CONFUSING Reviews: Burnout Paradise Preview

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Racing games are fun. You have your Gran Turismos, NASCARS, and such, but then you have your Burnouts. If there was any racing game to buy on PSP or PS2 it was a Burnout title. They are really fun! All of the modes, the crashing, the destruction, the having to go back to the main menu after every race! Ugh! I hated that part, it just paused the fun, so did the loading. Burnout Paradise, the newest game from Criterion for the XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, hopes to solve all of those problems. It’s open world, load time free, and full of fun!

Find out what the initial impact of the game did to my urge to buy it after the break.

Burnout Paradise is no ordinary Burnout. With the many titles in the series all you would do is perform in an event then the game was over, you went back to the main menu. If you crashed your car too many times you went back tot he main menu. If you failed a task you could either retry the task or go back tot he main menu. Going back to the main menu was really the downside to the games. I mean, they were and still are unbelievably  fun, but the machines they were released on were too underpowered to keep the fun going. In this new generation of consoles there is more power for the developers to use.

Another thing that was huge last generation, other than going back to the main menu was the “open world” design of the GTA games. Tons of games used this design to either make a great game or a copy of a great game. There has been only one racing title that used this design well. Criterion Games changes that by combining the power of this new generation and the design of an “open world” to make one of the best Burnout titles to date.

Because of this open world and power combo there are tons of new things to do in the game. The ability to start events ANYWHERE in the city is a big key feature. While this may seem like an easy thing to do, they’ve done it in GTA, it isn’t. The events start anywhere, without LOAD TIMES. There are no load times at all in this game [except for the initial load time]. What makes this feat even more spectacular, is the fact that when you go online there are no load times as well. The transition is seamless. No lag, no frame rate problems, nothing! Most games never come close to these achievement and Criterion does it with a beautiful game to boot!

Burnout Paradise gets its name for many reasons. The city is a Burnout fans dream. It’s a vacationing spot for AI characters? I think it gets its name for one thing though: Beauty. This has to be one of the best looking racing games on the PS3 by far. The textures, colors, designs, and environments all make this a game to look at in awe. That’s what I love about this new generation of consoles: the games all look amazing. Seeing as how this is only a demo I can only imagine what the real game will look like.

Burnout is burnout. What would a Burnout game be without the great handling, exciting gam eplay, and fun modes. This game does not steer away from the formula that makes a great Burnout game at all. Criterion just did what Einstein did to Newton: perfected the formula. The open world allows for nonstop crashing, take downs, “oncoming” and near misses. It also means races can be longer, funner, and more invigorating! Ramps are everywhere. Large curves for large drift distances are readily available. Cars are everywhere! There is nothing missing from past Burnout games but there are ltos of new things.

Given that this is an open world game there had to be new features put into the game. One of those features is the addition of gas stations for boost, paint shops for repair, and events at every signal light. The stations can be used on the fly without load times and the events start off no matter the case. There are new events that come with the new game: trick modes, racing, and crashing!  Also taking into account that this game was made for the next generation console there are new features that come with that. Inviting friends to play in your “Paradise” is seamless without any loading. You can change the events you want to play instantaneously and you can exit off line mode whenever you want wherever you want. The game only lets you invite friends who are online in the game though.

Last but not least in any sense of the word is the “mug shot” feature. Utilizing the PLAYSTATION Eye or Vision Cam, the game takes pictures of you whenever you are taken down by a friend or opponent. This makes for a really fun experience that can’t be done on any other consoles.

Make sure and download the demo from the PLAYSTATION Network or XBOX Live Marketplace. You wont regret it at all.

The game comes out January 22, 2008 on both platforms. Read my review in February 🙂


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2 Responses to “CONFUSING Reviews: Burnout Paradise Preview”

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Great review, Confused!

I think my favorite point was the note about no load times. Those have hindered good games in the past, and it’s good to see this generation of consoles making strides in that department.

(by the way, I just found your blog on MyBlogLog…didn’t know you were on there! :D)

Thanks. I can’t wait for the game without loadtimes. I wish it was like youtube and everything streamed onto the harddrive but then was taken off after you quit out of the game.

I wonder how long the initial load time will be? Same for GTAIV…

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