Anti-GTA NY Governor in Ironic Situation

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This past week, former New York Governor Spitzer[D] was caught giving money to a local prostitution house. Republican politicians from New York called for his resignation and yesterday he did. Now the Lieutenant Governor is New Yorks first African American and Blind leader.  According to bank records he has given them over $80,000. Now I don’t know about you but this has got to be the most ironic news ever. It seems as though GTA has caused him to do something related to the game, however, he did not actually go on a shooting rampage. Now all we need to happen is for Jack Thompson to go around delivering drugs in a “Cherry Popper” ice cream van. For the exact article from Joystiq keep on reading this article.


from Game Politics [via]:

Eliot Spitzer, the moral crusader who, as GamePolitics reported, was so offended by the interactive prostitution in Grand Theft Auto, has vacated his office following revelations by the New York Times that he was a regular patron of high-priced call girls.

Here’s what Spitzer, a rising star in the Democratic party, had to say about GTA during his 2006 election campaign:

Media content has gotten more graphic, more violent and more sex-based… Currently, nothing under New York State law prohibits a fourteen-year old from walking into a video store and buying… a game like ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ which rewards a player for stealing cars and beating people up. Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute…



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2 Responses to “Anti-GTA NY Governor in Ironic Situation”

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Heh… the whole Spitzer thing is hilarious. I think his name adds to the hilarity. 😉

I couldn’t agree more. I wonder if he went with that Prostitute in a car parked in the middle of a park. The world may never know.

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