 360 and of course your custom made HALO 3 house and Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel Powered by HALO 3! Buy this if your a fan of HALO, or at least a UBER fan.

Number 5: Grey XBOX 360 Accessories

They go great with your “Elite” system or with just about any of the other editions. They look better than the plain white default accessories. Included accessories are controllers [in the wired and wireless format], head sets, batteries, and head sets [wireless]. If you must have everything matching in your world look for these. They are available where ever “Elite” systems are sold.


YUM. Crack…down. This game is GTA on CRACK! Do anything you want to do. It’s your playground of destruction. Jump to the top of towers and off of them. Throw cars and buses, people, benches, trash cans, and more! Have tons of weapons at your disposal! Your cars transform to suit your abilities which are always upgrading. You play to have a better experience. There may not be a “Story” but there is a whole lot of fun [Note: See our review for more.]

Number 3: Boom Boom Rocket

This game is DDR in a miniature form. Press buttons, use a Dance Pad, or play using a Guitar to play the musical fire works game. All songs are very familiar and there are many modes to choose from. It also serves as a great screen saver for the fourth of July, just connect your iPod and play away. [Note: See video for gameplay.]

Number 2: The Darkness

Based off of a comic book, or is it the other way around. Well what ever the case this game is AWESOME! You get many powers from your inner Darkness and you battle and fight your way through corrupt cops, a city the size of New York [because it is], the mafia, and your inner self. Travel through time. Kill Nazi’s! This game sports some of the best graphics around and a soundtrack that is to die for. The story is the main reason you play this game but you also play it for the sheer fun! [Notes: See video for greatness and try the demo from XBL.]

Number 1: Bioshock

There’s a lot to say about this game. It is insane. The gameplay is unique. It’s in first person. The enemies are devilish. The story is immense! All the little details add into the setting. It’s under water. It’s full of twists. It’s Game of the Year! Buy it NOW, if you haven’t already. [Notes: Try the demo on XBOX Live to test your game playing abilities. See the video for the awesomeness.]

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