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Well it seems that all of the other sited are doing the “Top Whatever of the past year” lists. I thought I’d do my own. This was the year to begin all years. The month’s following January until Summer and the months after July up until this date have seen the release of some of the best games ever. They were released on pretty much all the consoles or just on one. No matter the case Christmas is here and you want to know, “which one should I get for my spoiled rotten brat?” [RROD]Well you’ve come to the right place because for four weeks straight I am going to post four special blogs telling you what was good and what was really good.

XBOX 360, PSP, PS3, and of course Movies! Get ready for the “Top Ten [Insert title here] Products” lists of 2007. The 360 has reached first while up to bat is the PSP and on deck is the PLAYSTATION 3!

The Console

Why try to sell a console that is selling itself? I’ll tell you why: the PSP is the best thing to come from SONY these last two years or so. Sure, some can say the PLAYSTATION 3 is but any true Playstation Fanboy would say that it is the PSP that truly wins. Since its launch in 2005, the PSP has changed a lot. The changes it has gone through have either been subtle or completely AWESOME! Some of it’s capabilities include video playback in a great resolution [DVD quality in fact!], music playback [with visualizers to boot!], internet browsing [perfect for blog reading], photo viewing and sharing [look at the baby], and of course, last but not least, RSS Channel viewing! While the PSP does not do all of these things very well, it does have the ability to do so; all while being portable!

Every so often SCEA will release anew firmware version that will update the abilities of the PSP. This just shows you that there is nothing the PSP can’t do. [Some of the better things are only available in other territories] Video playback is great because the screen is really large and the sound is better than most other portable devices. Music playback is somewhat okay, not as good as other portable music devices but it makes up for that by being CHEAPER than most other music devices. Photo viewing is not that important but if you are a photographer or photo nut this ability is great because you can share photos with family members or friends without any wires. The internet browser is not really good for big, image filled websites that use flash but for anything else it is great; like blogs. The PSP does however, let you save videos and music RSS feeds to download podcasts and such; so long as you have a big enough Memory Stick Pro Duo.

The PSP is an adaptive little device. It can change to suit the users needs; just ask any home brew user. Should you need more space for game saves, music and video files, or full length games all you need to do is swap your current memory stick for a bigger one. At launch these memory devices were expensive but now they are almost dirt cheap. Want more functionality out of your PSP? Just wait for a new firmware version. Recently SCEA added an Internet Radio player and more music visualizers. Other updates added more file playback abilities such as WMA, MPEG4, and more. No matter the need the PSP can accommodate it in time.

Just recently the PSP went through a design change that added more features. The design change involved the weight, thickness, and abilities [hardware wise]. The Slim is, as its name implies slimmer and lighter. Some of it’s new abilities include Video output to watch movies and games on your TV and a more efficient consumption of battery power. The amount of PSP models went up from one to three; each for a different type of gamer. The most popular this year was the “Limited Edition Daxter Entertainment Pack” which included the top selling game “Daxter,” a 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, “Family Guy: Freakin’ Sweet Edition,” and the redesigned version of the PSP: the PSP Slim. This version came in an “Ice Silver” color. The other “limited edition” pack was for the geek inside us all: the “Star Wars Limited Edition Pack” which included everything a Star Wars fan could want. It came with “Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron” and a Darth Vader themed PSP; white with a little bit of dark side. While Star Wars fans will love this pack gamers will not because that is all it includes, a game. A new PSP owner will need a memory stick or more. Last but not least, the cheapest of the three packs is the “Piano Black Pack.” All it includes is the given charger and a Piano Black PSP Slim. The variance in price allows for the purchaser to buy other products to get the full use out of his system. Depending on your needs or wants as a game any of these system packs will do. For your information however, the Daxter pack is selling best as of now [I wonder why?].

PSP, the little device that could.

The Products [Advertisers Did Not Send me Money]

Next up is the Top Ten Products of the year. You can’t use these without the console, so in reality this is a “Top 11″ list but hey, who cares?

Number 10: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus

There was no game better than MGS: Portable Ops in 2006 so adding to it just made it better. This Expansion to the online component of MGS: PO adds new maps, characters, and new game play modes to the ever so fun game. This was made for the fans, by fans. Some of the new characters include Old Snake, new soldiers, and lots of others. You also get new abilities and new ways to capture soldiers for your militia. If your a fan of MGS: PO don’t put off buying this expansion any longer.

Number 9: beats

“Music makes me lose control, music makes me lose control…” Well it does and so do music games of any type. As some of you may have noticed from my past reviews I’m a little biased towards music game such as Boom Boom Rocket and Lumines II. This game does not differ in sheer enjoyment of music. Should you like alternative rock, rap [ewwwwww], rock, indie, gospel, J-pop, or country this game will suit you. Any music you have on your PSPs memory stick it will play [as long as it’s in .mp3 format]. And if you don’t have music you can make your own. And just because it’s a downloadable game, that doesn’t mean it can’t have multiplayer. Music lovers rejoice and buy this game!

