PSP Demo Update: Valentines Day Edition

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Some of you have been waiting for these next two games for a long while. This month is one of the biggest in game releases for the Playstation Portable. There’s God of War: Chains of Olympus, Patapon, Wipeout Pulse, and of course Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Since these are some of the biggest games for the PSP, developers are hyping them to the MAX! Find out how SCEA is hyping some really big games after the break.


God of War: Chains of Olympus

For this hot and heavy title, Ready at Dawn and SCEA hopes to persuade gamers into buying their game. They hope to do this by releasing demos at TONS of major retail stores such as Best Buy, Gamestop, and Circuit City. At Circuit City you can preorder and receive a free Kratos t-shirt, which is pictured below. You get the free shirt when you pick up the game. The demo is the same as the one PSU members received in the mail minus the extra collectibles. To get the demo you must preorder the game, which means putting $5 down at any of the latter locations.

Via PSU Boards, Narfboy93

The game comes out on March 4, 2008 at $39.99 but if you want to get it cheaper check your email. SCEA and are partnering up to give you $5 off the game if you preorder on the online store. Not only do you get $5 off, you also get free shipping and the full sound track to the song in digital form. The soundtrack will be sent to your account when the game is shipped. The only downside to ordering from Amazon is that you get the game a lot later than March 4, but don’t worry the game is now “GOLD” and ready to be printed.


At first, the demo to this battle rhythm game was only available after preordering at Gamestop but now you can get it online. To do so go to the PC Playstation Store [] or your PS3 tomorrow, Valentines Day. It is the same demo that gives you an exclusive unlockable and a taste of a pretty awesome game [the preview will be available here tomorrow]. You get about 4 levels depending on how you play the game. Don’t miss out because this game is going to be a hit; at least give it a free try.

It comes out February 26, 2008 at $19.99.


MLB 08 The Show

While I may not be into a lot of sports games I am into baseball, just as a fan of the game. MLB 08 the Show hopes to improve on one of the best sports games from last year. The demo will probably let you play as a couple of popular teams and in one stadium, probably New York Yankee Stadium. There will be some pick up modes and such. The full game will allow in game music and it has some pretty graphics. The demos will be available through the PC Playstation Store and the PS3 for both the PSP and Ps3.

The game is available March 4, 2008 at $39.99.


All of this info comes from various sources, most coming from Playstation.Blog.

Keep your eyes on this blog for updated info and previews of the latter mentioned games including God of War: Chains of Olympus, Patapon, and Wipeout Pulse.



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