More Metal Gear Solid 4 Goodness

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Earlier this month I posted the leaked cover for the standard edition of Metal Gear Solid 4. Well, that is only one piece of the pie because the Playstation Blog has just posted the covers for the other versions of the game. They include the standard, limited edition [only @ Gamestop], and the PS3 Bundle that comes with a Dual Shock 3 and the standard edition. They also announced one very exciting bit of information, you’ll see what that is after the break, as well as the other covers. The release date for all versions is June 12, 2008.

Official MGS4 Boxart for North America

The Gamestop Exclusive, Limited Edition comes with an exclusive art book as well.


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You May Not Support the War…

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You may not like what is happening in Iraq right now but maybe this post will hep you understand why you shouldn’t degrade the men and women who are fighting it. Please support our troops.

Reader Discretion ADVISED, especially to the people who want to stay ignorant to the truth.

You stay up for 16 hours.
He stays up for days on end.


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For over a year PS3 owners have been waiting for the game that justifies a purchase of their favorite console.  Would there ever be anything worthwhile? Sure there was Resistance, Motorstorm, and Heavenly Sword but they were just games to help us move forward, forward unto the date in which we see the best there is.

 Here comes E3 2007, SONY along with Naughty Dog show off their next big game. It’s not Sly Cooper but it is something just as big. People anticipate it’s release because it is really beautiful and just looks like a really fun game. UNCHARTED: Drakes Fortune is finally out but before I review it I want to give a preview of the demo SCEA released on the PLAYSTATION Store. 


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PSEye Chronicles: Episode 1

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Well I just bought the new PSEye and I have to say it is a neat accessory to the PLAYSTATION 3. It can add filters and such that change the way your pictures, video clips, and audio sound through EYE Create. For the first episode of PSEye Chronicles I’m going to show you a couple of the things I have taken pictures and made videos of.




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Youtube-ness: The Overly Massive HALO 3 Edition where we finish the fight with videos!

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It’s HALO. It’s 3. It’s Youtube-ness! We have in this new post of youtube-ness TONS of videos related to HALO 3. Music, fan machinima, commercials, reviews, previews, and BETA videos! It’s HALO 3 and we have 2 DAYS!


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Random GAPer of the Week: Oom-9333 and the “stuff of champs!”

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It’s been a little too long but were back with another fabulous interview! This weeks interview-ee is especially special. Some funny things about our guest: You probably know him, he likes some parts of the alphabet, and most of all he wants to work for SONY [who doesn’t?]. Some special things about this interview: It’s happening RIGHT NOW! Join us after the break because on one, two, three seconds you’ll be tardy for your next class! It’s Random GAPer of the Week and School’s In after the break…


Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song


The interview is after the break!

It’s finally out; Warhawk that is! And we’ve got plenty of reasons to celebrate. Want to join in on the fun? Play with fellow GAP members all weekend long:

Thursdays @ 10:00 EST [megamanx]


Saturdays @ 10:00 EST [CONFUSEDgam3r]


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WTF: Fanboys are annoying

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Well of course fanboys are annoying. You should have already known that. I’m just trying to clarify the point for goodness sake though. Every where on the internet they have been getting worse and worse. From arguments  over Madden to the deals you can get now over the deals you couldn’t get before.  What this world needs is a good smack in the face.  This weeks WTF segment is full of the same old same old. News posts that just don’t make sense, posts that make you ask, “Why’d they even post that?” I mean , come on; WTF?!


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Bioshock Downloadable Demo Available over XBOX Live NOW!

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Download the new First Person Shooter demo off of XBOX Live Marketplace now. This game comes out next Tuesday and is available Wednesday. Pre-order now for the Limited Edition pack which includes a Bog Daddy Figurine and Bonus DVDs!

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CONFUSING Reviews: The Simpsons Movie

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In what seems to be a series falling in a downward spiral we get what we have all been waiting for; a movie of epic proportions. Or do we? Matt Groening and fellow artists and writers have been showing off their child through funny clips and a giant ad campaign to get people to see their movie. Did it really need all of that? Did we need Burger Kings the King telling us to go see it? Well we’ll see in this review of “what I’ve been waiting for,” The Simpson’s Movie.

Read the review after the break!


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In my hands – PLAYSTATION 3!

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Yup. Add me: CONFUSEDgam3r

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