PS[insert “P” or 3 here] again…

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The PSP has updated once again this week, as well as the PLAYSTATION 3. Compared to other updates these ones might seem mediocre to some, but to others they added a lot of cool and needed features. For information on what they added click on my dear friend.

While many people are worrying about the new PS3 features I wanted to get to the subtle PSP updates first. They are really neat.


Sure, you now have an Internet Radio feature that lets you access radio stations from around the world at the click of a button. You can become culturally diversified but why do that when you can look at a new Music Visualizer while playing music. Many people on the Playstation.Blog post are complaining about wanting more of these, all the while they were just given one. Silly fanboys, learn to go through the entire XMB before complaining. Other touches of subtleness include little icons that indicate which button to use in the “Triangle” menu. I like that thought to put this in, it just looks cool.

Another neat addition to the XMB is the new notification that comes up if you select an empty icon, like say you choose the music folder and it has nothing in it. The notification tells you that you can go to your PC or Ps3 to import items. It’s not needed but nonetheless it is new.

Last but not least, in any sense is the “Internet Radio” feature. The App, well bookmark really takes you to a flash webpage that has a “radio dial” that “scans” for radio stations. You can pick from many Genres that include popular types of music from around the world. I really like the Prank Call Channel and some of the Talk Shows.


Okay, you get a “fully” supportedDivx update, along with xviD. you also can play WMA files and other “pirate” type files too! Another addition is the voice changer. Ya! Now those little brats that play online can change their voice so that they sound “more mature.” LOL. This should be fun.


This is what I think of when I imagine those “brats” changing their voice. They think they’re Darth Vader, but they really look like this. 

Enjoy updating your consoles. i know I enjoyed updating my PSP. Internet Radio for the win!


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7 Responses to “PS[insert “P” or 3 here] again…”

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve used my PSP. This is actually the first I’ve heard of the Internet Radio feature… I’ve wanted that for a while.

I’m definitely going to have to update it soon. Thanks for the info, Confused. 😀

No problem. The internet radio has me very excited. I wonder If they can add a feature so you can access local radio channels. Many of my local radio channels stream their broadcasts.

I’d be excited about the PS3 updates too… but I don’t own one. 😉

Added you to my blogroll, by the way. You’ve got a good thing going here.

The PS3 updates are good for the most part, well at least this one but i’m not into changing my voice. The Divx support is good though, as long as your a pirate. BTW: Thanks for adding me to your links. I’ve added you too, under “Friends of CONFUSED? I am.”

LOL, the voice changer sounds a lot like the voice mod in SOCOM. It can be really funny or really annoying, depending on the person using it.

Either way it’s useless unless you are trying to mask your voice. I don’t know why you would want to do that…

Yea yea… really the only super noticable PS3 change is the nice Planet Earth visualizer… Is there a way to listen to your music and still use other functions on your PS3? I’ve tried but i havent figged it our yet. email me if u can

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