Number 8: Jean D’Arc

History and Role Playing intermixing?! Jean D’Arc is one of SCE’s best games this year. From the makers of Rogue Galaxy you get an RPG whose story is unbelievable. It is based off of the female heroine of the same name but leans into it’s own story elements as well. The graphics, turn based game play, and style are just too phenomenal to pass up over anything else. The characters are great, the enemies are fun to kill, and the story is fun to read. If you’re a fan of turn based RPG’s buy this game as a treat for your self.

Number 7: Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow

Action packed and with a story too! Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is sequel to one of the best games in the franchise, Dark Mirror. After a downward spiral into video game shame, SCEA brought Syphon Filter back from the grave into video game bliss! While some will say this game is exactly like Dark Mirror others will say it is a totally new game with tons of fun to be had. The new “On Screen” button pushing [ala God of War] adds new game play mechanics and allows for more puzzles to solve. One great edition to this game from others is the under water missions; which are fun to play and marvel at. This game is one of the most graphically stunning game son the PSP and its beauty really shows on the new PSP Slim due to hardware upgrades. Fans and new comers alike should buy this game if they like third person action packed story games with a little bit of puzzle solving on the side.

Number 6: Limited Edition Daxter Entertainment Pack

This item is really a given from the earlier description. If you are a friend of a PSP owner and have become hooked to the wonderful item that is the PSP buy this pack. It’ll start you off right. A good sized memory stick, a movie, a great game, and a new console with abilities better than that of your friends. Heck, your friend would want to sell you his just so he could buy the new system. For $200 what could be better? The DS packs don’t even come with this much stuff!

Number 5: Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

Fans of Star Wars and shooter will love this one, even fans of past Star Wars Battlefront games. Battlefront II may have been on PSP first but it was not exclusive so it did not get the attention it deserved nor the production quality. Renegade Squadron adds so many things to the franchise that Battlefront 2 did not even think about including. Infrastructure multiplayer, character customization a a story as well. Instead of just picking a class to play as such as the CIS or the Empire you can now play as any character you want. It’s what you want because you create it. This exclusive game caters to the PSP fan and Star Wars fan alike. Buy this game, if not for the game but for future games of the same quality.

Number 4: 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

Of all of the things you would want to get for your new or old PSP, this one is it. It allows for tons of interactivity with your system. It gives you more room for movies, music, photos, and games. With more and more titles going the digital route why not invest in larger memory storage? With the edition of the PLAYSTATION PC Store more memory is better as well. Smaller sizes just won’t due any more. Buy this for the future of entertainment, with your PSP.

Number 3: Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

There is no platformer better than this one on the PSP this year. Fans of the PS2 games and the new PLAYSTATION 3 title can not disagree with the fact that this series is great in every way. The game play is top notch, the character design, as well as the levels make this game look like it *should* be on PS2 but it is on PSP. And what is a Ratchet & Clank game without it’s various weapons? There are lots of fun and useful weapons in this game. As the title implies, size does matter. Many of the puzzles require you to shrink yourself and others require you to enlarge yourself. Playing as Clank is also a welcome edition. Most PSP games have mini games that tie into the game some how and this one has the cream of the crop. If platforming is your thing than this is your game. Buy it because it matches the quality of its Console Brethren.

Number 2: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

OH EM GEE! This has to be the best combination of a RPG game and a puzzle game. While a majority of the game is a RPG; which involves traveling, leveling up, reading, traveling, leveling up, finding runes, and reading; the best part of it is the battling. Instead of choosing powers and letting the game battle out your selected moves, you get to battle enemies by playing a bejeweled-esque game. You match colors and choose power ups and attacks. It may seem simple but the complicated additions make for a really fun game. [read my review]

Buy this game because of my review.

Number 1: Crush

Only watching a video of this game in action will persuade you into buying it, or at least playing it. This game is GOTY on the PSP for a reason. It combines 2D and 3D in the most unique way ever imagined. It’s puzzle game that requires you to use your mind as well as your imagination to solve some ridiculously hard puzzles. It’s not for the dumb, and I say that in the most sincere way possible. The art style, humor, music, and game play make this the best game ever. In a year full of mistakes from SEGA, many would assume this game would follow suit but it did not. If you are named, “Beyond Good and Evil” than you know how this game feels. View the included video [being posted to youtube as I write, but youtube SUCKS!] to see why you must buy this game.

You will fall in love with this game, as a certain “former” moderator did…

Contributive CONFUSED-0-cast

Showcases the top three products.


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