PSN Thursday: What a Bucket Load!

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Seeking to reinvigorate my want to post anything on this blog I have decided to list out for you what has been released every week on the Playstation Store, both for the PS3 and PSP. I also hope to be able to give you a review of each item that is free and a review of the items I buy. For your convenience I’ll post the PS3 store items first and then the PSP store items; I also post similar items together and in different colors [ya!]! This week is a very big week for the PLAYSTATION Stores across the globe but for this blogs purposes I’ll only review what was released on the American Store, however, I’ll list what the other stores received just to be kind 🙂

For the big list read on!



Go! Sports Skydiving full game ($4.99)

Quick Review: CRAP! Just like Go! Ski.

Lost Planet demo (free)

I didn’t like this on the 360 but I may give it another try. The controls sucked but everything else was great.

Rock Band DLC

I don’t own Rock Band, sorry 🙂

  • Kiss’ “Calling Dr. Love” ($1.99)
  • B-52’s “Roam” ($1.99)
  • Faith No More’s “We Care A Lot” ($1.99)

Motorstorm “Chinese New Year” add-on (free)

More Motorstorm stuff is always good, especially when it’s free. I’ll update this blog when I find out what this is.

MLB 08 The Show “First Look” video (free)
Uncharted “Final trailer” (free)
Burnout Paradise “Dev Diary” video (free)
Burnout Paradise “Launch Trailer 1” (free)
Burnout Paradise “Launch Trailer 2” (free)
Conflict: Denied Ops “Dev Diary 1” (free)

Wall-E movie trailer (free)
30 Days of Night Blu-Ray trailer (free)

Uncharted Wallpaper 6 (free)
Uncharted Wallpaper 7 (free)


Go! Puzzle ($5.99)

This title on the PS3 was one of the first downloadable games that required you to download many booster packs. It was just awful when it came to microtransactions. The game is a series of generic puzzle games with unique twists. They come from the “Go!” series of games but they are not as bad as “Go!Ski” but on par with “Go!Sudoku.” Should you want a quick pick up and play game than this one is for you seeing as how there are different levels and modes.


Just like the MGS Digital Graphic Novel this game hopes to be a fun and entertaining book/game. It also looks like it will be “Episodic” meaning the whole game is not in this one download judging by how cheap it is. Hopefully the story is great and the design is not mundane.

Crash Bandicoot: WARPED ($5.99)

If you’ve played any Crash Game on the PSOne than you know what you’ll be getting seeing as how this is a Classics title.


I’ll update this blog when I play the demo. This game hopes to be the “Ace Attorney” of the PSP. It’s exactly like it except that it is based off of the Harvey Birdman Cartoons. I’m sure that if you’re a fan of that series you’ll like this game but be warned, “You need to know how to read to play this game!”


Hmmmm? This is another Puzzle Game that I just don’t understand. I’ll update this blog to give you the scoop.

Twisted Metal HO Wallpaper #1

This wallpaper is perfect for the PSP. It’s easy to read the XMB which is the best feature, and it is for the Head On fans everywhere; which includes me!

flOw PSP Trailer
Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 1
Twisted Metal: Head On Behind The Scenes 2

Go! Sports Skydiving
Turok Demo
MotorStorm : Chinese New Year Skin
Folklore Malion Pack
Conflict : Denied Ops Demo
Lost Planet Trailer

Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo
Snake Ball
Snake Ball [ add-on ]
Patapon Demo
Piyotama [ add-on ]
MotorStorm [ add-on ]
Echochrome Trailer
Sega Rally Revo Trailer

[Thanks to zac319 for the other regions :)]



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