Demo Update: echochrome and space invaders extreme

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Recently I played to demos available on the Japanese PSP Spot website. While echochorme was already hyped to the extreme Space Invaders Extreme came out of no where. Both are really great although Space Invaders Extreme is a lot more fun!


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PSP Demo Update: Valentines Day Edition

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Some of you have been waiting for these next two games for a long while. This month is one of the biggest in game releases for the Playstation Portable. There’s God of War: Chains of Olympus, Patapon, Wipeout Pulse, and of course Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. Since these are some of the biggest games for the PSP, developers are hyping them to the MAX! Find out how SCEA is hyping some really big games after the break.



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PSN Thursday: What a Bucket Load!

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Seeking to reinvigorate my want to post anything on this blog I have decided to list out for you what has been released every week on the Playstation Store, both for the PS3 and PSP. I also hope to be able to give you a review of each item that is free and a review of the items I buy. For your convenience I’ll post the PS3 store items first and then the PSP store items; I also post similar items together and in different colors [ya!]! This week is a very big week for the PLAYSTATION Stores across the globe but for this blogs purposes I’ll only review what was released on the American Store, however, I’ll list what the other stores received just to be kind 🙂

For the big list read on!


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PSP Demo Directory: Warhammer 40,000 Command

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Finally a new PSP demo released originally in America. I haven’t played the demo yet. It only requires 6MB and needs Firmware 3.71 OF. From what I’ve read it seems to be really fun and engaging for a PSP title. What I’m concerned about is if it’s worth a spot in the PSP Directory. I only post “popular” demos in it now. If you like it leave a response or heck, just click on this post so I can tell how many people viewed this page. Download it from after the break.


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God of War: Awesome Pics of Demo

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Well it seems like the mail men were forced to give us all of our demo packages today because TONS of people are getting their’s and showing them off. bobispoor, a future guest of Random GAPer of the Week [in fact, tomorrow I will post the blog], has posted some really cool pictures of what the special collector’s edition comes with. Along with the special UMD and case you get a PSP Ad, a medium sized box, and a neat OMEGA PSP chain that connects where the White Wrist Strap does. What comes to mind when I see this cool OMEGA chain? Those AWESOME LocoRoco chains that came with the “Spread the Joy” packages on Myspace.


For the cool pics from bobispoor click on read more…


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CONFUSED-0-cast: Battle of Attica

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Well the demo is making its way to everyone’s house that signed up for it. I signed up for it and have received all the emails and such. Just today I received the “A God of War Thank You” email. In it was one awesome surprise. MUSIC! The Battle of Attica track to be precise. To listen to it  read on…



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There is going to be tons of great games this Holiday season and I wanted to share every single one of the with you. In this new feature I’m going to show you screens from the best of the best. All screens are provided by PSPfanboy, joystiq, PS3Fanboy, XBOX 360Fanboy, WiiFanboy, and

Our first featured game is exclusively for the PSP and it is HOT PXL. Many of you called this game a Wario Ware ripoff but in the sense of things it is not. Trying the demo would tell you that it is more of an awesome ripoff. It is really fun and random. The minigames follow a genre really well and are simple to understand yet fun to play. Waiting is not an option for me because I want this game now!!!!

HOT PXL website | HOT PXL Demo | Gamestop Page

See the jump for the screens from


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PSP Demo Directory: Puzzle Goodness!

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New demo. It’s in japanese. I don’t understand it but I’ve heard it’s fun to play. It requires 3.51 and a PSP of ocurse. Download it!


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PSP Demo Directory: HOLY SH*T Edition!

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We have a lot of demos this week. The one from yesterday, and these:


Ape Escape

Socom Fire Team Bravo 2


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PSP Demo Directory! HOMEBREW: A Cave Story

Posted on June 28, 2007. Filed under: demos, features, gaming | Tags: |



Requires Hombrew. I will put in directory soon. Will update this post soon with more info…

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