Warhawk Update v1.3

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One of the fastest growing games on the PLAYSTATION 3 is getting another update. As I told you all a while back, Warhawk recently went through an update to fix various problems and add an in game store among other features. This next update will fix various glitches, add new user created skins, and will add new weapons and map lay outs. This will be done all for free. For more info on this new update keep on reading.


First off, let me explain everything there is to know about v1.3

Version 1.3 

This new patch will add 5 major items to the game of Warhawk. First off it will implement two gameplay changing items for foot soldiers. The first being a wrench to fix and destroy weapons and the second being a “bio field” generator that will heal or harm soldiers. These weapons will take the place of mines or combat knifes when equipped. Another addition will be the addition of HOME game launching. The developer, Dylan Jobe also explains there will be other HOME features, but HOME launching is all they can announce now.


Other additions include the ability for the HUD to display who is speaking over VOIP instead of you having to guess who is talking. One of the bigger changes is the feature to turn “Push To Talk” off or on. Right now a player has to press L3 to speak to teammates. Once the patch is released a host can also make it so opposing teams can talk to each other with open mic.


Last, but not least, contests entrants who submitted new Warhawk and Nemesis skins and were selected as winners will have their skins integrated into the game.  Rank will NOT decide who gets to use these skins as they will be open for everyone 🙂

Booster Pack 

With the last update Incognito released the in game store and with that came a new booster pack entitled “Omega Dawn.” Well this time around we will be getting a new pack, called “Broken Mirror.” This pack will come with a new ground vehicle that will act as a move able spawn point, a shield, and transport. The new map is going to be a snow based level as is evident from the “hint” left on the Playstation.Blog.


All of this will be available “soon” but from the trailer posted on the blog the released date is the first Thursday in April.

Contest Winners 

This is one of the winners of the contest. To view more click on the last link.


Warhawk Update v1.3 

Warhawk Contest Winners 


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4 Responses to “Warhawk Update v1.3”

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I may not have a PS3, but it’s good to see developers sticking with a game and making improvements.

It is good to see them keeping up with the game but many of these fixes have been promised for over 7 months! The add-ons are great but the game should have been more than perfect at launch; except their idea of perfect was a little bit off from the norm.

after i installed the update v1.3 i cant even get on to the home page. i cant get to where you join the games does anyone know what 2 do ??

I’m sorry, this hasn’t happened to me so I wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe delete the new data from “Game Data Management” on the XMB?

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