Metal Gear Solid 4 Box Art Revealed

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This week is a great week for MGS4 fans as many great things came out this week for us to enjoy. First off, Gamestop released their weekly online ad which stated that you can reserve an “Exclusive” Limited Edition which comes with a lot of cool fan products. They also stated that, with a reservation of MGS4 you will receive a copy of Metal Gear Saga Vol. 2. This DVD showcases all of the MGS4 Trailers and wraps up all the past MGS games in the correct time line. Not only does the pre order bonus include the DVD but it also includes a voucher, a “Golden Ticket” if you will, granting you the ability to download the Metal Gear Online Beta.

All of these announcements are great but the biggest release is after the break, you’ll enjoy it I promise.


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Demo Update: echochrome and space invaders extreme

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Recently I played to demos available on the Japanese PSP Spot website. While echochorme was already hyped to the extreme Space Invaders Extreme came out of no where. Both are really great although Space Invaders Extreme is a lot more fun!


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CONFUS3D: Top Ten Products for the PSP

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Well it seems that all of the other sited are doing the “Top Whatever of the past year” lists. I thought I’d do my own. This was the year to begin all years. The month’s following January until Summer and the months after July up until this date have seen the release of some of the best games ever. They were released on pretty much all the consoles or just on one. No matter the case Christmas is here and you want to know, “which one should I get for my spoiled rotten brat?” [RROD]Well you’ve come to the right place because for four weeks straight I am going to post four special blogs telling you what was good and what was really good.

XBOX 360, PSP, PS3, and of course Movies! Get ready for the “Top Ten [Insert title here] Products” lists of 2007. The 360 has reached first while up to bat is the PSP and on deck is the PLAYSTATION 3!


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Follow Up: Warhawk’s Future

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After it’s initial release in August of this year Warhawk has either been on the good side of people’s hearts or the dark side. After reading my review you would guess that I love the game, even with it’s “low” score. After many days of trying to play the game and failing to do so due to connection problems, the inability to get into games that are not full, cheaters, glitchers, and all around hax0rz, and of course the dreaded microphone problem my “love” of the game began to dwindle. Technical problems with this online only game hindered the online aspects of Warhawk; the ranking system failed, some people could not rank up even if the game said they did, and others could not get into ranked games whatsoever. A couple of months passed, and just when all hope was almost lost, Incognito released a blog stating there would be a series of patches to bring forth the future of Warhawk.



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WTF: A Whole Week of Shenanigans!

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Well it’s been a big week in the gaming world. Many fan-tabulous games were released and many weren’t. Websites got to try out lots of new things and mine didn’t. All around the world people are being shot down in planes by little bastards with rocket launchers and people are yelling at me with their blu-tooths’! As a first One game was released on both Online platforms for the PS3 and 360. As a first a major game was released on the PSN and come out with some problems. Well there’s only one way to end this week…it’s after the break.



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PSP Demo Directory Revamped!

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In honor of our 10,000th view I revamped the PSP Demo Directory and changed the style of the blog as a whole, although that was a couple of days ago. I hope you guys like it!

New stlye, new layout, new way to get your demos!


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Youtube-ness: Jak and Nathan Drake’s Sure Shots

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More videos based on this weeks theme after the break!


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It’s been a while…

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I know I have yet to post a new entry in a while but to all of those who have been waiting patiently: Don’t worry, be happy. In less than one day [tomorrow] there will be a new reckoning for the blog. Everyday there will be a new post.

I have many reviews in store, such as:

  • Gears of War
  • Crackdown
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • Alien Hominid HD
  • Geometry Wars
  • Dead Rising
  • God of War 2
  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

I also have some big stories and editorials as well. I’ll also be finishing up the last two parts to the XBOX 360 review. Some more interviews from GAP Members about upcoming and present games as well as their next gen experiences and multi player ones as well.

April will be the month to be a reader here at CONFUSED?…I am.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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