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Mafia 2, sequel to what was one of the “flawed masterpieces” of its time, hopes to come back with full momentum. Those of you who have never played Mafia before can read what Wikipedia has to say about it after the break. The only real problems with the game were the load times and god awful races that were extremely hard to win in. Why would you put races in a Mafia game? Why? Does racing have anything to do with the Mafia? I would assume extortion, bribery, corruption, and “good” crimes would be on their list but racing?


Well anyways, Mafia 2 will be coming soon to the PLAYSTATION 3, XBOX 360, and PC and judging from the screens provided by kotaku, it will look a lot better than before; that’s not to say it didn’t look good already [it did]. There’s no word on plot or gameplay but as soon as I can find some information on that I’ll post it.

Here’s what wikipedia had to say about the Mafia:

Mafia was ported to Playstation 2 and Xbox in 2004. While similar games such as Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto III were almost identical to their PC counterpart, many changes appeared in the Mafia’s console versions. It was reported by Illusion Softworks that because of the grand scale of the game and the programming, they were not able to replicate the game in it’s exact state. Many of the features of the ported versions do not exist, such as the activity of the police patrol around the city, the realism, graphics, details etc. The gameplay is also very different and most people who played the PC version commented that the ported versions have sluggish control, lumbering movements, and technical issues. The original developer of the PC version did not participate in development of the ported versions. While Mafia PC received rave reviews and grew a cult following around the world, sales and popularity of the Playstation and Xbox versions were not high. This fact and the conflict and disagreements Illusion Softworks had with the head programmer later was said to be the reason why the company delayed plans for the sequel.

Here’s the screens provided by kotaku:


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