Warhawk Update v1.3

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One of the fastest growing games on the PLAYSTATION 3 is getting another update. As I told you all a while back, Warhawk recently went through an update to fix various problems and add an in game store among other features. This next update will fix various glitches, add new user created skins, and will add new weapons and map lay outs. This will be done all for free. For more info on this new update keep on reading.



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SCRE3neD: Mafia 2

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Mafia 2, sequel to what was one of the “flawed masterpieces” of its time, hopes to come back with full momentum. Those of you who have never played Mafia before can read what Wikipedia has to say about it after the break. The only real problems with the game were the load times and god awful races that were extremely hard to win in. Why would you put races in a Mafia game? Why? Does racing have anything to do with the Mafia? I would assume extortion, bribery, corruption, and “good” crimes would be on their list but racing?



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History Repeating?

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Well it’s been a year [and 10 days] since this web blog started up and it has been a really neat trip. We started off small, not really knowing what we were doing but now we are read by hundreds of people a day, EVERYDAY! In February, one year ago our total visits for the month was 581; this month? It was over 6,000! Most pages have over 4,000 views with the average being 1,200. How is this possible? Well because of you, the fan, the reader, the follower. It’s all thanks to you. Without your web searches, RSS feed viewing, or link following this site wouldn’t be much. Thanks. Now a celebratory bullet list:

  • Buy Patapon, it’s Pata-great!
  • A review for Wipeout Pulse WILL be posted next Thursday.
  • A couple of videos will be posted to the CONFUSED-0-cast Show.
  • Download the GoW: CoO Demo from the PC Playstation Store.
  • We have some new updates coming for the SCREENED series, as well as the CONFUSING Previews series.
  • Two new Movie reviews are coming.

Thanks again for being a fan.

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CONFUSING Reviews: Burnout Paradise Preview

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Racing games are fun. You have your Gran Turismos, NASCARS, and such, but then you have your Burnouts. If there was any racing game to buy on PSP or PS2 it was a Burnout title. They are really fun! All of the modes, the crashing, the destruction, the having to go back to the main menu after every race! Ugh! I hated that part, it just paused the fun, so did the loading. Burnout Paradise, the newest game from Criterion for the XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, hopes to solve all of those problems. It’s open world, load time free, and full of fun!

Find out what the initial impact of the game did to my urge to buy it after the break.


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GTAIV: “Move Up Ladies!”

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YES! YES!!!!!!! OMG YES! The superly overly hyped game of 2008! It’s big and I must cover just because. It’s Grand Theft Auto. Screens and Video after the break!

At least the internet didn’t break.


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CONFUSED-0-cast: Finally Coming

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Jumping on the bandwagon I thought I’d start up my own blog related podcast. It will be in audio form and video form with the former being longer.

Each episode will go over the “many” blogs I posted during the week and it will also be me talking about news going on in other video game and music related blogs.

The video podcasts will be in conjunction with recent CONFUSING Reviews and will show me playing the game I am reviewing. The audio podcasts will be just like [well close with different info] MrDaPodcast except not.

All will be made possible by the PLAYSTATION Eye.

It’s coming soon.

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Random GAPer of the Week: choctaw

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It’s a whole new episode. Not new as in, “oh wow it’s the next show,” it’s new because of our next guest. It’s a first and hopefully not a last; it’s our first moderator interview. Now he may not like to shout to the world he’s a mod but he sure does like having power over us forum-ites [;)]. Get ready because after the break your ranks might change. Get ready, because It’s CHOCTAW on this update-tastic episode of Random GAPer of the Week!

Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song

The interview is after the break!


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PSP Demo Directory: Warhammer 40,000 Command

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Finally a new PSP demo released originally in America. I haven’t played the demo yet. It only requires 6MB and needs Firmware 3.71 OF. From what I’ve read it seems to be really fun and engaging for a PSP title. What I’m concerned about is if it’s worth a spot in the PSP Directory. I only post “popular” demos in it now. If you like it leave a response or heck, just click on this post so I can tell how many people viewed this page. Download it from after the break.


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RE: 3 – Most Wanted Games for PLAYSTATION

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Yup. I finally watched the SONY Press Conference for e3 2007. I was amazed, shocked, happy, sad, and well I wet my pants after seeing the Darth Vader PSP [I want one, NOW!]. I loved all of their announcements. The entire conference was just spectacular. Mind you, I only say this because it was 10000 times better than last years. I would write a blog on what the major points were but one blog won’t do it. I’m separating the major points into three blogs which will be released all weekend. The first one is this one. I want to list all the games I thought were amazing. The following games make me happy to be a gamer that owns or will own PLAYSTATION consoles. [I’m buying a PS3 next friday for sure; no 80 GB for me.] Oh and here’s a picture of one of those games box art covers:


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Yankeefan02 Critiques: Underrated PS3 Titles

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This story is to show you some of the underrated games coming to the PS3. For every game listed here there will be a link and a description of the game. At the end I will leave my response as to what game that I am looking forward to most. The games will be separated into the genre they are in.



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