John McCain for President

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The following is written by the editor of this blog. We have no affiliation with John McCain, however, we do support him to the fullest degree. For more information on other candidates please visit Yahoo!’s Election ’08 page. Thank you. 

 Tell us who you support by leaving a comment on this very post. We are all entitled to our opinions; please respect each other.

Thank you. Robert “CONFUSEDgam3r” Ortega

John McCain puede pero Barrack Obama No se puede.

He can bring us change we actually want to see. I don’t want the government holding my hand. I don’t want them to make me have to pay more taxes for health care and school funding.

I can do it on my own.

“The scariest words in the English language are “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help [Ronald Reagan].”

Illegal Immigration is ruining our culture, our governmental systems, and our schools. A border fence is needed. Security needs to be reorganized so as to stop terrorists from entering our country from any country we border. The only way to stop the illegals is to put a fence on one side where hundreds come in droves and we need to put patrols where the land is harder to secure.

We are succeeding in Iraq. We should be allowed to do what we want when we want; don’t babysit us, we are capable of deciding what is right for us.

Hillary? Obama? No. They say they can bring us “change we can believe in” but I say no; the change they bring is not the change I want. I want a full dollar!

I support John McCain for President because we “don’t hide from history, We MAKE History!”



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5 Responses to “John McCain for President”

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Yeah…I want McCain to win too.

I just don’t believe anything that Hillary or Obama has to say.

I couldn’t agree with you any more. Who would believe someone who doesn’t even write his own speeches, and has to steal ideas from others.

I like Hillary and Obama. But I cant make up my mind cause theyre both saying what I want.

Mmmhhh who to vote for.

Democrats FTW!!

“theyre both saying what I want.”

That’s just it, they’re saying what you want to hear, not what they actually believe.

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