Grand Theft Auto IV Porn

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So, it’s a week until the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year and someone in Australia decided to make it “hot in here.” An employee at an Australian game store took pictures of the Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto IV and of the content inside. For those of you that forgot, the CE comes with a Duffel Bag, Soundtrack CD, Key Chain, Art Book, and a deposit box with the games logo embedded on the outside case. The pictures reveal that the items all come packed in the Deposit Box and the box comes in a specially designed Art Box. Each version, 360 and PS3, comes in it’s own art box with Niko being on the 360 version and the “lollipop girl” being on the PS3 version. One last thing to mention about the CE content is that the box art of the game case is embossed to make it stand out from the regular edition, pretty spiffy!



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What’s In Store for PS3?

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Just this past week the PS3 has received an update to it’s firmware AND PLAYSTATION Store. Well, these are not the only things SONY has been working on this year. To truly make this “the year of the PS3” the fine folks at SCEA have many features planned for their fans. To find out what Peter Dille, Vice President of SCEA posted on the Playstation.Blog keep on reading.


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John McCain for President

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The following is written by the editor of this blog. We have no affiliation with John McCain, however, we do support him to the fullest degree. For more information on other candidates please visit Yahoo!’s Election ’08 page. Thank you. 

 Tell us who you support by leaving a comment on this very post. We are all entitled to our opinions; please respect each other.

Thank you. Robert “CONFUSEDgam3r” Ortega


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Dualshock 3 Announced for North America

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Wow, today is a really big day for SONY related news. First we get info on the MGS4 release date and bundle, then we get a tidbit about the God of War PSP-2000 bundle, and now we get one of the biggest announcements thus far. To find out what it is keep on reading.


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Big God of War News

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As mentioned in the “Big Metal Gear Solid News” post SCEA recently had a meeting for all retailers, first party, and third party members of the industry. While the last post talked about information pertaining to MGS4 and the franchise this post will discuss all things God of War for the PSP. For info on the game and a totally awesome Bundle continue reading this post.



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Big Metal Gear Solid News

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At a recent Playstation Retail event lots of information was given for the upcoming Playstation Exclusive, Metal Gear Solid 4. Among other things, the release date was given as well as some special incentives for those who pre-order. Much more info, as well as the release date are after the break.


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PS[insert “P” or 3 here] again…

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The PSP has updated once again this week, as well as the PLAYSTATION 3. Compared to other updates these ones might seem mediocre to some, but to others they added a lot of cool and needed features. For information on what they added click on my dear friend.


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PSEye Chronicles: Episode 2

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Tuesday of last week marked the beginning of Thanksgiving Break. That day Sony Updated the PLAYSTATION Store with a couple of really neat games exclusive to the PS3. They were Aquatopia and Operation: Creature Feature.



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Random GAPer of the Week: ravncat

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Kallamazooo, masks, shimmer-me-timbers, and Borg have nothing on our next guests name. Neither does the name of the city with the longest name! Heck Mary Poppins,”Supercalafrigickecpalidocious” has nothing on his name either because our next guest is ravncat on the season finale of Random GAPer of the Week!

Random GAPer of the Week Theme Song


The interview is after the break!

The Simpsons Movie is out now and has received many wonderful reviews.“Fans of The Simpsons would enjoy, nay: will enjoy this movie…”

CONFUSING Reviews gives it 8 out of 10 0_o!

Coming soon to DVD, Blu-Ray, and UMD for the PSP. Buy it!


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Go B3YOND: Playstation 3 Themes

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With the release of SONY’s PLAYSTATION 3 Firmware 2.0 users have had the ability to create their own XMB Custom Themes. Just like with the PSP, development of these themes is made easy using the First Party PC Application available from Playstation.com. Users on the Playstation Underground have taken into their hands the design and creation of some really cool themes. Some of the themes that you might want to check out have been provided [with links] for you after the break.


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