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Grand Theft Auto IV Porn

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So, it’s a week until the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year and someone in Australia decided to make it “hot in here.” An employee at an Australian game store took pictures of the Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto IV and of the content inside. For those of you that forgot, the CE comes with a Duffel Bag, Soundtrack CD, Key Chain, Art Book, and a deposit box with the games logo embedded on the outside case. The pictures reveal that the items all come packed in the Deposit Box and the box comes in a specially designed Art Box. Each version, 360 and PS3, comes in it’s own art box with Niko being on the 360 version and the “lollipop girl” being on the PS3 version. One last thing to mention about the CE content is that the box art of the game case is embossed to make it stand out from the regular edition, pretty spiffy!



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GDC: Gears of War 2

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Gears of War 2 Announced for November ’08 Release

What comes as no surprise, CliffyB has announced the sequel to one of my most cherished shooter/chainsawer/gorefest game, Gears of War. While presenting the new community features of XBL Microsoft as well as Epic Games unveiled that there would be a sequel, shortly after a trailer and a press kit was released onto the internet. After months of speculation and rumor, the game was finally announced and is already available for pre-order at Gamestop.



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CONFUSING Reviews: Burnout Paradise Preview

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Racing games are fun. You have your Gran Turismos, NASCARS, and such, but then you have your Burnouts. If there was any racing game to buy on PSP or PS2 it was a Burnout title. They are really fun! All of the modes, the crashing, the destruction, the having to go back to the main menu after every race! Ugh! I hated that part, it just paused the fun, so did the loading. Burnout Paradise, the newest game from Criterion for the XBOX 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, hopes to solve all of those problems. It’s open world, load time free, and full of fun!

Find out what the initial impact of the game did to my urge to buy it after the break.


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CONFUS3D: Top Ten XBOX 360 Products

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Well it seems that all of the other sited are doing the “Top Whatever of the past year” lists. I thought I’d do my own. This was the year to begin all years. The month’s following January until Summer and the months after July up until this date have seen the release of some of the best games ever. They were released on pretty much all the consoles or just on one. No matter the case Christmas is here and you want to know, “which one should I get for my spoiled rotten brat?” Well you’ve come to the right place because for four weeks straight I am going to post four special blogs telling you what was good and what was really good.

XBOX 360, PSP, PS3, and of course Movies! Get ready for the “Top Ten [Insert title here] Products” lists of 2007. Up to bat is the 360 and on deck is PSP.


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GTAIV: “Move Up Ladies!”

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YES! YES!!!!!!! OMG YES! The superly overly hyped game of 2008! It’s big and I must cover just because. It’s Grand Theft Auto. Screens and Video after the break!

At least the internet didn’t break.


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Youtube-ness: The Overly Massive HALO 3 Edition where we finish the fight with videos!

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It’s HALO. It’s 3. It’s Youtube-ness! We have in this new post of youtube-ness TONS of videos related to HALO 3. Music, fan machinima, commercials, reviews, previews, and BETA videos! It’s HALO 3 and we have 2 DAYS!


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Tea, Gaming, and Snacks: Some Welcome Surprises

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Today marks the beginning of a big semi-week in Japan, Tokyo specifically. It’s the Tokyo Game Show. We have tea [for the stereotype], Gaming [because ummm, yeah…], and snacks [because who doesn’t want snacks. For today’s biggest headlines from around the net click on “read more.”



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Bioshock Downloadable Demo Available over XBOX Live NOW!

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Download the new First Person Shooter demo off of XBOX Live Marketplace now. This game comes out next Tuesday and is available Wednesday. Pre-order now for the Limited Edition pack which includes a Bog Daddy Figurine and Bonus DVDs!

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Most Wanted Games: Microsoft

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Well I made a list of them for SONY’s PLAYSTATION so I thought I’d make one for Microsoft. Their conference was sort of bland but the games highlighted during the conference were worth noting. Most notably was Rock Band and of course HALO 3. But there were others that have made a special spot in my list of games for the inevitable HOLIDAY WARS 07. Most third party games are better on the 360 and that is usually true. SONY does have the best First Party Developing studios unlike Microsoft which just has exclusive Third Party titles and some great First Party titles. One of the most wanted games on my list has a pretty cool feature, online Guitar Multiplayer over XBOX Live! It’s Guitar Hero 3!

More after the break!


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RE: 3 – Microsoft’s Press Event

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“Let’s pump it up to 11!”

That’s right readers. Lets. Well last night at the Microsoft E3 press Conference there were many happenings.You may have thought that after a price drop announced by SONY that Microsoft would have 1UP them but, no that didn’t happen. There were some good and bad things. OF the many things announced, the new controller is what needs to get out now! There it is:

More info after the jump!


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